How To Use Air Compressors And Air Tools For Car Repair

How To Use Air Compressors And Air Tools For Car Repair

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if you’re serious about fixing cars you
might think about getting air tools and an air compressor like this, because
they’re not as expensive as you might think and there’s lots of jobs that are
tons easier with air tools, now as a professional mechanic,
I’ve used this Campbell house field 220 volt twin cylinder compressor for the
last 30 years and I’m so cheap I only paid 100 bucks for it used 30 years ago,
but I just bought this century pneumatic one it was only 100 40 bucks brand-new and
I’m using it as a backup, because we lose a lot of power here during hurricane
season and I want something I can run off my generator, because it runs on 120
volts and I don’t have a 220 volt generator, it has two and a half
horsepower in a 21 gallon container and that’s plenty enough power to run any
air tool that one person is going to be using just by themselves and since it
runs on 120 volts, you can just plug it into any extension cord in your house
and it’ll work, now a lot of people think they’re not strong enough to work on
cars, well with an air wrench you got plenty of power, if you look at these
skinny little twig arms of mine, hey I don’t have much power, but I’ve been
fixing cars for 44 years and when it comes time to buy air tools, they’re not
all that bad these days either, I got this air impact wrench for $60 on sale,
it’s an earthquake from harbor freight tools and I’ve been using this one for
three years, it still works fine, I use to buy those really expensive ones that
could cost three or four hundred dollars but hey, I found they didn’t last any
longer than these did and when you’re doing a job like a
timing belt on a front-wheel drive car the only way you can get that front
crank pulley off is with an air impact wrench and of course there’s tons other
air tools like this air ratchet, it could spin a lot faster than my hands can to
take those nuts and bolts off, and there’s air grinders for grinding metal an air saw for cutting through metal and
there’s also other tools from muffler cutters that cut off exhaust pipes, to
vacuum machines that suck air out of cooling systems, to air powered pressure
guns to check for leaks in cooling systems and with the internet and
discount tool stores, they don’t cost as much as they use to, I only paid 15
bucks of this air grinder when it was on sale,
so if you’re serious about fixing cars you might think about getting an air
compressor and some tools and if you get good enough at fixing cars, you might
even start your own business, because let’s face it, there’s nothing like working for
yourself, and remember if you’ve got any car questions just visit scotty and I’ll answer them as soon as I get back from this ride!

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  2. Most YouTubers would have made that into an eighteen minute video. Scotty, thanks for giving a shit about our time! Power packed info!

  3. The greatest thing ever said. "Theres nothing like working for yourself"

    Scotty is the man. Sure wish i lived in Houston!

  4. That felt so socially awkward, that I’m cringing myself. Otherwise, good video. Just please don’t shout all the time. We can hear you just fine!

  5. Air compressors are awesome! One of the most useful tools ever! Here are a few things I use mine for:

  6. Hello Scotty, what air filter did you install on your air compressor? I am really curious and would probably use your advise. I looked in many places and people say that you can not run the machine on the stock air filter because the machine will die really quick.

  7. I noticed you plugged your heavy duty air compressor into a cheap orange 16 gauge wire light cord for lights only as this will burn out your compressor as it's trying to draw enough juice threw it overheating it's coils melting them to uselessness. beside the fact the longer the cord wire is the worse it's going to be. Most alway's I will use #12 or #10 gauge copper wire with most my power tools. Most people buy these cheap orange light extension cords & never figure it out why their power tools loose dramatic power after short time usage & become unusable. This is why it's crucial to throw away those cords as to assure yourself & others to not use them not even for a short period as takes little to no time to ruin an expensive tool & by the way is the reason I don't loan out my tools.. I've rented power tools in the past that will rent the cords with them & or won't rent them unless you prove to them you have a heavy duty power cord. The same I had a new gas/oil mix chain saw I ran out of the oil mix, with but one branch left to cut' I ran it for maybe a minute of using it only with gas, without the oil mix, just so to finish one easy cut, I ruined my chain saw just that quick. Get rid of those#16 gauge lgt cords & especially the longer they are the worse they are to ruin your tools. All my lgt cords are now yellow #12 gauge copper wire so to never ever use cheap cords that cost more to need replacing my tools. I am but a good man to keep on hand, Dave the handyman repair guy. St. Louis, Mo & vicinity 63052

  8. Anybody undercoat their vehicles, I wanna get the Fluid film gun and wands on amazon, I own a Silverado and 2 cars and I want me and the wife to be their last owners…….any thoughts on minimum size of air compressor????

