How to weigh a bike

How to weigh a bike

So today I received this hanging scale which
is actually designed for fishing. It even has a measuring tape built into it. The reason
I ordered this is because I’m going to use it to weigh bikes. Sure, the one “Park Tool”
makes is way nicer, but this one is only 10 bucks on Amazon, and comes with dented up
dong batteries…. We’ll test how accurate it is in a moment. First, let’s try weighing
my BMX. Okay this isn’t going to work. There we go, this makes much more sense. We’ll
call it 23.8 pounds. That sounds right since the manufacturer advertises 25, and I’ve
since taken off the brakes and pegs. Let’s check the accuracy compared to my bathroom
scale. First I’ll step on the scale while holding my bike, and record the weight. Now
I’ll just weigh myself, and then subtract that number from the combined weight. My bathroom
scale is giving us 27.6 pounds. I honestly thought it was a couple of pounds lighter
for some reason. Well let’s check it with the fish scale. I’m getting 27.3, which is pretty close
to what the bathroom scale said. We have no way of knowing which scale is off, but this
is close enough for me. The main reason to weigh your bike is to check how much you saved
or gained when changing parts. As long as you’re using the same scale each time, you
can get a reasonably accurate comparison. Again, this is a $10 scale so we’re not
expecting lab certified accuracy. Let’s weigh my Inspired Fourplay. I’m guessing
24 pounds. 25.8, I was off by almost two pounds, but that’s still pretty light for something
so robust. Now for the road bike, which I’m guessing is 19 pounds. Wow, we’ll call it
18.2, that’s pretty light for an aluminum road bike, but it is a size small. Now for
Amie’s bike which is made of steel, so I’m guessing 25 pounds. Whoah, 22.8, again I’m
really surprised. I don’t know why I thought this bike was so heavy. Now just for fun let’s
weigh my Panasonic, which I figure has got to be 28 pounds. Wow, let’s call it 25.8,
I’m surprised. So, that was fun. I usually don’t think too much about weight because
I’m not into racing or riding competitively. In terms having good control over a bike I
feel like geometry and frame size are much more important than weight. On a mountain
bike, I’ll usually put my dollars towards reliability before weight reduction. If you
have the budget to play with though, a scale can help you keep track of which parts are
saving grams and ounces. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll see you next time.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Hey can you do a how to 180 tutorial on a bmx I can't seem to fakie out of it but I can do the full 180 but when I land I just stop in place backwards lol please help

  2. Did you already get rid of the Mongoose? It would of been nice to see how much it weighed compared to these better bikes.

  3. Wow, interesting video Seth. Using a scale that usually measures fish, but instead to weigh your bike for something around $10 is amazing. Where is your Mongoose Ledge 2.1 at?
    AND wow, nice website too.

  4. Great idea, I'm using a luggage scale for two years it cost me the same as yours. If you want "bike specific" you'll pay X times more altough it's the same thing and I don't think they are more accurate than these… 🙂

  5. I need help some help Seth I have a bike but on any bike I can not ride standing up I ride it well I ride all the time it not while standing need help

  6. My brakes went that i need to press it all the way to the grip so it brakes, but before only slightest tap would make front wheel come to ground, because of this i find myself laying on the road way too often (:P) I think they are the exact same as your trek so how may i fix it?

    I dont even have a clue how to adjust the brakes, i tried the easy way to just turn the cables but that doesn't do much…

  7. Hey bro i love ur videos i live in miami gardens but my cousins live in Hialeah and go there everyday right now i dont have a bike but im getting a new one in acouple of days i go to amelia earhart park a lot with a bunch of friends to ride mountain bike so hopefully I'll see you around there

  8. im not strong enough to manual on my bikes idk how much they weigh but i gotta get a lighter bike bc i really like bmx

  9. How can you mountainbike weigh less than your bmx, my bmx is like made of fucking gold, and my mtb is really light

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