How We Added Wireless Charging to an iPhone – in China

How We Added Wireless Charging to an iPhone – in China

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  1. No apple has wireless charging because they have not figured a patent out if they can make a wireless charger to make money off of

  2. hello boss.

    yesterday somehow i saw your 1 video.i am very surprised when i saw u experiments.yesterday & today i have saw your so many videos.its totally amazing.
    may god always help you to success your all experiments.
    love u boss.just go ahead.we are always there to support you…..

  3. Hello I’m a very happy for what you doing in your life and. You making phones ,that’s awsome. , and i want you to do a giveaway , an iPhone

  4. Poor chinese guy, giving away his trade secrets to the white man!!!! white people always win 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. amazing video, where I can buy those screwdrivers or what size are needed to work something like this, any good kit for cell phone repair? thanks

  6. This makes me appreciate Android even more. Want to customize your android? Ok, go ahead, out of the box customization. Want to customize your iphone? Move to China, buy a microscope and a bunch of tools, integrate yourself with the modders there and become obsessed with every project.

  7. It would be really cool if you could figure out a way to install a wireless charger in a PS4 or Xbox controller. It would be SO convenient if you could charge console controllers just by setting them on top of the console.

  8. Would I need to replace the housing for an iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black which already has the glass back? Not sure if it's also got aluminium

  9. You forgot that the iphone 7 is made with an aluminum housing, the iphone 8 is made with glass especially for the wireless charging feedback.

  10. I lived in China for 3.5 years, so watching your videos is like briefly going home again. Thank you.

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