How To Use The Skid On MTB Trails | Essential Mountain Bike Skills

How To Use The Skid On MTB Trails | Essential Mountain Bike Skills

– Welcome back to my class
and today is a fun class. It’s all about skids. Yes, I know, skids can ruin trails but we all do it out
there and it can help you in certain circumstances where an obstacle or a corner’s too sharp and
you need to use that skid. But we don’t like to exclude anyone. If you don’t know how to
skid I’m gonna show you how to do that first. Oh! New Record! (screams) Right, all you need is
a flat bit of surface just like this fire road right here and essentially the
whole skid is locking up that back brake, so just
grabbing a whole handful of that back brake,
lock that back wheel up but there is two different
techniques on doing this. If you wanna do a super long skid, you wanna shift your
weight all over the front get that back wheel light
enough so it just skips along and skids forever. Or if you wanna come to a skid, to a stop, then put your weight all the
way back, heels down, get all the way into that back wheel to get as much grip as possible
to stop that wheel from skidding. Right, now we know how to skid
out there on the fire road. I’m at the top of this trail
and I’m gonna shred down this thing and then come
to parts of the trail where the skid technique is gonna help you around that corner or obstacle out there. So let’s go. (upbeat music) Oh man, as much fun as
it looks, it is fun, but the reason why I got
a Scandi flick right here is where in rally and
they turn the opposite way and then turn into it
and gets that back end to flick round, wherever
your front wheel is facing, your back wheel is gonna
follow if you’ve got the grip which I’ve got the grip right
here so I wanted to take that sharp left around that
tree to continue the trail. So I Scandi flicked it to get
that back end to flick out like a whip to take me left
to follow my front wheel and up the top here, I did another skid. Basically I’m pre-hopping
into this little bank right here by locking
up the back wheel into this bank right here
is gonna stop my wheel and my bike from shooting
off over the bank and not down the trail. So what I’m doing is getting
the back end to slide, grip, hit the bank and force
me 90 degrees down the trail. Using the skid on this
bit of terrain right here, as you can see, it’s super
off-camber on a bit of a steep bit of a trail right
here and what you do is you lock up that back wheel
to let your wheel drift, lose traction, drift, grip
into this little catch right here and that’s
gonna keep you high up for that next bit of trail. You can see, I could
have taken the high line without using the skid
but it’s gonna set you up quite weirdly into the next
section which is even steeper and you wanna stay quiet high
to go around and not just straight through and
cut the whole trail out. (laughs) Right, this section
right here, this is quite a steep decent. And
skidding is not prioritised in this situation because
when you lose traction on that rear wheel you’re
gonna speed up and miss this crazy right had turn. I can see people have
misgivings like myself and I went straight because
I sped up and I didn’t have enough time. You can see when my back
wheel locked up I sped up and you don’t wanna do that. What you wanna do is feather your brakes, modulate your braking so you don’t lock up that back wheel and gain
speed because you keep that speed under control
so you can grab this sharp right-hander and not end
up shooting down there into the abyss and missing out the trail. I spoke about this out
there, it’s the Scandi flick. I’m gonna break it down
for you so you understand what I’m talking about
when I’m telling you. You’re turning away from the corner, what, in a skid, no, right,
well I’ve got this here. Basically, using a Scandi
flick when it comes to a narrow bit of terrain
like trail just like this one I’ve plotted out here. It’s quite narrow. What you wanna do is use
the whip, so the Scandi. So you’re turning away,
you’re skidding away from that turn and using
that whole whip situation to shift you over and
flick you around this thing right here. I’m gonna time two runs. One without the Scandi and
the other with the Scandi, see which one’s faster. Right, with our rough
timing test I’m 3/10 faster with the Scandi flick than
just basically riding around this tree. And it’s key, you brake
early for the Scandi. It’s very crucial to know
where to start Scandi flicking so you start braking really
early, slow in and fast out. Let’s not forget, skids are
fun, they’re not just for kids, one exiting a trail and
impressing your mates. (upbeat music) Oh, that was sick man, yeah. Leafy skid! Wow! Handbrake! Bravo, that was a good one. Oh! New record! (screams) So there you go, there’s
a few ways on how to use the skid out there on the
trail to get round obstacles just like this one right here. But I’m not encouraging
you to go out there and skid up the trail, respect your trail and use it when necessary. Don’t just go and skid everywhere. If you wanna see more
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I’ll see you in the next one.

