How to Touch Up Paint on Your Car

How to Touch Up Paint on Your Car

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if your car needs a little touch-up paint because
the paints kind of peeling, then today’s your lucky day, because I’m going to show you
how to touch-up car paint using an airbrush, now as you can see here, a while
back somebody tried painting the bottom of
this car, black instead of silver the whole way, I’m going to paint it back to
silver, so it looks better since this is the bottom of the car,
we’re going to sand it down a little, but we don’t need to do a perfect job,
because it’s just the bottom, we want it to look one color to match the rest of
the car, instead of being the splotchy black and silver where they painted it
and came off, now once you’re sanding it off good, you can get some of this tack
cloth, and you wipe it to get rid of any impurities or dust that’s in the way,
it’s called tack claws, because it’s tacky, when you wipe it it’s sticky, and it’ll
pick up any impurities that are here before you spray-paint it, and you can
see it’s got the grease and grime off it so you can paint it, then you get out
your little airbrush compressor and airbrush wand for spray painting it with
and get yourself some paint, I just took the paint number off this car, went to an
auto paint store, and they mixed me up a tiny batch, and if you’re curious, here it
is on the door jamb, color of our trim there’s the numbers for the paint, and
make sure you have a little reducer to thin the paint, I use 50% thinner and 50%
paint on a job like, this so we pour half paint, and half reducer inside, I got this
at the same paint store then, you mix it all up inside this little eyedropper
that comes with the airbrush kit, then we put on the top, turn on the compressor,
and away we go, you want to spray in little arcs, putting
thin layers on, one at a time, you don’t want to put on too much and make a drip,
you want it so you’re putting layer over layer over layer and eventually it
fills the whole color in, and of course do what I do, put it all tarp over the
tire, so you don’t paint that inadvertently, you want to be patient,
you want to spray a little, like this, in an arc and then let go at the end, and
then spray it back, and let go at the end, once it starting to look good, then get a
big fan and let it air dry for five or ten minutes, and then put another few
coats on it to make a look better, then once you’re done painting, you get a
little older reducer and you pour it into the cup, and then spray it out just
to clean it out, that will get all the paint all the nozzles, and it won’t clog
up the next time you want to use it, look inside, its whistle clean now, and you can
use it next time, and if you really want to do a good job, you can put this clear
coat top coat on it, makes it shine even more, just wait to do that, oh, the
next morning when everything’s totally dry, a few coats of the clear coat, and
now it really looks good it matches the rest of the car, I don’t know why guys
painted at the bottom of them black, I guess it’s just a cover-up dents or
something, it looks a lot better one color than part of it black and part of
it silver anyway, so next time your car needs a little touch-up paint why not try
airbrushing it yourself, and remember if you have any car questions just visit
the Scotty Kilmer channel

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Also if you are really lazy, those car paint places will make an aerosol spray for small jobs. Not as accurate I imagine.

  3. Hey Scotty I have some slight surface rust on my doors along the inside bottom of my car passengers side. How do I fix that? Thanks!

  4. Hey Scotty I just bought a 1979 transam 3.8liter v6 automatic it seems that after it warms up if it sits at a stop for more than a minute when I start going it feels like it's going to quit then right before it dose it jerks forward as if it got all the gas at once I'm just wondering what It could be transmission carb rebuild?

  5. Scotty, I love your videos but I think this is a bit complicated if you don't already own an airbrush and compressor. Most car paint stores will mix your paint and make you an aerosol spray-can with it and I've done that and used it many times, one spray-can is good for a whole bunch of touch-ups and cost me 14$. A hell of a lot cheaper and less trouble than a compressor, airbrush + thinner, the work in cleaning the airbrush, etc.

  6. Hey scotty will you do an overall review on Volvo cars, I just got one not long ago, and want to know if for a tune up, i have to take it to a volvo specialist.

