How to Use Bicycle Accessories : How to Choose Mountain Bike Pedals

How to Use Bicycle Accessories : How to Choose Mountain Bike Pedals

JEFF COOK: Hello, and I’m Jeff Cook from All
Seasons Sports, here today to talk to you about some of the latest and greatest and
some of the coolest stuff for bikes on behalf of Expert Village. Today, we’re going to talk
about clipless mountain bike pedals. This can be one of the areas that can affect almost
every aspect of your riding. So, remember, it can be a great upgrade for you. This is
a Shimano pedal. Shimano has pretty much pioneered this area for mountain bike pedals, which
is going to attach your shoe to the pedal. This makes for a much more direct connection
with your bike, and there’s a cleat that we mount on the shoe and that snaps into the
pedal. This is going to allow to get over rocks, logs, obstacles, be able to maneuver
your bike in a much better fashion as well as being able to pull up on the pedal as well
as push down on the other side. So, this can make a pretty dramatic effect on your riding
overall, whether it’ll be technical or hill climbing. Shimano’s featured out a new XTR
pedal this year which is both lightweight and very strong, also featuring great mud
clearance and a very reliable pedal all around.

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  1. Once you get used to them, unclipping is 2nd nature. You have to practice clipping out until it becomes automatic, then you won't have any problems.

  2. I can assure you that as soon as a car makes the first impact, you're gonna pop out of the tightest setting on your cleats (by personal experience – luckily low speed) – any other time the only thing to worry about is commitment – land that jump, or bawlz up over an obstacle- always better to stay clipped because you keep a lot more power, IMHO (I don't race or anything, just love riding).

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