How to Test Drive and Buy a Used Car

How to Test Drive and Buy a Used Car

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  1. These episode have by far been the MOST HELPFUL VIDEO SERIES EVER! I plan to practice what you shared on my current car and that of a friend to feel confident in check all the things you mentioned. Thanks again!

  2. Lol US made it so complicated on selling the vehicles. In UK we just complete the new owner's details online right by the car (only if you have a smartphone) and then in 3 days the new owner gets the documents through the post. Easy!

  3. I would like to ask if is there something wrong when you buy a car with high mileage? for instance if it has 135 000

  4. these are good tips for buyers…..but….there's always a but lol…. one more tip if i may add… never show too " much " interest or say " i love it " because negotiation will be like " non existent "
    all in all good video

  5. today i managed to talk a seller down from $3100 to $2200 for a '06 Mazda 3s in very good condition. Guess google really does know what we do all the time once this video was recommended to me lol

  6. If that were me he'd be like nah dawg "3 thousand bro". But it needs tires "3 thousand bro I don't care"

  7. Isn't the underneath of the car rusty? (4.19) Or is it an acceptable amount? How do you know how much rust is too much?

  8. Dude, you got like ALMOST Perfectly working car for just 1900!!!
    Why not pay him extra 100$ , for all the trouble with making a video….

  9. ** 🧔🏻
    This is Frank
    Frank is a cool and kind man
    Frank got ripped off
    Don’t be like Frank

  10. Utter piss take! How can you expect to shave money off because you dont like the wheels? Lol why should the owner be expected to pay for your new wheels? At that point i would of shoved your head through the windscreen. Because i felt disrespected. You do great vids but it was very apparent you could smell the sellers desperation to offload the motor. Karma has a funny way of biting people in the arses when they least expect it. As we say in Britain what goes around comes around!

  11. The difference between Chris and me is that I'm not a mechanic and know nothing about cars. So iff I were to buy a car with minor problems I wouldn't be able to fix them without spending alot on someone's labour to do it

  12. You should know that some brands are going to be more expensive to fix than others as well. You don't want to get stuck with a Jaguar needing a lot of repairs. They are very expensive to fix, as most any luxury car brand is.

  13. Lol i would have caved and given him that $2100 offer 😂 good job at staying adamant and respectful about what price you wanted for it.

  14. Franks gonna be living on the sofa for the rest of his life once he goes home and tells his wife that he sold the Jag for $1900

  15. The reason he said 1,5 was because he knew he was gunna want more for it. So they’ll meet half way and get the price he want

  16. I now laugh at my own pitiful attempts. I thought lightly kicking each tyre was sufficient. I'd also add, it's worth checking with the seller that they're even open to negotiation on price. Some get funny about it.

  17. Now low balling huh? Trying to sound nice and respectful but broke his own rules of negotiating. Lesson here? Don’t trust people who doesn’t show their face.

  18. Chris Fix, the master of negotiation, I like that he offered 1900, got it, and then used the car to make even more money via views and subscribers.

  19. Did you have $1900 in cash in that envelope? Or the original asking amount of $3000? Or some other amount?
    Let's say it's a $7000 asking price. Would you bring $7000 in cold hard cash (I assume Hundred dollar bills)? Or is it safer bringing a cashier's check?
    Or should you both just drive to a bank and have the teller make out a cashier check that you then hand to the seller?

    Physically having lots of cash on your person (even the glovebox) seems risky.

  20. Hey Chris.. Driving home without plates what do I do if I can't go to the bmv right away. Like what's the proper way to go about it without getting pulled over?

  21. Can yall help me with this buy? I'm wanting to buy a 98 Dodge Ram 1500 V8 Magnum (5.9L) with 177,000 Miles on it for $2500 doesn't for sure want to go lower. The body is close to perfect and the interior also is as well seats and carpet perfect just small ripe on driver side and the dash has a crack on it AC works and has a control to move the rearview mirrors works perfectly no leaks that I've seen but idles weirdly. What do yall think I've been knowing this guy since I was 12 and now I'm 18. So i do have some trust on him

  22. having 5mil subs + 3mil views, I would’ve come back at chris to up the offer to 2100 for agreeing to be used as example in his channel

  23. Chris wanted the car for $2k and anyone that’s ever haggled before knows that you never offer what your want to get the item for because if he said $2k to frank right off the bat then frank would have probably offered 2700 or stayed at the $3k asking price. He negotiated exactly how you would want to in this or any similar situation. Good videos and thanks for sharing.

  24. Rick Harrison from pawn stars would be proud of your negotiation skills, nevertheless thank you for this informative video!

  25. I tried to buy a 1999 MB E 320 and the dealer who sat next to me when I test drove the car downshift and shift to different gear when I was driving on the Freeway.  He said he wanted to show me the transmission is good.  And a friend of mine did similar thing when he test drive.  Is this recommended?

  26. Pfewww… from your description, sounds like I did everything right. Well… almost. Nobody’s perfect. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  27. Tbh the first time I watched this I cringed and thought "hey that's mean lowballing" but second time I realise that's what you want to do, explain why you are offering said amount, and go from there. I am still nervous about negotiating, to be honest I want to become better so I can get a better deal on my second car ( first car is a real beater, 2013 Holden Barina Spark, it's terrible :p and I want a nice one ) Any tips on better negation arguments/tactics?

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