  7. Hello Scotty, I have a car question. I am driving a 95 Cadillac Seville, and cannot afford anything better, so just trying to make do with what I have. Whenever I shift from forward to reverse or turn the wheel all the way to a side, It makes a horrible sounding clunk or clunks. I am guessing its a, or both drive shafts (front wheel drive), but I am not in the financial situation to guess what needs replacing. What do you think it is? Thank you for your time 🙂

  8. @Scotty Kilmer Hi . I hear some squeak noise when my car is loaded (regular load).specially when I drive on ramp or driving up hill .I took it to mechanic he said nothing looks wrong and noise didn't show up at the shop because the car is not loaded .I replaced all struts 10k ago but didn't changed the coils , what can I do ??. car is Hyundai sonata 2008

  9. Unless it's a $10 K  or more car; $2 sandpaper and $10 can of spray paint is the best.
    I do appreciate your videos.

  10. You should mask the doors to prevent overspray. I can see paint mist flying around above the ground, so it must be getting on the rest of the body too.

  11. Hey Scotty, I got a 08 VW Rabbit. I've noticed the A/C takes almost 4 minutes to get cold. The air flow is good and there are no signs of leaks. Any ideas? Thanks!!

  12. Can you do a video on Jap vs Euro cars. Sorry not American because we don't get those in this part of the world. I had a VW Golf 1.8 Turbo which had 2 pages of work needed done on the MOT. I now have a £200 Toyota Corolla with dents and a dirty engine and all that was wrong with it is a misshapen tyre and a couple of corroded brake hoses.

  13. How critical is it to have the tires rotated on a car with 20k miles. I have not had them rotated for 12,000 miles so far. Do tires require rotating every 5,000? Is there indications when the tires should be rotated so they wear out evenly because the suspension is perfectly aligned.  THANKS!

  14. Hey Scotty! Could you please help me? I have a 2001 Ford F-150 that struggles when accelerated I have changed the fuel filter and new air filter and spark plugs plus cables and I still have the same problem what can I do!?

  15. I just changed the brake pads and rotors myself on my car, but now the front driver's side rotor won't move, it is stuck against the caliper bracket once the bolts are tightened. I disassembled everything and put it back together thinking I had made a mistake, but everything checks out and it is still like that. I tried driving my car after and that one wheel won't turn because of it, all the other wheels are fine. What could be causing this? Car is a 2007 BMW 328xi by the way. The only thing I could think of is that I received the wrong rotor, the wheel bearing could have randomly gone bad, or something else altogether. Let me know what you think because I would rather fix it myself than have someone else do it. That's why I watch your videos.

  16. I friend of mine has a 2001 blazer and her a/c wont work
    one day it works and the net day it don't
    she took it to get repair they replaced the switch and still want work
    rerplaced the low pressure switch still not working
    had Freon checked and it is right on money that is when they hot wired the compressor
    got any ideas she is getting ready to drive it off a cliff
    also forgot to mention some dude did some thing under the dash more like under the glove box years ago to get it going and it seemd to work for a year then it went out

  17. Scotty,
    I have a 91 F250 I baby this truck. Recently I noticed it's got some rust spots about the size of a dime on the to of the roof in the cab and has some rust above the wheels would this technique make it look newer?

  18. I was wondering Scotty ole boy… wouldn't it be a good idea to mask off the area , so that the wind or unsteady hand wouldn't allow paint on other areas of the car ?

  19. Wow! great little video. Do you have any suggestions for touching up clear coat in a visible place? I've got a couple spots about the size of quarters flaked off my new 2004 cranberry Sentra sedan.

    –Or, if I can find a self-levelling clear coat professionally done like Vivilon's Forevernu or Clear-FX should I spring for it? The car hasn't been garaged for the last 4.5 years and I don't have a garage or carport either now.

  20. you really shouldnt use a fan to dry the paint especially out doors, it blows lots of crap onto the paint.

  21. if this douche canoe was peeling out like that in the neighborhood I live in, id call the cops on his ass

  22. Sometimes in a pinch you can hillfolk a tack cloth like this:
    Get a blue Scott towel and a can of spray paint and mist the towel lightly and wipe.
    Those tack cloths are a little pricey and an old timer body shop guy told me that one.

