How to use liquid Carnauba wax on your exterior for car detailing and cleaning

How to use liquid Carnauba wax on your exterior for car detailing and cleaning

[Music] Thank you for checking out 3d products I’m Donald Williams. In this segment we’re gonna go ahead and show you how to use 3D’s CARNAUBA WAX part 908 CARNAUBA WAX is a a very common wax it uses an organic base product lot of us like it because it gives us a nice deep glossy shine a real wet look make sure
that your surface has been prepped and cleaned whether you are using pink car soap, waterless car wash and then you always want to make sure that you’re removing any scratches or
surface defects to make sure that you get as bright and as glossy of an effect as possible. best thing to use it with is a very soft sponge applicator sponge we
prefer for our waxes. with all of our 3D products that we have this can also be
applied by machine as well then we’ll show you a little bit we’re gonna do
this first by hand what you want to do is take a couple of dime size drops on
there and then in a small circular motion lightly rub it into the paint
you’re not doing any paint correction with this product what you want to make sure you do prior
to applying any waxes is you want to make sure the surface is prepared, because this is not a cleaner this is not anything but a protectant and to give you
a deep glossy shine so the surface that you are applying this on you’ll want
to have removed the scratches to your acceptability also you want to make sure that you, we
would prefer you clay it because the claying of this, of your surface, removing contaminants will also help
with the longevity of any wax at you or coating that you apply on the vehicle now just to make sure that you got it correctly go ahead and cross it up, make sure you’ve covered the entire surface. Where you need to, you can apply a little bit more you don’t want to apply too much when
you apply too much, what you are gonna be doing is wasting product to make it harder for
your clean up when you’re working inside garage setting where it’s not too hot
you can work in larger areas where is if you’re working out in the Sun which we
prefer that she don’t but if you have to if circumstances don’t allow you to have
anything other than being outside we recommend that you work in small two by two areas applying the product and then removing the excess off a little bit quicker. Go ahead and cross it up, just to make sure. I’m not using any real elbow grease, I’m just making sure that I apply the product and get a hundred percent coverage when
you’re inside you can let it sit for a couple minutes now we waited a couple
minutes, go ahead and removed product so what we want to do get a clean microfiber towel,
make sure you don’t have any debris in it so you don’t scratch what you have done and all your hard work or you can go and get a plush microfiber towel which also helps a lot helps reduce the ability of scratching
the surface what you want to do is just a nice motion to remove the carnauba nice soft, circular motion, this will give you that nice, brilliant shine. and really wet look that we are looking for in our waxes. flip your towel over. wipe it one more time and make sure you remove all the excess. and there you go. thanks for checking out 3D products and
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  1. Why do you recommend using a circular motion to apply the wax, when EVERY other "expert" tells you to wipe in lines following the wind-flow???

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