How To Use A Multi-Tool | From Allen Keys To Bike Thieves

How To Use A Multi-Tool | From Allen Keys To Bike Thieves

– Here we have the Topeak
ALiEN III multi-tool. And to look at it, well, it looks like it
could do thousands of jobs. There’s probably a pre-defined list somewhere on the internet explaining the individual
jobs it can do and encounter. I haven’t looked at that. What we’re gonna do today
is see how many jobs we can get one multi-tool to do. (logo explodes) (metallic slice) (upbeat music) So, first off, pretty easy. We’ve got tyre lever, but I’m also gonna say that’s got a second job as a butter knife. Here we have a Phillip’s screwdriver, so for your mechs and derailleurs. And also around the house, IKEA flat pack furniture. Thank you very much. Hello, it’s a T25! Perfect for your cockpit adjustments and making sure your brake
rotators don’t come loose. A three mil Allen key, this will do all your adjustment bolts if you’re running a SRAM rear derailleur. Four mil Allen key, I
couldn’t tell you why, but I think it’s just the best Allen key. You’d have a hard time
building a bike with that, a five mil, everything from derailleurs, headsets, stems, everything… often uses a five mil. For some of your gruntier Allen
key work, we have a six mil. We’ve also got a ten mil end piece, if you’re running SRAM cranks, that can do your self-extracting bolt. Now this is where things
start to get interesting. We have an L-bend 2.0 Allen key. We have something to hold spokes
whilst you’re tied to them. And this lot here, which
I can only presume is for holding very thin after dinner mints. Now underneath here, I’ve just spotted, we have this, which is a pad spacer, so if you take one of your
wheels out, it can go in. And I would actually say I could eat probably quite a large amount of food using that as a spoon, something like rice,
wouldn’t even stand a chance. We’ve got quite a lot
going on in this bit. We’ve got a chain holder, a
chain breaker, and honestly, I swear to god that’s a
perfectly operational hole-punch. Here we have the eight million Allen key, which comes into its own with big bolts, so cranks, pedals, frame linkages. Here we have actually a
really sharp and decent blade. It’s actually located behind
a little safety catch, so idiots like me don’t
come back from a ride with less limbs than we started with. It’s great for eating… whittling down tools… and a hunting knife. Hwyh-ya! Next we have an eight
and a ten mil spanner, which can be really useful
when it comes to your brakes. And a whole plethora of spoke tools, so let’s count up all the tools here, we’ve got one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven. Now I’m not going to patronise a bunch of old sea dogs like yourselves explaining what this bottle opener’s for, but if you ever get a hankering for some post or mid-ride junerbride, then you’ll need this fella here. Here we have another small size Allen key, so so useful for our brakes. We have here, if you apply some heat, put your hair through it, it can then work wonders as a curler. And the results really
speak for themselves. Had a long day at the office,
and feeling a bit stressed? Well, that’s very relaxing. Oof! Don’t mind if I do. (cameras click) (crowd cheers) (farts) Fashion accessory! If you need to hammer in some
bar ends, then say no more! (metallic clanking) Would you look at that? It actually comes with
a very sleek and modern Werther’s Original storage pouch. Sophisticated! Gimme a minute! Premium quality anti-theft device. He’s stealing my bloody bike! Oi! (multitool plummets) (explosion)
(thief screams) With one of these bad boys,
you don’t need a handbrake, just set down there, aw! Solid as a rock! She is not going anywhere. So I think we can agree, that’s a pretty remarkable amount of jobs that one multi-tool can do. Now if you wanna continue the theme of tools and what’s needed, you can check out Doddy did a great overview of what you should take in your car boot when you
go out riding on GMBN Tech, and if you go over to GMBN, we can look at the essentials to get you started bike-packing. As always, please don’t
forget to like and subscribe. And yeah, cheers!

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  1. Hahahahaha! This was brillant. Really loving watching Henry's videos, brings another great personality to the GMBN squad

  2. When Henry used the tool as a wheel chock. I thought he was going to inflate the tyre to the correct pressure. Not sure how he would have done it with a few allen keys, spanners small tyre lever and other hand tools. It would have made a good "how to".

  3. This was entertaining, but not up to the usual Henry's Hacks standard. Usually I learn a few things from Henry's videos, but not this time. This is more like a quirky advert for Topeak.

  4. Henry is a genius, love the Werther's storage system. Can you People tell me what the benefits of a cnc'd derailleur hanger are to a cast one please?

  5. I was going to get this exact tool but hesitated due to the knife. Any advice on this. (Please note I live in the uk)

  6. Guys, you forgot to incorporate the "AD" into the thumbnail!
    Didn't like this one – surely u tried to provide a bit of entertainment, but as a "how to" this clip just doesn't make the cut.

  7. I lost it at 2:16! Henry is really entertaining to watch. Looking forward for the "fastest GMBN presenter" video.

  8. I won't use a multitool with plastic sides cause I had one that I think was an older version of this tool and it just totally fell apart when I put some real torque on it. The plastic just came apart and all the tools fell out. This one looks more solid, but I still won't trust it

  9. When are we going to see Henry shred ?🤘 great video guys .. maybe you could do some tips on how to blow up bike thieves 😂

  10. such a brilliant video, Henry is on point here with all the best uses for the swiss army of multi tools, think I might just have to buy one.

  11. I find the L shaped allen key on my alien 2 multi tools are brilliant at removing t bags from a cuppa after a trail. Love the Video Henry, bloody hilarious ! Must try the hand grenade feature next time.

  12. I've had this multitool for a couple years and it's fantastic, you can build a bike with it and the quality is top notch! Honestly the price is great for what you get, bang for the buck it has no rival that I've seen.

  13. This is bloody brilliant! My favourite hack is definitely using it as a makeshift hammer. Percussive maintenance is often the best for a lot of issues.

  14. Great vid , Henry really has come out of his shell since he joined, he’s a natural, this upload will shut up all the commenters who slagged him for being too quiet

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