How Toy Story 3 Should Have Ended

How Toy Story 3 Should Have Ended

I don’t know what you’re talking about. Daisy… you used to do everything with her?? Yea, then she threw us out. No, she lost you! She replaced us! Lotso, she was like 5, okay? She didn’t replace you, her parents did! and they only replaced you because Daisy loved you so much. You’re right… All this time I’ve been angry, for nothing. I’m sorry everybody. Yeah if anyone should be furious, it should be Big Baby or Chuckles… they didn’t get replaced it all! Crying… How Toy Story 3 Should Have Ended Let’s round ’em up, cowpoke! They’re getting away! Come on, Bullseye! Here we go! Hahaha.. Yah, Woody! (Neighing) These toys are amazing! Haha! Giddy up, slinky dog! I’m over here Mr. Potato Head! I sure love these toys! Hahaha…. Sighhhh I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy than I am with these toys! Yeah….. Hmmm Only an idiot would give great toys like these away! Okay, I change my mind. I love these toys.
You can’t have them, I’m taking them all back See ya!!!! Crying… Hahahahah! I can’t believe I almost gave you guys away! We’re gonna go to college. It’s gonna be great! You guys are the best! And we’ve been alive this whole time!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! (Crash!!) (music) You just wrecked your car… You just wrecked your car… Your toys are talking, think you’ve lost you mind.. And you just wrecked your car….. Mom, I swear the toys came alive! They’re alive! Yes, all of them. Can we all agree this was a huge mistake? I’m not making this up! Uh, why won’t anyone believe me?? RAWRRRR!!!! Sorry, wrong room.. (whimpering) This is embarrassing… WHAT IS GOING ON??? Wall-e!

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  1. I think Andy would most likely after a while stay calm and realise the toys aren't dangerous and he might promise to keep a secret how his toys are living and he might ask how his toys have souls

  2. I actually agree with the real movie, because Lotso didnโ€™t really care about the fact Daisy lost him and replaced him. But Big Baby was really stunned, and I agree with him!

    Also, Bonnie! How dare you! Had you not have said that, you could've kept the toys!
    And you guys, YOU ARE ALL TOYS! You shouldn't have sprung to life in front of Andy!

    But nonetheless, this is pretty funny.

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  4. The most unrealistic part of this whole series is the idea of a Mr and Mrs Potatohead set with more than 5 pieces left

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  8. My complaint about Toy Story 4 is they don't explain WHY Bonnie no longer likes or plays with Woody. She literally plays with them all except for him. She has both boy and girl toys so it's not a gender issue. She likes Jessie so it's not a toy type issue. I mean if you're gonna go that route, give me some back story as to how it got that way at least. 4 was not needed. Should have ended at 3. The ending was perfect.

  9. You just crashed your car. You just crashed your car. The toys are talking and you lost your mind. And you just recked your car. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

  10. Can we get a Toy Story 4 HISHE? Maybe have Andy come check on his toys after Woody leaves and then Andy takes the rest of them back like he did in this one


  12. I wish Toy story 3 ended with Lotso falling into the furnace with the other toys and the aliens pick up the toys and Abandon Lotso to kill him in the fire

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  14. the ending of toy story 3 made me so mad. This would have been significantly better! He was guilt-tripped into giving away all of his childhood toys and now he does not get to share what I believe were family heirlooms with his children in a few years!

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