How to use the Grey Street two-tiered bike rack

How to use the Grey Street two-tiered bike rack

Have you seen the bike rack in Grey Street? It’s got two levels. Don’t be afraid to use the upper level — it’s really easy to use! Pull the red handle straight out as far as it will go and push down firmly. Just check behind you to make sure there’s no-one walking past. Line your bike up and then push it up and in. Don’t forget to lock your bike
as you normally would. Lift the stand up using the red handle until it’s level and then push it all the way in. And you’re done! When you want to get the bike out again it’s the same thing in reverse. You just pull it all the way out and push down firmly. Use the red handle because your bike could roll back a bit. Don’t forget to unlock your bike then wheel your bike out. Always be conscious there could be pedestrians behind you, or passing by. Lift the stand up until it’s level and then make sure you push it all the way in. It’s really easy to use. If I can do it – anyone can!

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  1. Another waste of money from WCC. What did this abomination cost? Guaranteed not to get much use. Even their own video has bikes parked nearby instead of using this.

  2. Great addition, when will these be rolled out large scale at the train station with 24hr surveillance? The region desperately needs to facilitate bike storage to allow train users to store their bikes at the station, allowing them to commute from the suburbs to work (in other areas of the city such as Newtown, Miramar, or the bays). Supporting bike use significantly eases traffic congestion and pollution impacts, while allowing users the autonomy that would have been afforded by bringing a car into town.

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