How To Use a Computer To Fix Your Car

How To Use a Computer To Fix Your Car

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel,
better make me a mechanic are you thinking about fixing cars but you’re
worried you don’t have enough information, well I Got News for you
I learned how to fix cars from my grandfather who was a mechanic 37 years
ago and he didn’t even use books, cars were simpler then, but now they’re much
more complicated and even I can’t keep all that information in my head, but I do
know where to look, I use all data online they have vehicles from 2005 all the way
back to 1982, they have most cars covered from Acura all the way down to Volvo, but
a few in an exotic car like a Lamborghini or Ferrari you’re out of
luck, but I suppose you really aren’t if you own one of those cars, it’s got just
about every bit of information about mechanical and electrical parts in your
car that you’d ever want to know, for example let’s say you want to find where
the coolant temperature sensor is, that tells the computer the temperature the
engine, just click on locations, there it is, it’s right next to the thermostat
housing at the front of the engine it just plugs in right here and perhaps one
of the most useful services is technical service bulletins, there’s a list of all
the known troubles with the car and how to fix them, pretty neat look at this,
let’s say you have oil leaking from the transmission vent, it shows that the
channel plate gaskets on a transmission are notorious for leaking, gives you their
part numbers and even shows you how to replace them and if you’re a
do-it-yourselfer and you want to just fix your own car, hey go to the
do-it-yourself section then you’ll be able to fix anything, what’s wrong with
you nothing you can’t fix, so now you know
car repair information is just a click away,
computer not included, this is Scotty Kilmer helping you crank it up, and
remember if you have any car questions just visit Scotty

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  1. Hey Mr Kilmer , great videos. Just wondering, have u ever worked on a Citrogen, Puegeot, or maserati ? an whats the hardest car an job u ever did in 44 years in experience. let us know

  2. ages ago I worked on a few french cars, but they don't sell em here anymore. Hardest job was putting a clutch in a 4 wheel drive toyota that I did in a guys driveway all by myself with no jacks. I'll never do that again

  3. a scotty hi im a big fan of ur videos n da funny things u b doing anyway i need help real bad i bought dis 2002 mercury cugar v6 automatic i put da key in a all lights turns on but theres no power to da starter,fuel pump,coils n injectors can u try point me to da rite direction where to start or wat to do thank u

  4. Scotty, have you ever fitted an AWD system to a FWD/RWD car? I knwo people tell me to just buy a donor/base car with AWD, but if one is hellbent on getting a unique car or _that_ special car to drive and just want AWD, is it then hard to fit? Can one buy one or does one have to buy an AWD donor car and xfer the system? Does it complicate thing differential wise if one were also tuning the car engine or can the 2 AWD diffs stand as much on each as a RWD diff can? (tia)

  5. Hey, the money you save fixing your own car, don't whine at twenty something bucks for a years subscription. You can't be too cheap when fixing a car if you don't already know how to do it.

  6. that's right, good information is not always free. I happen to be, but even myself, I pay for that data when I'm working on cars for a living at my garage. It's only twenty something bucks a year, a bargain considering that mechanics charge 100 bucks an hour to fix your car.

  7. yea, some companies won't give that information out to the public, evil swine that they are. Blame the manufacturer, they're the ones shutting off the info stream.

  8. hi scotty,i've just changed the brake pads on my Hyundai Accent,when i took the old pads out,i couldn't get the new ones in but i noticed some clips at the top and bottom of where the pads sit,i took these clips out and the pads fitted in perfect,so my question is does it matter about the clips not being in?and if so what are they for?because i can't see any way how the pads would fall out but then i thought well they must be there for a reason so i thought i would ask the expert,many thanks

  9. Looks like the site changed alldatadiy

    And you have to pay 16.95 for a year, why didn't you mention that? Great video though, thanks!

