How to Use a Bike Tire Lever and Avoid Pinching the Tube

today I’ll show you a tire lever that
significantly reduces your chance of a pinch tube when mounting your tire back
on its ready on the one hand the design that you quickly lift the bead off the
rim on the other the hook tip makes mounting the meed back onto the rim a
whole lot easier using the narrow hooked end lifts the bead off the ring and lock
the lever onto the spoke the curved design does and the tension just right
then with the other leavers wide edge lifts a larger section of tire off the
rim this will allow you to get the lever up under the sidewall the cleft edge
allows you get the lever right up inside the tire and with the bead sitting
inside the cleft you can leave in the tire off the ring by sliding it along you can reseat the bead on the rim using
the narrow hooked end used to initially lift the Tybee off the ring the hook fits snugly around the edge of
the ring minimizing the chance of pinching the tube and when you’re done
they set together snug as a bug

About the Author: Michael Flood

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