How We Added Wireless Charging to an iPhone – in China

How We Added Wireless Charging to an iPhone – in China

This phone I will add wireless charging to You guys have been asking me for a while now Scotty why don’t you try and add wireless charging to an older iPhone That doesn’t happen and to be honest I’ve thought a lot about it and the main reason I haven’t tried it because it sounds really hard. But recently, I just got a DM on Twitter from a Chinese guy who said he has designed a kit, a PCB to do just that and Turns out he’s got a shop here in the markets So I’m on my way over to go see him and take a look. Hopefully pick one up and give it a try myself Yeah, yeah, come on yeah, yeah, oh this is it here to go to gutti dyma That’s very cool this is The wireless charging pad here. This is the back and clean hole. Yeah Great So this plugs in to what looks like the bottom Flex connector here and then this Wireless charges Back here. So this goes on In there like that, so then the glass goes over the hole like this I’ll bring it up. That is very smart very Smart, so can we try it? I need the back and we’re gonna cut a hole in it with a laser and then Glass which goes on here like that? And then I need we’ve got all the fittings for the back and then This which is the actual charging part now the reason we need this is we need to we can’t use the original back is because The aluminum gets in the way the charging. Yeah, that’s good This is going to be an adventure This thing looks pretty awesome I’m pretty excited to take it back and try it out But first I need an iPhone to try this on, now as I was getting ready to do this project a couple days ago I put up a poll on Twitter asking you guys what Model iPhone do you want to see me modify next and the clear winner was an iPhone 7 so I’m gonna do that Now I could go buy all the parts to assemble an iPhone 7 from scratch. You guys have already seen me do that and To be honest, it’s pretty time-consuming I’ve got to go to find all the right booths that have the part number for the exact right model I’ve got to test it make sure it works. So instead I’m gonna go buy a refurbished iPhone 7 That’s complete that I know works. Ok change in plans I ran into a Chinese fan who buys and sells phones in the market we’re to go meet up and then do a handoff ok, so I’m here with one-way. Yeah, and you you have seen my videos before? So you only speak a little bit of English. Yeah, I’ll show you guys how I normally talk to people who Don’t speak a lot of English and where I don’t take enough Chinese we use translate. I asked you earlier if you had a shop and you don’t have You told me in WeChat that you are a backpacker Do you want to open your own shop? Yeah I want to. Yeah, so now time to test yeah Okay, that looks good test the camera, now the front camera Yep, that looks good Hello Hello, speaker and microphone work to the microphone I don’t know about this, set up Hey Siri. Okay? Hey Siri, it’s me Alright, let’s just make sure it charges Oh Yep good Yeah, thank you, thank you very much one way I will talk to you soon All right, it’s time to take this thing apart All right, that about does it for today I’ve got it fully taken apart of my work mat here tomorrow morning I’ll jump into trying to get this all reinstalled in the red case and figure out how this wireless charger fits in here So, I think the first step is to install the Screen clips which are just these little metal brackets that go in the side of the case So now we are officially at the place Where I can put the logic board in which is what I’ve been wanting to do this whole time Because that means we can actually start testing stuff So the question is where does this wireless? How does this fit in here? So it goes kind of like this There’s something about bending the flex cable and then that sits sort of like that There is a QR code here for an installation video. I think we should check that out So we are supposed to bend it I think along here and then right here and Then bend it here, so Just gets bent like that. Oh, and I’m missing there’s a slope should be a little sticker cover on that This sits here like that And this goes in here like this and then like that I think, be right back let me get a microscope I want to show you guys how this works before I put it together. Here are the contacts. So there’s seven three here four here and they touch the legs On the so this is the connector to the bottom flex that goes to the Lightning jack and all of that jazz This sits here like that, and this connector Goes down into this socket, right so it folds over Folds over like that right these pads here touch the solder legs for this Jack here Which is super smart. That’s so cool somehow Got to keep that all sandwich together while you plug That in All right, I give up going to dinner this is a project for tomorrow Okay, I’m back let’s get this thing plugged in That kind of looks like it’s supposed to I think let’s see if I can get it to turn on It turns on I’m gonna throw this on a regular charger. That’s interesting It doesn’t work. Well, let’s try a wireless charger That also doesn’t work, oh yeah, okay Supposed to be a little piece of foam pushing down on the connector It’s possible if I just push down with my fingers that will have the same effect. We’re gonna put in the wireless charger and and then put the the cover on top with the foam and Get it sandwiched together. I think it’s probably just a contact issue Oh, it does work good here