  9. Hurricane season? Didn't you say you live in TX? I wish you were my neighbor! Your neighbors must love you so much !

  10. Yo Scotty I just bought a air compressor 150 psi 26 gallons that was on sell on Sears I tried using it to remove my crank bolt and it was no use. Any suggestions?

  11. Hi Scotty I just got one but unfortunately when I use it blows my 15 amp fuse what should I do ?

  12. Hey, I purchased a compressor to do some car work in my driveway. I was wondering if it is normal to leak air from the exhaust of the impact wrench when not in use

  13. I got my air compressor used for $100. 220v 5 up lesson continuous duty motor. 3 cylinder pump and 80 gallon tank. It runs whole shop and coats rim clamp.

  14. His compressor is made in china. Yet he always bags on china made stuff. He buys all china harbor freight tools. All he owns is china made tools. Air ratchets grinders reciprocating saws. He only owns all china tools. Look in his garage even that orange 20 ton press is a harbor freight made in china tool. But hes a hypocrite so now you know. Scotty if you gonna bag on china made tools why do you own 90% of them. You cant find any electronic computerized or power tool that isnt made in china no matter if you spend 1000 on it or not.


  16. Love ya Scotty but there is no better way to burn up the motor on an air compressor than using an extension cord (too much voltage drop). Plug them into the wall.

  17. I actually made a tool that holds the damper in place while you take off the damper bolt. If you don't hold it in place by wedging the crank with wood or something you will probably never get it off. Air tools are great, but an air sander will drain that tank fast

  18. What type of filter did you put on the air compressor? What is the name brand and thread and filter size? Can you provide a link? Thank you

  19. Hey Scotty I bought a tire machine off ebay it 1.5 hp tire Machine Will that Harbor Freight Air Compressor work Im on a tight budget and Need something I can do 1 to 2 tires and fill em up …the tire machine doesnt have a bead blaster on it either

  20. Scotty Kilmer is the Bruce Lee of Auto Tech. Don’t let those puny little arms and humble appearance fool you! He’s a DRAGON!

  21. Wrong cord, should be a 10 gauge cord or bigger I’d bet that’s a 15 amp motor on the compressor. 25’ for 10ga and 8 for longer lengths if not you’ll starve the compressor motor of electric.

  22. Haha I just got back from Harbor Freight and I was looking at the exact same compressor ($149 with coupon). I turn on my computer and Scotty's video is waiting for me =)
    Scotty is this thing still working 6-7 years later, would you still recommend it?

  23. Hi
    Thanks for the video!
    would a 50 litre tank be ok for a hobby DIY user using impact wrench to open bolts?
    and maybe spray a panel every now and then?

  24. ….you should really plug any Air Compressor over 1hp into an outlet that's on a 20amp breaker that uses 12 gauge wire (preferably close to panel)..
    Btw …you cannot use any extension cord….best if u don't use any…use a longer air supply line…but if u have to use extension cord use shortest length u can get away with and use a suitable gauge.
    If you don't follow these guidelines you will potentially suffer voltage drop = Air Compressor will not perform the way it should and may not support the tool you are using.

    One more thing …overall really appreciate yer vids Scotty … lots of helpful info.👍

  25. 2:26 ok thats new for me. I wonder what it is all about… Its some kind of different way to bleed cooling system in car engine?

  26. Do you live in Florida Scotty? If so then way cool because I live in Florida too and perhaps we will run into each other one day! I'm a Masters in Space Studies student and me obtaining a career at NASA isn't looking so good due to the status of NASA and so I am thinking about starting my own mobile mechanic service because I have a lot of experience in working on automobiles. Great video as always!

  27. Hello I have a question about my 1988 Chevy Silverado. It run but I am getting too much fuel and I have blue smoke coming from my exhaust..

  28. U should do a video on car thermostat quality and brands. I personally buy NTC-Tama made in Japan from Napa auto parts Altrom line which is all oem stuff. But if i had to buy a american thermostat then Moto-Rad fail safe is what i would get because it locks open when it fails instead of closed and save my engine. But those are hard to know when they have failed and locked open.

  29. When i buy air tools Ingersoll-rand is they way too go, not nearly as expensive as snap-on and they last longer than snap-on impact guns.

  30. I have a husky 125 psi air compressor 8 gal and i have a 1/2 inch impact gun but it has no power i can stop it with my hand, i have a 1/4 inch 50ft air hose conected to it bought my compressor in 2012 gun is brand new. Can you help me????

  31. Hey Scotty, dude! Where did you get that huge honkin' air filter for that compressor? I know it didn't come with that..

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