How to use TFL London Cycle Hire – Santander Cycles

How to use TFL London Cycle Hire – Santander Cycles

Dotted all over London are these cycle hire stations and if you know what you’re doing it’s a really beautiful way to see the city It’s very easy! £2 for 24 hours as long as you bring it back within half an hour There are 700 docking stations and 10 000 bikes and I can never seem to find one! to hire the bike for 24 hours is £2 and then all the rides that day are free AS LONG AS each ride is under half an hour so on 29.7 minutes, re-dock it and select a new bike How are you getting on? I have to wait 5 minutes before I retake the bike Oh right, because you’ve just docked one Yes, I’m very impatient Otherwise, each extra 30 minutes is charged at at £2 Sounds easy enough to me A whole load of terms and conditions which I’m going to accept insert my card and on my receipt there’s a five digit code which you must punch in over here the red light means it’s damaged like this one, so don’t use it Of course, you can go to the TFL website and for £3 you can apply for a special key and it deducts the money straight from your account This fellow is using the app on his phone You can also use it to find nearby docking stations but I’m old-school, I prefer to use the map Now be careful you dock it properly and the light goes green otherwise you’ll be charged extra This has now expired so I have to go to the machine again So I have to wait 5 minutes but this time I won’t be charged even though it still needs my card to check I’ve paid And we’re ready to rock again It even has gears, and a bell Off you go. On yer bike! You’re not allowed to ride on the pavement! but the bikes are on the pavement! You have to take them off the pavement and onto the road!

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  1. Actually was looking up this info just recently and was confused… So that half hour free thing can be done infinite times if re-docked?

  2. awesome going to London in 2 weeks! from California..i wanna take my skateboard though but these bikes seem way more fun to ride

  3. we have them in Milton Keynes it's not nice to ride it in London where they are too many cars and people on pavements and full of buildings but in Milton Keynes it's more like trees country side roads and not as much people on pavements so if u really wanna enjoy bike ride milton keynes is the best search for milton keynes on Google

  4. Walking is the best way to discover London. However bikes are a far better choice if you don't have much time.

  5. Here in DC your'e not allowed to ride bikes on the pavement either, or sidewalk as we call it here, but people do anyway. It's like one of those laws that never get enforced.

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  7. What a total pain in the arse to have to keep finding a docking station every 30 mins. Takes the joy out of riding a bike if you are spending half your time focusing on where the next docking station is, docking in and out…. blah blah. I just want to get on the bike for an afternoon and ride until I am done – of course you can do that if you want to pay without the constant hassle of spending half your life docking in and out! So I could just take a bike from 2 to 6pm for a ride without worrying about finding a docking station every 30 minutes to save money ….. charge will be £8.
    Tempted to just pay the £8 for the peaceful uninterrupted ride!


    Santander bike vs VW Transporter thru London.. Enjoy!
    Thank you, Harry Vlogger

  9. One of the biggest scams in the UK corganised by pure greed and powerful companies to rip off the public with misleading or lack of proper instructions. Look at other videos out there. Example,

    They are misleading people on purpose in typical GB fashion. The sneaky way to make money. One thing I hate about Britain is smart arse people out there who get away with this.It's on the rise. Foreigners are falsely mislead it is a hire of a bike for 24 hours. Not just foreigners who realize they have actually been charged more than £70 a day and that's only if they check their bank statement online buy which time they are back in their own country and its too late. It is access for 24 hours. Not hire for 24 hours. Pathetic. A very smart scam. In my case, there was no instructions when I hired my bike and I was also caught out. But it is okay right? We have the Royals. God save the Queen! and all that. Proud to be British? Nah.

    In my opinion the system is stupid. Half an hour to return the bike. You need to know where each docking station is in London otherwise your screwed but TFL know this. How can you enjoy a ride when you spend the day docking the bike very damn half an hour? Good investment TFL. They must make an absolute fortune from people that get caught out. A bit like the touch in touch out system. I call these systems the sneaky British system.

    I want to thank the creators of this YouTube video which explains how the system works in a concise way. I've used the bike scheme and I am very cautious and read everything. There was nothing to properly explain you had to dock the bike every 30 minutes. However, it is designed to mislead you.

  10. would Indian (Global) Debit Cards work?
    I have a Global Card from SBI which is usually accepted everywhere I go.
    And how do they deduct the surpassed amount if it's a debit card? Idk how Debit cards work there but here the PIN is required for everything.

  11. are intl tourists required to wear helmets?
    are intl tourists using VISA cc required to provide PIN#
    (in US, we almost never need PIN)
    is there any kind of multi day pass, 15 days or less,
    that saves vs. 2BSP/day…?
    are bike-specific lanes indicated on station maps?
    is there bike-specific pocket map for city centre district?
    is there bike share station pocket map?
    thanks in advance…

  12. “You’re not allowed to ride on the pavement!”
    “The bikes are ON the pavement!”

    But you almost hit a poor pigeon, Julian

  13. Minor observation about the road rules in UK versus Victoria, Australia…you must wear a helmet here…

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