How to Use an Exercise Bike : How & Why to Use the Spinner Exercise Bike

How to Use an Exercise Bike : How & Why to Use the Spinner Exercise Bike

Hi, my name is Brian Langey; I am the owner
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The spinner bike is the bike that most of you have seen if you go to the clubs and you
workout in those exercise-spinning classes. Although different than a traditional upright
or a recumbent bike, but more common to a traditional road bike. These bikes have very
little programming to them at all, the only options that you have for the bike is adjustments
and to increase the resistance on the flywheel. Again, this is more of a racing simulation
bike or a bike that you would use in a spinning class in a health club. To mount an exercise
bike, like a traditional bike, you would put one foot on the foot pedals and then swing
your leg over kind of like you are mounting a horse. A spinner bike has clips on them
that help keep your feet more solidly locked in or you can actually buy pedals where you
can clip your specialized shoes into the pedal themselves. It is also great for pushing and
pulling action as well so you work the glutes, the hams, the quads, everything is worked
on a spinning bike. Again as far as adjusting the tension on it, there is a tension dial
in the middle going to the right is going to increase the resistance and going to the
left is going to decrease it. If you are in a hard workout, most spinning bikes, the flywheel
stays engaged all of the time so rather than just stop pedaling you just push on the brake
and that stops the flywheel from moving.

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  1. Aside from getting on the bike and turning the resistance knob, how about information about adjusting the height and position of the seat, the handlebars, an introduction to the three positions, problems with bouncing… This video is useless to a beginner.

  2. @asdfkie Thanks to expert village, I now find it a lot easier to get on the bike by imagining that I'm about to mount a horse. As we all know, horses are so much easier to climb on to than bikes, so its helped my confidence on executing this very difficult monoveure. I'm very grateful for the advice and I'm now about to begin the next step in the process.

  3. Now for question! What best way to avoid the puncture on the exercise bicycle? It something I greatly worried about. Should I be taking puncture repair kit when I go for exercise bicycle riding?

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