How to unbuckle a wheelchair wheel

How to unbuckle  a wheelchair wheel

how to fix your wheel with nothing but a hammer,three pieces of wood, a bbq lighter and a pair of piers and in under 8 minutes!! look at the wheel to see the damaged section and let the air out place a rod or similar through the bearing and spin the wheel. I used a bbq lighter mark with tape the start and finish of the bend with tape or similar lay the wheel push rim side down on a wooden sheet and put one of equal thickness at the opposits side of the wheel gently tap the marked area with a hammer and use a piece of wood to protect the rim edge. don’t hit hard!!!! work backwards and forwards tapping with equal force and the rim will gradually return to its original shape. look at the wheel to monitor progress and spin the wheel on the rod so see how its looking keep tapping ,do not hit hard as you may crack the rim!!! keep working and watch for the areas that still need work. do not go back over straightend areas as you will need to take the push rim off and do the same from opposite side spin the wheel every now and then to check for straightness now check the spokes, some will be loose so you will need to tighten them. spoke spanners are great but pliers etc will work too. to tighten, turn the adjusters at the rim end of the spokes anti clockwise

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