  10. hey scotty I been trying to get to that website, but I can't why?
    alldataonline I've tried both

  11. alldata, but if you're outside the US, it may not work. They are working on a european version, contact them about that

  12. 1st: Place computer in front of one of the tire(It doesnt matter whitch
    2nd: Turn Vehicle on, and set it in "Drive"
    3rd: Use common sence For the next set of instructons

  13. hi I was watching a video on the crank but does not start I have a 73 Capriceis doing something like thatI do not know how to change the distributor cap

  14. Scotty, how can I have alldata ? like what u have here an what shops have to. not the DIY . let me know thank u

  15. If you like my car help, be sure to watch my live car talk show every saturday morning at 10 AM CST on google events. Just go to my scotty kilmer channel on youtube saturday morning at 10, and click on the google plus icon on the top right corner. That takes you to the event where you can ask me questions Live. You do have to be a member of google plus, but that's free and you can just google "join google plus" for that. thanks,

  16. If you like my car help, be sure to watch my live car talk show every saturday morning at 10 AM CST on google events. I answer your car questions LIVE there. Just go to my scotty kilmer channel on youtube saturday morning at 10, and click on the google plus icon on the top right corner. That takes you to the event. You do have to be a member of google plus to ask questions, so join up, it’s all Free.

  17. If you have a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, ALLDATA probably wouldn't do you any good anyway, people that can afford those cars wouldn't dare get their hands greasy. Shoot, they probably don't even check their oil, just pay a dealer 50 bucks to check it, of coarse that's tips included… providing they have valet parking.

  18. Hey I was looking at that data website just the other day, I saw it on the autozone page. Also thats my transmission his looking up lol 4T65e comes in my impala ls 3.8 year 2000.

  19. And it costs $27 per year to access the info for only one specific car. or $45 for 5 years. AllData ladies and gentlemen. I'd rather buy a Haynes manual for $24, but I suppose AllData supplies more info. Preference I guess. No time limit on  a Haynes manual either.

  20. I checked the site out and it charges $29.95 for five year use. How is it free? Is there a special section I should go to.

  21. scotty i have a 2001 saturn sl 1.9 dohc,iam getting a grinding noise when i apply the brakes,sounds like its coming from the front,i replaced the brake lining and rotors,it doesent make the grinding noise all the time,any thoughts?

  22. Scotty is it necessary to use a high level computer to install many parts on modern cars? Or are most parts plug and play with only a few parts requiring the high level scanner?

  23. i like to do it my self but this website does not have BMW 🙁 hey do you know another website where i can do it your self mr Scotty 🙂

  24. Can you look up any car once you have a subscription, or  are you only restricted to the one car you selected?

  25. I got a 2000 Pontiac grand am. That cranks but does not turn over. I replace the fuel pump and bought a new battery. And I tried the security issue for the car. Nothing seems to work. Do you know what it could be!

  26. OMG!! Thank you so much for this episode Scotty. This is so much a better tool than trying to find videos for specific repairs for my car. It's nearly impossible to find videos online that exactly match my problem and vehicle. This is going to solve that problem. Thank you Thank you Thank you. 🙂

  27. Tried to choose my truck (2003 Silverado 4WD) but it isn't listed. The only Silverado on the list is SS AWD. What am I missing?

  28. This would be worth the money if you could pay a price for multiple vehicles, but 26.95 a year for one car isn't worth it, and 16.95 for each additional car is not worth it. I do work for friends once and awhile, and they would get more business from diy people, even if they allowed 5 or 6 additional vehicles for a set price per year, or quarter year.

  29. don't worry just take your Wagon to Scott Kilmer he'll fix your wagon. and all those people that complain about the price of the website. how many of you went out and bought those Chilton manuals to find info on your cars. you didn't complain when you had to buy them.

  30. i have a 2004 prius code U0293 what i have gathered from prius chat is its the cars programming that is at fault , i guess i need a reprogramer , what is the best and the cheapest ones for a toyota prius ,

  31. I can’t find the website also I own a 96 Jaguar XJ6 “the hobby cars” also The JTis haynes software do you recommend me to get this one than the one that I have please reply with the Link! Thank you Scott! 🤙🏼😎🔩🔧

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