is the real test though I Have another charger here as well. Let’s try that one. Oh We’re so close, so I was playing around a little bit off-camera and just limiting the fact that this doesn’t work and See that it just has a loose connection think I just need to get my double-sided tape and It just puts more pressure on this thing Hey Hey, it’s working just a little bit of foam tape, you know So I think all that’s left is to actually put the rest of the phone My magic pushing on the connector trick is not working like it did before Well, it’s almost 10 o’clock at night, I think debugging this is a project for tomorrow. I think the next step is to look at this under the microscope and just see if there’s any damage to the connectors Maybe put some new foam tape in here. We’re just kind of at the fiddling stage for this This is now a little chewed up in that corner this connector here Has some movement to it and that worries me Well, that looks better Let’s try this again I don’t know that I really did anything but oh Why don’t you work well it is just a pressure issue maybe just a little more foam tape Now even firm pressure on it doesn’t work jeez It’s definitely getting beaten up in that upper corner about ready to give up and go see Yeke in the markets More time under the microscope. I need a new bottom flex connector in here. Supposed to look like that one, get my tweezers under it and pry it up a little bit That answers that question Can you guys see that, that definitively answers whether I’m putting in a new bottom flux cable and the answer is yes. Yeah Reema Hello, let me show you I’ll show you this so Oh Chica yeah, yeah Sugar Well, would you doubt What a negative here Okay – the yeah, yeah. Okay. Yeah, I would yeah Yeah, watch it out what you know I’ll put into the poutine to it. Okay? Okay. Yeah, I I did it I did that. Yeah. Yeah I had this bigger Oh Original solder joint submarine from Sugar clay, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So the the solder joints on the original flex connectors are more uniform than the copies, I think We’re going back and forth over translator once a new one Yeah, oh And solder, okay, okay. Okay, so Yeke hooked me up, he hooked me up with a new wireless Insert. I was starting to damage the the connector right around the the plug I will try and put this back together and see if I can get it working Well, oh it is charging now. I guess let’s try this again and get everything working and then fit it all together Okay now it’s working so let’s get it all back together again Yeke gave me a bunch of extra foam So he did not approve of my 3m thick foam tape, I think. He thinks it’s too thick And I am not one to argue really, he’s the designer Let’s hope that works Hey It does I’m gonna close this up and show off to a few people There is one problem with this the back still has no the hole in it So in the background I asked Yeke could we do something for the back just you know? Make it a little special a little more, you know, strange parts like check that out. It came out really nice. I’m really pleased There we go, look at that. That’s pretty cool Works even after me screwing around with it Yeke you did an amazing thing. I’m impressed. I would like to talk to you more about how this thing works This is a very cool add-on. I think it’s the coolest. Um Like fully manufactured kit add-on I’ve seen For iPhones yet Yeke, we have been talking back and forth at your shop but I wanted to find a time where we could sit down and drink tea together and You could explain to me a bit more about your design and how you designed it. And so I brought with me Ken, who has offered to translate for us and you’re you’re a mechanical engineer Yes, um, but you do a lot of back and forth between factories and customers Yes, and so I thought you would be a good person to help us understand each other and understand the design how long did he work on this that to design this shinyoung million a Year one year Oh a year ago was when I was working on the headphone jacks I wish I had known you then we could have shared ideas Maybe Yeke you could tell me how you came up with the idea. Was it before or after the iPhone 8 and iPhone X were released? So I saw that design in the market six months ago Maybe more and I had the same idea as you I could take this and I could put it inside the phone instead of on the outside because it was something that you plug into the Lightning jack and then it sits between Your rubber case and your phone, but I did not I did not try so I’m very happy that you tried. Oh I have the same problem with my headphone jack design what happens if the phone is on the wireless charger and is charging And I plug something into the Lightning jack Ok And I can show you my schematic for the for the headphones Maybe you show us you have a couple different prototypes you brought with us. And so you were showing this to me earlier so this is an iPhone on this side, but on this side, it has wires coming out of it and then you have a Set of six pogo pins here What do you think is the best word best Chinese word to describe What you’re doing in the West we might call it a clever hack Hackers think that this is like magic what you have done? They think that this is very complicated technology. And that what they do is very simple compared to this They would never call this DIY. They would say this is too complicated for DIY and this is Very unique I think in many ways in the world This is a very special