How to Use Bicycle Accessories : How to Choose a Road Bike Frame

How to Use Bicycle Accessories : How to Choose a Road Bike Frame

JEFF COOK: Hello, and I am Jeff Cook from
All Season Sports, here today to talk to you about some of the latest and greatest and
some of the coolest stuff for bikes on behalf of Expert Village. Today, we’re going to talk
about road frames. This is a key area. This is going to determine all of the ride of the
bike and really is the main part and the heart of our bike. We’re looking at a Look today.
This is the oldest manufacturer of carbon fiber bikes on the market today. They’ve been
making these for over 20 years in the carbon business for bicycles so they really are one
of the most knowledgeable and experienced companies out there. What we’re looking at
today is one of their premier frames called the 585. This particular model is to be the
Ultra. What we’ve got featured in this one are such things as a full carbon fiber frame
including the lugs that bond these together, very specifically braided tubes for top tube,
down tube, seat tube, and stays, which you’re going to blend the difference between a comfortable
ride and a stiff ride. We need to find the perfect balance in between these and the harmony
so that we get as an efficient of a ride with a comfortable as ride as possible. This particular
bike is very popular with the professional cyclists that you see in the Tour de France,
and many professional teams that chose to use this bike because of some of its performance
to comfort aspects. Remember, you’re looking for a premier frame that going to provide
you with lightweight, stiff, performance and comfort. You may want to take a look at Look.

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  1. I'm not very impressed with any of these "How to Use Bicycle Accessories" videos. None seem to educate the customer about much other than this shop's preferred brand. I clicked hoping to learn more about the factors at play in these items and what to look for, not a recommendation of one brand with little other info.

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