How To Unlock Cable Bike Lock Without Combination

How To Unlock Cable Bike Lock Without Combination

If you guys watch my videos, you know I
love mechanical stuff. I love taking things apart putting back together
fixing things just figuring out things work. I’ve always
had a fascination with locks and opening locks and so when I bought this bike this cable lock came on one of the bikes I bought so anyway I was gonna go
ahead, I gotta figure out how to open it. You know just I could have cut off with
a bolt cutter or whatever but no I gotta figure out how to get it off there I could have tried just rotating these dials until I came up with the right combination through brute force but I am going to show you an easier way One thing I have already done is I’ve already sprayed the
dials down with WD-40 so that they’re moving nice a smoothly. They were a little bit
stiff to begin with and having them move we definitely helps opening like this. The cable comes out
this way so what I going to do is I’m gonna go ahead and pull the
cable out push it it with my thumb here so I’mm pulling
the cable out now one of these dials should have a little
more resistance than the other three dials and it’s this first dial so what I am going to do is I am going to go ahead and just
rotate this around until it almost falls into like a hole like it kinda catches and right there it seemed to catch, seem to
fall right there so now I’m going to find one of these other dials should have more resistance and it’s a second dial.
They might might not necessarily be in order. So it could be the first one then the third one or the fourth one then the second one but right now it’s the second one. SO am going to rotate this around until seems to a fall into a hole and
right there seem to fall on a hole so now if I got it, one of these other dials should be a little stiffer and its this
dial here the third dial so I am going to go ahead rotate that and it seemed to fall in a hole right there. So hopefully that’s it.
So now and there’s resistance now on this
first dial, so now I am going to go ahead rotate this first dial. haha and right
there! So I got that. And let me see. And right there’s the combination 7598 and that’s how you open one is
combination locks

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  1. worked. old bike lock needed for kids bikes headed to school, no combin… hopefully other students don't watch this 🙂 . walked right through it and opened… son impressed, wife starry eyed says "that's so Oceans Eleven of you"

  2. Got two bikes with that lock combination locked in my shed and I can't find the combination I'm going to try this now.

    Edit: nope, gotta find that same combo!

  3. Thank you i had bike lock over 20yr lost the numbers i was going to throw them out now i can reuse them thank to you thank heaps

  4. Jesus fuck, so what do you reckon to be the best locks on the market right now ? Assuming anything can be opened, but you can sure make it harder on people to do so.

  5. Interesting. I carry a lock and cable smaller than this to save weight. (Commuter ) I only use it when I can actually see the bike, not to keep it from getting stolen.

  6. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh! I must have gotten a couple of them cause it's looser but no time to continue. Great to know there is a way. I won't toss it away. I'll try again later. Thanks man!

  7. Thanks man, forgot my 5-digit code and after watching your video I opened the lock within two mins…although I am glad, I started thinking that these locks are not that safe after all…;)
    Thanks anyway!

  8. And what do I do if I can't find out which wheel has more pressure? You know, since I need two hands to pull the cable and another to spin the wheels on the lock, but I only have two hands.

  9. My department manager atWalMart secured flat screen TVs to a display using locks of this same general type, then lost the paper with the combinations. I figured that somebody online had the answer. It wasn't this video that enabled me to get the chains off the TVs, but the technique was about the same. My manager was impressed.

  10. now I can go and steal those 1000 roller bikes at the university, tons and tons of expensive bikes double disc breaks, shwinns and all the best of the best bikes

  11. holy shit, this actually worked! Been trying to remember my combo for over an hour. Also, I learned that I need to upgrade to a less hackable lock. Thank you for freeing my bike.

  12. Helped me get my old lock open but now it can be stolen. Smart logic though by using the resistance of the lock to get it open

  13. Brilliant!! Had the bolt cutters all ready and thought I would see if any Youtuber's had an idea. This worked excellently and now I have opened the lock. Cheers Mate.

  14. Thanks. Somebody stole my bike, I found it in a combo U-lock, I tried threatening the thief with legal action, the police said it's a civil matter, and you just helped me resolve this matter in a civilized manner. Time to retrieve my property when it's warmer out, and I hope this works. Only other 2 options I'd have left would be to 1, arrest the guy myself or 2, pay more for a small claims suit than the value of the bike.

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  16. I once saw a very nice full CF Pinarello with electronic dura ace locked with a $8 cable lock outside Starbucks.

  17. THANK YOU!!!!!!! I just bought this lock the other day and set the combo and today I had completely forgotten the combo and got it opened in less than a minute using your approach!!!

  18. Remember. The combination to get out of the mental asylum is all the ODD numbers! 100% true story 😉

  19. Okay, so I went to get a new bike lock, I set the code and then an hour later I forgot it, so thanks for saving my bike. Now, I need to get some titanium chain or something….

  20. Lock unlocked before video ended! "falls in to a little hole" made me be confident it was the right number and i kept on going with the other numbers.

  21. It doesn’t work in all bike cables. I’ve tried 1000 times now and I don’t feel any hole. I’ve an AXA cable and its system is a bit different from the one you have. There is a button on the side that has to be pressed to release the lock after the right combination is inserted. Unfortunately I’ll have to cut my lock with a chainsaw.😄

  22. This helped me soooo much I can not thank you enough so you might be wondering why I’m so thankful it’s because my friend thought he knew the code to this lock but he didn’t know it sooo he put it on our friends dogs leash and that dog were babysitting her owner is in Irlend and we had it locked in there and we didn’t know the code so our ten year old minds said “OH MY GOD MOMS GONNA FREAK AT US!!!!” So next day I grab the branch cutters and try to cut it but surprise it’s doesn’t work so I try videos they don’t work until your video came along though I had to watch your video two times to do it I’m super happy right now,if you didn’t say to pull on it I would have never gotten it so thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

  23. This works if the wheels turn buttery smooth. My old lock wheels are hard to turn. I can't tell when I hit a number.

  24. Awesome. This will make it much easier for people to steal my bike. I was kind of concerned that my new bike lock would make it too difficult for them. Thanks for uploading!

  25. I watched this thinking there was no way it would ever work, but I got it on the first try. Thanks so much!!

  26. We purchased a used bike and the owner couldn't remember the 4-digit combination. This was perfect! Thank you!

  27. absolutely useless, does not work. It would be like telling someone to listen to the vault in a bank and hope u hear the click like a film in 1972! This kind of nonsense frustrates and is extremely annoying as it simply does not work

  28. Please Help Me I Forgot My Passcode of my Cable Bike It's A Polygon Please Help Me,Im trying to try this tip but it didn't work Please Help Me

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