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  1. Dumb Dumb Dumb.Just because you want a KOM it does not give you the right to ride recklessly to achieve it.If I see idiots out there riding they get called out.

  2. This vid does not show the steepness of this trail!

    I can say from past experience that this trail is super steep

  3. i do skandinavian turns with out using the brake, its faster and more controled, when i notice i dont have enough strength to do so, i use the brake, its a greate racing skill !

    i just wanted to look at the awesome blake riding

  4. For your next video you should show how to fix the damage done by a lot of people skidding around Corners

  5. Great video! Obviously it's best not to skid to maintain trails, but I still like to practice it on a few turns while I am out riding. That being said this video was really informative.

    BTW Blake's videos are the best!! Keep em coming!

  6. I don't know if other people have this problem but I have 750mm handle bars and where i ride a lot of trees are too narrow to fit through so I have to stop and slowly go through it… does anyone know a technique to go through the barrow trees faster?

  7. Today I've recieved my new bike :). Although the rockshox suspension is super hard to compress, is it normal in a new bike?

  8. I'm probably too old but Scandinavian flicks mean something different to me👷! counter steering is what i call that move.

  9. the scandilavian trick looks really handy for narrow ones as you say., im gonna practice them sooner 🙂

  10. Help !I've hit the skids.(depression).someone tell me that toughen up and go ride my mountain bike please

  11. If you never skid, you must be just out. For a stroll. It happens, and it's just part of going down the hill.

  12. "skids can ruin trails, but we all do it…" And what trail user does not love some nice braking bumps and torn up corners? Brilliant narcissism and selfishness.

  13. The trail builders out there will appreciate what you said at the end of the vid. Excessive skidding in bike parks will accelerate trail wear and tear. If you can, reserve your skidding for the fire roads.

  14. Seriously GMBN? As much as I like your other videos and want to support what you do, endorsing skidding to tens of thousands of people is irresponsible. Yes we all skid, but usually when we mis-judge. I've been riding MTB's for 10+ years and I want to be able to have access to keep on riding, not to mention erode the trail for not just other riders, but everyone else who wants to get out into the bush/woods.

    Unsubscribing now. Best of luck with less ad-revenue and sponsorship.

  15. Fricking awesome!! That was a fun way of explaining "the skid"!😂 I am a Scandinavian, so I must be naturally allowed to skid! 😎 Thanks for the tricks!

  16. 0:10 "We all skid"…. Is that true? Most people I know completely avoid skidding. I thought it was considered very bad form.

  17. "yes I know skids can ruin trail but we all do it" – WTF GMBN??? Just because someone else does something wrong, it does not mean that you are allowed to or should do so. (Besides only 5 year olds use that kind of shitty non argument)

    Way to ruin trail access and make us mountain bikers even more unpopular and unwanted everywhere.

    Don't be a skidiot!

  18. instead of a Scandinavian flick what about a straight up skid to get the back wheel out? how does that compare for time??

  19. So the english not only drive on the wrong side of that road they even brake their bikes vice versa? 😳
    For real now?

  20. Our trails are usually gravelly and hard packed, you don't even need to grip the rear brake so hard to skid and it definitely doesn't ruin the trail.

  21. can you say the Scandinavian Flick is mostly for looks or does it actually make you hit the corners as fast as possible while still maintaining balance? thanks!

  22. There's this steep paved pathway with super tight turns on it down a big hill near my house and it's so fun to skid along on the pavement with an old pair of bald tires and just skid down the whole place, it's more fun, and you're not even messing up trails! (I do it on trails sometimes, and it can be a blast skidding on wooden sections when they're wet because you get zero traction and you just keep all of your speed)

  23. "destroying the trails" not in my opinion, it just ad more challange to the next rider who runs the trail.
    – MTB dont need flat, smooth surfaces, to do fast downhill runs.. it is ok that they have stired up areas where other skills come to play !

  24. I’ve been riding MTB and road for years now and I just discovered that the US has the brakes backwards (front brake on the left and rear brake on the right)

  25. How do you use a skid responsibly without ruining trails? I would much rather use other techniques, even going a little slower if I have to in order to save the trails I ride. I respect and appreciate the work it takes to keep them up.

  26. Uh, seriously? How to skid on a trail? Isn't the first rule of being a responsible trail user, not wrecking it?

    GMBN is pure euro-trash bull shit acting like they're somehow relevant to mountain biking.

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