How to Theft-Proof Your Car

How to Theft-Proof Your Car

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about some easy ways to keep your precious car from being stolen now
various cars have various an anti-theft devices on it this is an old 26 year old
Toyota and the only anti-theft device is the key that’s it just a plain key you
can see there’s no chip in it and the key goes into a locking steering column
that’s it there’s so many broke that they got hot-wired and steal the car if
they really wanted to bought a cheap and easy way for any old or new car yes just
take out any important really this really is for the fuel injection system
of the car you really don’t want your car stolen you just pop the hood and
when you zoom in here you just pull it up and the fuel injection system won’t
work don’t know what goes where on the bottom it shows you what each thing
works you want to take off the fuel injection or the ignition system really
not some guys will pull out a fuel pump fuse or a fuse any thief could easily
pop the hood and see all the fuses just missing put it on the fuse in and drive
away odds against a thief having a fuel injection or an ignition system relay
for your car lying around not slim to none so if you pull it up they’re never
going to get the car going I could not get this Toyota running without this
fuel injection really and I don’t carry one so I couldn’t steal it myself don’t
when you want it to run you just plug it back in put the top back on very simple
and easy to do and I know a lot of guys talk about Kill switch well put a kill
switch in the car then they just hit the flip it before I get out of the car go
ahead and do that if you want I used to have one under here but that’s nice and
things know this all the time and they’re gonna look for a little switch
to flip so it’s best to just take out what are the realizes they’re never
gonna have another relay for it so they can’t steal your car and of course use
your head when you park your car my old celica it’s in the driveway behind the fence
and then there’s other cars parked behind that nobody’s going to be
stealing this thing it would be too much work the whole thing about having your
car stolen is you want to make it the most work possible for anyone to steal
so always Park in a place where it’s a big bigger hassle to steal your
downtown or something and there’s a police station park it right next door who’s
gonna steal a car in front of the police station now more modern cars like this
2007 matrix a chip built inside that without this chip you can’t get the car
started from my money these are the best systems all because with these
immobilizer systems you have to have a key that’s caught hope in the car to
unlock the steering column but you also have to have the immobilizer chip that
will allow the car to run so even if you went to some sleazy restaurant that has
valet parking and the guy makes a clay impression of your key and then has a
key copy the only thing he’s gonna be able to do is to get into the car turn
the key but the car will not start even I as a mechanic could not start one of
these cars it has an immobilizer chip unless I have
the same key with the same immobilizer chip trying to start it oh I say
ten-year-old Lexus has the same system so mobile eye system as far as I’m
concerned is the best system ever made you need both a cut key and a computer
chip in order to start the car but then they came out with the keyless systems
where you don’t have a key it’s all done with signals that was actually a stop
backwards as far as I’m concerned because these broadcasts the signal that
I launched the car knows the keys inside and all you do is push the push button
to start it they can easily be hijacked into in most cars as an example this
fancy scanner I have it just on scan it also does key systems keyless ignition
systems let’s say I was a sleazy criminal I could buy a blink for very
little money on eBay and with this machine if I got into the car I could
reprogram that blank to start the car and drive away with it and sure that’s a
lot of work but people have been stealing cars that way the more modern
cars they’re finally realizing oh gee we kind of screwed up there so on the
really modern ones after you start eh car drive it around and stop it and turn
it off they got a special button after you lock it that turns the system off it
won’t work until that key is brought in and you turn the system back on that’s a
better design now I’m sure somebody who really wants to steal your car is gonna
figure out some kind of scanner that’s gonna collect that information
so that they’ll have a machine that when they come up they’ll just have a button
to push to turn the system back on me I’m happy with a simple immobilizer cake
they have to have the key to unlock it and it has said the chip to start the
car keyless ignition system all modern but all that modern crap is just leading
to problems now now of course if you’ve really worried you got really expensive
car sure you can buy a LoJack system to tell you where the car is when it’s
stolen but for most people you want to just do some simple things like I’ve
shown so no one’s gonna steal your car don’t let anyone have your car for any
period of time with your keys make another key once they have that key they
can copy that key you don’t want to let anybody have your key for any length of
time and in that respect if you’re leaving your car’s many hours are days
or even a week somewhere if they’re parking your car somewhere you demand to get the key back before you leave now when you come back you’re bringing a key
don’t leave it there with them for any extended period of time I’ve had
customers have cars stolen I get a call from their insurance company say well
you were the last guy to work on a car you and then I explained Who I am but
they got a check because they realize the last person who worked on the car
could easily have gone to a locksmith I have a copy made but still as I showed
earlier even with a modern car when you’re getting out of the car pop the
hood take out the fuel injection relay or the ignition system really and nobody
can steal the car it doesn’t matter what kind of computers they have to try to
start your car we’re not there really and they’re the vehicle is not going to
start so it’s a simple easy way to keep them from stealing your car, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Did this with our Dodge Caravan back in 2006. Reason why because they came with those glow ring ignitions that could pop out with a butter knife. When they tried to steal it from my job they were unsuccessful due to the ignition relay being removed. . The sad part was they even pulled wires from underneath the dashboard looking for a killswitch to start it.

