How To Tell If Your Mercedes Fuel Pump Is Bad (Fuel Pressure Test DIY)

How To Tell If Your Mercedes Fuel Pump Is Bad (Fuel Pressure Test DIY)

today i’m looking at a Mercedes ML 350
stand to think maybe it’s made pressure in the fuel line from the public might
be feeling I’m gonna go ahead and show you on these recalls how to check the
psi pounds per square inch in the fuel rail on the eastern your message he’s so
I have fuel pressure test kit that I got from the local car store and it comes
with a whole bunch of using but here’s the gauge along with the various
readings that I’ll be covering the most important thing is we’re to connect this
fuel gauge to this PSA fuel pressure test kit to in your car or in your SUV
and I’ll be covering that center dealing with fuel safety first make sure you
have a fire extinguisher just in case you have any fires you want to be able
to put it out quickly and Sunday finished drinking this shiit get started
hurry to get to the fuel to the connection port fuel rail gotta stop by
taking off this cover it up to get off exposing well known oil filter cover oil filler and various other parts
including the ECM okay then we’re going to remove the air intake hoses from the
air filter module way and I’m of this hole is that connects to the air filter
then we’re going to remove the air filter compartmental comes up there’s a
clip in the back and you just cut it up from the front of the vehicle on this
ride like the power steering sensor which when you put in that filter module
back on you have to make sure it’s either properly with that clip as well
but coming back forward to the oil filler right by the oil filler you will
see slowly to the writer than blocking the Sun will see this little portrayed
here going back to remove that cap will expose where you’re going to connect the
fuel pressure kit move that and that’s where the fuel pressure kid is going to
go looking at the fuel pressure gauge that
I have the connection piece I added the 90 degree angle on it because it’s hard
to get into the truck but most importantly it has this bleed holes
pressure relief valves and when we connect the gauge all of this space in
this paper this whole house is filled with air currently connected up when I
have to let that era out this is what this lead holds this form I will dream
that into a container and not on the ground to put the drain holes into my
container to the real pressure

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  1. r350 turnover but not starting… After I messed with menus on steering wheel and dash cluster… no fuel at time of ignition. it was running fine until then. Please advise … thx

  2. I put a alternator on the car the battery went got a new battery,now it's not getting no my fuel pump bad.

  3. No, that's not what the clear line is for! And it's definitely not a "bleed line". It's used for performing a fuel volume test.

  4. Also, this does not seem like a fuel issue if what you said is true that you are holding 50psi with the engine on or off. It sounds more like an ignition related issue or a massive vacuum leak.

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