How to Use Bicycle Accessories : How to Choose Bike Saddles

How to Use Bicycle Accessories : How to Choose Bike Saddles

JEFF COOK: Hello, and I am Jeff Cook from
All Season Sports, here today to talk to you about some of the latest and greatest and
some of the coolest stuff for bikes on behalf of Expert Village. Today, we’re going to talk
about saddles. This is one of the three contact points of a bike and can obviously make a
very large impact on the comfort of the bike, but there are also some performance aspects
to it as well. Remember, this is an area that in the last seven to eight years, we’ve made
great strides in research and development in this area to both be more comfortable,
be more medically sound for our bodies, and more performance added to it. This particular
saddle is made in Italy by a company called Selle San Marco. This is a very old and traditional
company that really is always on the cutting edge of what’s going on out there. This particular
saddle is made for road bikes. Remember, to pick the saddle for what you want to do is,
i.e. road biking, mountain biking, cruising. There are different saddles that are made
for these different positions. Also, remember, this is a male saddle and there are female
saddles for you ladies out there. You are built a little different so you do need a
different saddle that’s going to fit and be more comfortable for you and also perform
better. These particular saddles end up being very lightweight, adding give to the body
of the saddle to make it more comfortable for you. They’re using carbon fiber in this
and a hollow titanium rail, again, for comfort and durability for it, wrapped in leather,
and having a small padding to it. So, like I say, there are no right saddles, there’s
just the right saddle for you.

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