  23. How well will this work on say door scratches or more noticeable areas of the car? Is the new paint noticeable against the old stuff?

  24. I have two questions;
    Is metallic paint for cars enamel mostly?
    What clear coat is compatible with metallic paint? For example an Audi with Light metallic silver color. What type of clear coat would it need?

  25. Hey Scotty, what could I do for a paint bubble that has been chipping around the rear drivers door handle? It's has surface rust and its spreading and I would like to do this before it gets worse. The car is a pearl white 2006 Hyundai Azera. Thanks.

  26. hey scotty
    i need your advice on how to level chips touch up paint blobs
    but without sanding because its a 2015 mercedes
    i ordered scratchwizard kit and i dont know if the scratch lever thats removes excess putty can do the same with the touch up paint
    thanks alot.

  27. I want to replace my bumper, what's the cheapest way to go about protecting it from rust etc? not too worried about painting a certain color.

  28. What are the specs on that little compressor you're using, and where can could I use it with a larger size air brush gun?

  29. is it possible to just get a spray can with the correct color, spray it in the lid and use some nail or very small brush to dip the paint onto a small scratch or something? we changed a trunk list to a badge free one. the old list had the badge inside it, which made it a little taller in the middle, which obviously now have made deep scratches into the paint.

  30. i bought a deluxe airbrush and mixed some clear to touch up and for some reason it would not spray…maybe it was to thick,but it did not seem to be,,,i then made sure airbrush was still working and sprayed straight reducer through it…is auto clear much thicker then base and thats why it did not spray? thanks

  31. where did you find your sprayer? can you recommend one in particular? am looking for a good one but there are so many on amazon I can't tell what's what.

  32. One of my roof tiles blew off and hit the bonnet of my car, now I got 2 dents on it and the paint came off in the dents. The garages around me are telling me it will take 2-3 days to repair and paint it plus cost a few hundred. Anyway I can use touch up paint on it?

  33. where can I get that reducer? I have been looking online but can't find the dt885 reducer anywhere for sale

  34. Things I used in this video:
    1. Airbrush Paint Kit:
    2. Paint Reducer:
    3. Clear Coat Aerosol:
    4. Sand paper:
    5. Tack Cloth:
    6. Disposable Gloves:
    7. Common Sense
    8. 4k Camera:
    9. Mini Microphone:
    10. My computer for editing / uploading:
    11. Video editing software:
    12. Thumbnail software:

    🛠Check out my Garage to see what I use every day and highly recommend:

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  35. Thanks Scotty, for all those who have a better idea then add or subtract methods. To keep a video shorter and to the point is most helpful (too much detail can confuse many )… Do your research on Diy repairs and there's no shame it having a honest mechanic employed to do the job. just check with the bbb .

  36. Yeah put that fan on high on the dirt filled driveway and just blow shit all over that wet paint and make it non skid ! You dumbfuck!

  37. Viewers, also check out ChrisFix's videos on this subject, especially if you have more extensive work to do!

  38. Maybe do this if you have an old car you don’t care about but never ever do this on a car you like. The most dodgy way of doing it. You’ll get dust on it and orange peel.

  39. These days you can also get a spray can of your the color number. Much easier if you don't have the equipment.

  40. Good but after working in a paintshop this is tedious. No never use rattle can only primer but anything else never. Use a touch up pen, why u can avoid over spray paint and use the actual factory paint. Don’t take advice from people using spray can be prepare for paint reaction like peeling paint over spray everything else. Airbrush is okay though just don’t buy the water color get matching factory paint.

  41. wrong thumbnail…. I thought you are going to show the paint chip on the hood like in the thumbnail…. disappointed…

  42. On a car that old from 1994, I would of just cleaned it off and got a paint brush and a small can of paint and painted it. It being under the car, who cares what it looks like? The goal is to prevent rust and painting it on with a paint brush would also be much quicker. Then use the sealer or clear coat over it when it dries.

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