How to use Seoul’s bike share “Ddareungi” at Han River – 한강에서 따릉이의 사용 & 즐기는법

How to use Seoul’s bike share “Ddareungi” at Han River  – 한강에서 따릉이의 사용 & 즐기는법

Hi guys welcome back to another L.I.K.E
(Life In Korea Everyday) Video today I’m talking about my summer obsession
따릉이 or Seoul Bike which is a bike sharing program funded by the Seoul Government Probably if you’ve visited Seoul you would’ve seen these green and white bikes But if you want to learn about how to use them, keep watching! Okay so the first thing you need to do is download the app, here’s the 따릉이 app once you go in, you’re gonna need to log in if you don’t wanna make your own account you
can log in with your facebook, your kakao account or naver And once you’re logged in then you need to buy a coupon to use the bikes and there’s so many different options…
can use it for just one day, or you can buy
a longer membership like 1 month, 3 months, or even a whole year After you’ve paid, you can look at the map and see all the different places you can pick up the bikes so you can see there are different colors… red means there aren’t many bikes,
green means there’s a lot of bikes If you see a grey spot that means totally sold out, no bikes left so we’re gonna go right here, by our location,
and once you click in …. click…. whatthe *&^%$?? okay here we go… there’s 3 bikes left so we’re gonna click rent, rent…
and here you can see the 3 bikes that are available Go ahead and select the bike that
you’d like to use, and then select the corresponding number here, select it and hit rent It asks you “are you sure that you really want to rent it?” so press yes And after this you will have 1 minute to go over to the bike and log in with your 4 digit code. So let’s go~ let’s see…. sometimes it takes a while
*please enter your 4 digit code* okay, now don’t look at my code! its a secret! after you’ve input your code, you just pull out the little hook and your 2 hours (or however long you reserved) start. Let’s go~! we’re almost to han gang (han river) we’re
in hapjeong now, gonna go cross the river after you’ve ridden for a while you can stop at any of han gang’s MANY convenience stores grab a snack, be sure to bring a mat to sit
on or purchase one at the store and I always bring my bluetooth speaker to enjoy some music with my friends while taking a break. okay so we’re gonna grab a little snack at
the convenience store and something that a lot of people don’t know about these bikes is that on the left side, they have another attachment cord which can be used as a lock. so you just unwind it, and wrap it around wherever you want to lock and just slide it into the same place where you unlocked your bike in the first place *bike chimes*
and there you go, it’s locked in so later when you’re ready to pick it up again just
press the home button and put in the same code that you used originally and it’s unlocked and ready for use again we got our snacks and so now I’m gonna unlock the bike and head over to find somewhere to sit yummmm omg if you like Mogu mogu drinks (from
thailand I think?) you gotta try the ice cream version
and thesee korean doritos in fried chicken flavor are life giving 따릉이 is actually 24hrs, and so you can use it at nighttime, we just wanted to go back at this time!!! when you’re done with your ride go ahead and just park your bike in the station (you can use the app to find a nearby rental/return station) And use the same connecter as when you rented it to plug it back in But this is your last chance to check your stats, so you might wanna press it and take
a look yeah so before returning you can see we have
6 minutes remaining (cause we did a 2 hr rental), we went 10 km and we burned about 300calories.
so now I’m gonna go ahead and return it *return completed, thank you for using our service*
yay! it’s done~ and later if you wanna check your stats, if you have an account in the app you can also check all your previous rides,
how long you rode, how many calories you burned, all of that information is in there.
so yeah… happy riding! be safe!! omg idk what happened to this last clip while
exporting ㅜㅜㅜㅜ it’s so zoomed in ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

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