  3. How to theft proof your car? Make it look as unappealing as possible. Faded peeling paint, extremely dirty, scratched up, failing interior pieces, trust me it works!

  4. Thing is round my way
    arseholes would smash the car up or damage it in a big way so it would cost me JUST to be spiteful if they couldn’t take It.
    So I would actually MUCH prefer they steal it then at least I can claim against my insurance:))

  5. Pin 30 to 87(b usually) will make any system ran by a relay activate and really all you need is a paperclip or 2-3 inches of wire. And they aren't always under the hood some are under the dash or in the trunk or off by themselves not even in a labeled fuse or power distribution box. Ford likes to hide some important relays inside the dash where you almost have to remove the dash to get to them or tucked inside rear trim panels in a way that you have to be laying down looking up to see them. Chevy often sticks the fuel pump relay and injection relay in a little unmarked box on the firewall off by itself or on the side of fuse box under the housing cover with no labeling to let you know it's there or what it's for. Chrysler sometimes screws with you but sticking relays and other components inside completely unrelated components so when it fails it drives you insane trying to find them

  6. I always remove the battery and carry it with me for sure they're not going to steal my car plus it's not that easy to misplace a car battery

  7. Chuckie cheese has valet parking? Dam, all this time I've been parking the car myself. I love the pic of the car on the roof. Noone will steal that one.

  8. I used to be a repo man just a couple of years ago if we picked up a car with the tow truck after the car lot was closed we would line them up in front of the car lot there might be six or seven cars sitting there for them in the morning already billed out but we used to take the fuel pump relays put them in a manila envelope and drop them in their night deposit box this way just in case any of those people that we repoed decided to come up to the car lot in the middle of the night with their key and try to steal their car back…….

  9. Not only should you take Scotty's word and disable your vehicle, but never leave weapons in your vehicle! LMPD lou Ky recently changed pursuit policy of stolen cars. Until a rich black kid was assassinated, the majority black city council and mayor Greg Fischer had LMPD not pursuing stolen cars because they were afraid foolish young blacks joy riding in stolen vehicles would end up being killed during the chases or by the police officers. The local gangs figured out LMPD would not give chase and took advantage and freely assassinated Louisville residents on our streets. LMPD chief in response of allowing assassinations on American land, simply responded with "the changes were for admin purposes".

  10. Guys who really can use a scan tool will make more money fixing car and it is legal. If you are obsess by making more money get into selling cars and trade in They do steal your trade in but it is also legal

  11. Best anti-theft device is a manual transmission. I’m sure this comment has already been posted, but I’m late to the party.

  12. Who remembers the General Motors steering columns from the 1960's through the early 1990's, that made GM vehicles REALLY EASY to steal?

  13. Might be old fashioned but i got "the club" that goes on the steering wheel..its bright red so at least it a bit of a deterrent and they will move on to another car

  14. Your Celica is safe. But what about the geniuses with keyless entry that leave the key in the car?! Certain cars fold the mirrors in when the key is gone. Mirrors out, key is in the car.

  15. Unfortunately, most of the relays in the fuse box are the same and could be swapped into the fuel inj or ignition position. Fer instance, the horn and a/c fuses are the same as the ignition and fuel inj relays.

  16. Good advice… I was held up at gun point once just as I got in my car. Guy told me to get out, luckily I had a kill switch so I flipped It before I got out and ran! Switch saved my car and the best part was it only cost me 30 bucks to Install.

  17. Bold thieves will tow your car, pull up and load it on a trailer in broad daylight. To prevent this, I park nose in with the wheels fully cocked left or right. This way, if they pull it back, the car would go into the one parked next to it. This makes my car a harder target and they move on.

  18. What happens when somebody sees you taking out that fuel relay day after day and they decide to go to the parts store and get one just as be a smartass and steal your car

  19. My very first car was a manual because it was the only thing I could afford on the lot (3yrs).

    My last car was a Saab 93 Viggins 6 speed, only because it was what I wanted on the lot (8 yrs)

    I now drive a Jeep,
    only because… Screw the lot

  20. I had a little killswitch behind the ashtray that cut out the crank position sensor – also had a big red switch in the footwell that was obvious that turned the horn permanently on until you reset the other switch under the bonnet

  21. There is a way to get around the chipped key on Honda’s there is a way to tear out the ignition and all ya gotta do is turn the car over with a screw driver ,

  22. pull out the fuel injection relay. i will have your car in my chop shop in about 15 minutes or less. one two inch piece of wire stuck in the relay where the bigger connectors are. but you cant steal my car scotty if you had all the relays i would put one in place that has no insides just the shell.

  23. maybe a replacement relay with a chip that activates with your smartphone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. i could have made a million !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. i could make it where i could leave the chip key in a brand new vehicle and even scotty would get tired of trying to figure out what i did. when you learn to fix weird gremlin problems with equipment you know how to disable almost anything .

  25. Be careful with a name like Kilmer, those Goldman tribes will sue you for anti semitism and you will end up paying all your youtube profit for the rest of your life to Grand Childrens of Holowcase victims.

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