How To Use Trail Mode | E-Bike Power Modes Explained

How To Use Trail Mode | E-Bike Power Modes Explained

– Blasting along flat or
gently uphill single-track is my favorite place to use trail mode. But where else should you
use the middle power setting on your e-bike? (upbeat music) Trail mode, tour mode, standard mode; it’s called many things and it all depends on the motor your running, whether it be Brose, Bosch,
Shimano, Specialized, Yamaha, but what’s the best use of that middle setting on your e-bike? Now, first and foremost, it
comes down to recalibrating your senses because a lot of
people tend to ride in turbo and boost mode and what
that tends to do is really send your senses haywire. So, we need to do is
actually get a really good understanding of just how
effective and supportive eco mode is on your e-bike before
you start to learn all the high-powered settings. Now, to get an idea just
how supportive trail mode is on your e-bike, every ride should begin by switching your motor
off like I’ve done here, and then use that as a benchmark for when you switch it into trail. Oh boy! It doesn’t have go. So when and where, then,
should you use trail mode? Well, it largely depends on the terrain, the length of the ride,
your fitness levels, and your mindset. (upbeat music) Now where we’re talking
terrain, if you’re riding flat, open tracks, that’s
probably an eco mode setting because you’ll really get frustrated because you’re gonna hit that
25 or 30 kilometer restriction very quickly in trail mode. However, when it becomes
undulating and it’s single track, then that really is the place
to stick it in trail mode. One of the great strengths of trail mode is you’re riding trails
you’re unfamiliar with, you can respond to the terrain instantly. If you got that quick,
punchy climb… Whoa, you can just get up there and you wouldn’t be able
to do that in eco mode. So when it comes to
terrain, then trail mode or should I say the middle setting, is best kept for technical singletracks on really difficult terrain
because wide fire roads are really probably best kept
for eco unless of course, there’s a big hill ahead in which case, trail mode is really
good for big workouts. (upbeat music) Short, powerful sessions are really great for using trail mode because
you can really attack the climbs and have a great workout. If you’re looking
between one and two hours of flat out fun, or not. Now, on the other hand, if you’re planning on doing a three to five hour ride, then you need to be extremely
careful using trail mode because you can burn that
battery really quickly. But when we’re talking length of ride, how about you riding in eco mode and get a newcomer to riding trail. What a great day out. (upbeat music) Now when it comes to fitness levels, I’d recommend anybody
new to mountain biking or new to e-biking, to
try the trail setting because it’s really good starting point. However, as I mentioned earlier, if you’re fit then you can use trail for that serious workout. (upbeat music) Now, you’re probably thinking, what earth is talking about by mindset? Well, I want to return to what
I said earlier in this video where you should start
every ride in either eco or by switching your motor off because the middle setting
can all too often become the default setting on your e-bike. But you know what? I’m just thinkin’, if you
want to ride in trail mode, just press on. Have a good time! So, there you go. Trail mode, middle setting,
call it what you will, depends on what motor you’re running, it all depends on all different factors. Depends on the terrain, it depends on the length of the ride, it depends on your fitness levels, and of course, it depends on your mindset. So if you wanted to see
more mode related videos, there’s one on turbo or boost up here and also eco or low
setting just down here. Thanks for watching, let
us know your comments and don’t forget to subscribe to EMBN.

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  1. Here in Florida, my winter home, i only use eco unless I'm energy wiped…when I'm out west, during the summer, I'm usually riding at 6000 feet plus, so I use trail mode more often, at least when I'm climbing…

  2. Hi Steve i feel this Video was for the novice or beginner to e bikes ,good video cuts through the learning process what a novice is thinking about when first time out on a trail he / she must be all over the place what with gears,handling,power.and battery life ,PD.

  3. When I first got my ebike I was like turbo all the time…now I'm eco or no battery at all…if I'm on steep hills…i will use trail…only on rare occasions I use turbo now.

  4. Could you cover good percentage settings for eco mid and turbo next? For emtb with the option to do so. I have mine set at 25% exo 60% mid and 85% turbo seems to work for me in battery life compared to leaving turbo on 100% and eco 20% and mid 50%.

  5. I always use between mode 1&2 (I have 4) rarely do I use 3 unless I'm tackling a beast of a hill (Cause even mode 2 helps a lot on most hills). I use mode 4 for those moments I want to catch up with or overtake a fast road bike rider… Because mode 4 on my bike de-restricted 😉

  6. What you missed to tell, not all motors are the same. On the Shimano e8000, ECO and BOOST mode have a linear relationship between driver power and motor power. The TRAIL mode has an exponential relationship. This means that if you pedal with small power, the motor feels like ECO, if you pedal with big power, the motor will give you exponentially more power. This makes for a completely different driving experience in TRAIL mode. You can tailor the characteristics of the motor using the eTube App or much more finely via the FreeMax software. For my bike I use a cusomized (reduced) TRAIL mode for almost anything and a reduced BOOST mode for technical climbs.
    I heard that the Bosch eMTB mode has a similar behaviour.
    Maybe you could do a video about motor mode tailoring and what settings you prefer.

  7. Evening! I pretty much have always ridden in trail mode. Just recently I’ve started switching between eco and trail and have managed much greater distances (obviously 🤦🏻‍♂️).

    I think what you say about recalibrating your mind is very true. I’m becoming more used to eco and I’m not finding the urge to suddenly switch back all the time.

    I’ve also noticed it’s helping me get back on an ‘analogue’ bike again as it’s not such a shock when the motor doesn’t kick in!

  8. Cool videos as always, thank you for all your work making these great films with brilliant advice to help enjoy getting the best out of our ebikes.

  9. Why is your left brake gapped differently from your right brake respective to the grips? That would not suit me at all

  10. I have my eco permanently set to 60%, trail 75% for those odd times for a bit extra and the top at 100% . All my riding is up or down, no fire tracks .

  11. I still wonder what you will do when battery dies on a mid climb? You return to car or carry on, and how heavy will that be?

  12. I have been watching for a while. Excellent show in general. I suggest a group buy International via Specialized. We could use an EMBN discount code for say 40% off any Levo/Kenevo model? That sounds great. I am in 😉

  13. Ok guys enough is enough what is the best e MTB,is it the new 2019 specialized??,seems to be ahead of everyone else or am I wrong,I am not a specialized guy but if it's the best I can see getting one for 2019 season,I have a bike shop,but my companies don't have a kick ass e bike yet . Ty guys for a good long comment 😁u guys rock

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