How to Use LimeBikes in Dallas + DEEP SUSHI

How to Use LimeBikes in Dallas + DEEP SUSHI

What’s up, guys? Thomas with Modtown Realty here. And I want to talk to you about all these bikes you guys might have seen laying around Deep Ellum and mostly Downtown. The main two I see right here are V-Bike and LimeBike. Now if you’ve ever been to New York City or Chicago, you may have seen city bikes. There’s different stations of ’em. You go, and you scan your card, get a bike and you drop it off at another station. Similar to that, but to me, this is better: there are no stations. This is a stationless service. You can pick up the bike and drop it off wherever you like, and it all goes by an app on your phone. I’ve been using LimeBike a lot, so lets go with LimeBike. And you can do it a couple different ways: You can do pay-as-you-go, and the rates are a dollar an hour or a dollar per ride, whichever one comes first, or you can pre-pay. So I pre-paid $10, and that way my account’s not getting hit every single time I do it. And that gets me one free ride. The way it works is you have an unlock button at the bottom of the screen. All you gotta do it is go up to any bike, and scan one of the QR codes you find on the bike on either the handlebar or the back of the seat, and I believe there’s one also on the basket. Do that, you’ll hear a little sound from the locking mechanism in the back. *click* In unlocks, and you’re ready to go. *LimeBike chirps* So, hop on the bike, ride it wherever you want — It doesn’t matter — you can drop it off anywhere. Lets go get that bike. Lets ride around a little bit. I’ll show you guys how to use it. We can go grab something to eat, hop on the bike again, and we’ll come back here to the office. Alright, so luckily, my bike I left here last night is still here, so we don’t have to walk very far. *lock clicks and LimeBike chirps* So we’re here at one of my favorite lunch spots in Deep Ellum: Deep Sushi. Some of the best sushi in Dallas. So we’re gonna lock the bike up, go grab some lunch, and hopefully the bike is still here when we come back. *lock click and LimeBike purrs* Lets go! Thank you, man. Alright, again, one of the best things is there are no stations. You can pick these up anywhere, drop ’em off anywhere. Here is the one that I just unlocked. All you gotta do is unlock it, hop on, you’re ready to go. So, that’s basically how to use the bikes. If you have any questions or anything like that just Super easy to use. Don’t be afraid to use ’em. If you see me riding around, feel free to join me.

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