How To Use Turbo Power Mode | E-Bike Power Modes Explained

– It feels amazing, you’ve
got the wind in your sails, and you’re riding up hills at a pace that is madness compared to what we’ve been dealing with for decades. So we should all be riding
in turbo mode, right? (techno music) – So you’re cruising the fine
road and all of the sudden things get a lot more
serious, time for turbo mode. Get up there, so turbo mode
will allow you to tackle far crazier banks than in
eco mode with less effort. But why is it important, well, turbo allows you to gain instant momentum to get you up these technical sections. Now turbo really comes into
its own on long climbs where in conjunction with the
other modes on your bike, such as eco or trail,
you can switch to turbo almost like a recovery
mode, so you can make a sustained effort on those
super long hill climbs. – Yes, I suppose you could ride
in turbo mode all the time. For example, if your
new to mountain biking and want to enjoy life
rather than suffering then turbo is the way to go. Alternatively, you could be a professional mountain biker who doesn’t want to put too much pressure on the legs or the heart and then turbo kicked is for that as well. However, turbo mode is a
massive battery muncher but, how much does it
actually change between a ride that uses eco or turbo? Well, that’s a really difficult question. It depends on the bike,
depends on the motor depends on the tire choice,
depends on the rider weight, it’s a massive question,
but you can usually expect at least twenty percent
less in turbo mode. (upbeat music) – Thing is, if it’s
speed you’re after then you might as well buy
a car or a motorcycle cause e-biking, mountain
biking is not just about flat forest roads,
interval training and speed it’s about getting out there, exploring it’s about adventure, much
more than that, raw power. So, turbo mode, then,
it’s a seriously powerful tool, especially when it
comes to hill climbing. But the question is,
when do you use turbo? Well, a great use of
turbo is to give yourself a really punishing one hour workout to the maximum effort, and the thing is, you can achieve the same heart rates in turbo as you will
on a conventional bike you can just get there quicker. But there’s lots of other uses of turbo. Say you’re short on time and want to do a quick one hour blast at lunchtime then turbo is that mode,
or if the conditions are wet or muddy, turbo
is great for getting you the momentum to see you
through those tricky parts of the terrain, and then maybe if you’re riding with, say, fitter
friends, then they can be riding in eco, and
you can just jam in in turbo. Now obviously there’ll be some riders who are burning their turbo
modes simply because they’ve got spare battery,
and I guess why not. But I think one of the most
important uses of turbo is to use it as a recovery
mode when tackling long technical climbs, and finally if you’re new to mountain
biking, or in fact if you’re anybody, remember
there might be other people on the trail who’ve not got the advantage of having a motor to get up the hill. So, just show a bit of consideration when you pass them on the climbs. So there you go, turbo mode is fast, and it’s fun, but remember that the amount of support you get in
turbo from brand to brand does vary, and also there’s the fact that on some softwares say,
shimano or specialized you can custom-tune your
e-bikes, there’s different levels of support in turbo mode, and obviously that’s going to have a big
effect on your battery life. Turbo mode then, is great
for and it can allow you to tackle some incredibly
technical terrain on your mountain bike. If you want to see more
mode-related videos there’s one I did on when
to use eco, down by here. And the question, is 25
kilometers an hour too slow? E-bike vs. gravel bike down here. Let’s hear your thoughts
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