place to be surrounded by so many people that do this kind of DIY and these kinds of little Improvements and learn from each other and share and share tools and resources It’s it’s an amazing place I Think I spoke to you soon this is not as reliable as I thought it would be it worked like while I had it here on the desk and then I Put it together took it to dinner and it wouldn’t charge anymore. And so I’ve gone ahead and replaced The bottom flex connector off camera because the the taptic engine wasn’t working neither. So I think I had a bad flex connector in there It worked while I was assembling it and sort of pushing on the connector and then I put everything together and now it doesn’t work No matter how much it push on work or where it did talk to yet I did talk to Yeke on WeChat, and he swears that this is actually a reliable method I’m gonna try and meet with him today and get him to show me how he does it. I’m a little bit bummed This is not as reliable as I thought it would be Oops the other guy just pointed out that my cut when I cut the extra adhesive out that I cut through the back of the The red part of the glass now, it shows it like a scratch, but it’s on the backside. Whoops bed that Okay It’s the battery is bad, honey. Just got a battery from the booth behind us here Okay So does work it’s after that point that I have a hard time I can get this to work too So now we put put adhesive on there. See how you guys do this okay – This is the problem Pushing on it it works Okay It works what changed Okay, yeah So I’m just saying I think that the sponges come but I got it working like this before the sponges compress and then dead Yeah, yeah Okay, I was just saying like if if I have such a hard time other people are gonna have our time too So we’re gonna go buy some better bottom flex connectors from their vendor that are higher quality in the mountains So it’s time I come clean with you guys a little bit here the goal of this project Is not just to get one working phone. The goal is actually to make it so that you guys if you want Can also try this and and so I when I first talked to Yeke and his partners I said, you know, are you guys? Set up to sell these internationally and they said no and I said, okay, I’ll take 100 Just for iPhone 7 for now I know you guys are gonna want some and you’re immediately gonna ask me where can I buy them and if you can’t buy them Anywhere, everybody’s gonna be sad. So now my concern is that we Make sure that this is reliable and that it’s actually possible to install it. That’s sort of that The focus is now shifting away from the you know, aha I got a working moment – okay now that I’m on the hook for a hundred How do we make sure that that’s not a little failure? So the current situation is that the phone is in this very weird state you can see it When I put it on the charger doesn’t charge but if I plug this cable in Now it magically charges even though the end of the cable is employed into anything. They don’t quite know what to think about that This to me seems like maybe it’s actually a design issue and not just an installation issue I Think we should talk a little bit about this phone It’s been really hard to get it to work. So yesterday I went to their booth they reinstalled it with me watching and taking video and it worked I said I would take it home and try it and see if it worked and It did not work later. I can get it to work but only Only if I have a cable plugged into it with nothing plugged into this end My concern is just if I’m selling a hundred of these I need to know that they’re gonna work. So let’s try it try testing now I think there are two things we need to figure out that are somewhat separate They look the same though. One is let’s just get this phone working reliably so that you know, I can take it home Charge it, you know leave it overnight off the charger put it back on it works It works the way that we all expect it to is just that you don’t have to lug this in problem to is make it so that I can successfully Install this in this phone and make it do that. Yeah, that sounds good Okay, so the outcome of that was that I gave the red phone to Yeke to take home to try and reinstall the wireless charger Debug himself see if he can get it working and in return He sent me away with two phones This one already has wireless charging installed on it. It’s a 7 Plus and he said take this leave it overnight Make sure that you feel confident it still charges in the morning. It does this is Not turning on right now. I think it’s off but it’s a 7 that is You know, known working but does not have it’s all has the original metal back does not have wireless charging installed. He said take this take this kit and Go install it again and see if you can get it working on your own I have watched Yeke to do this a couple times and he is careful to Install it in ways that I have not been so I’m hoping that I learned something by watching him I did get him a text message just now from Yeke saying he Successfully installed it back in the red phone and that it works and that he hasn’t had any problems So maybe it is just my technique and maybe there’s just some some Tips that I need to learn and pass along to you guys Well, I’ve got it back together that took about an hour and a half something like that And now all that’s left is to test it. Alright here goes Okay, I have been at this for Well all afternoon, and I finally do have it actually working. It’s still tricky That works this this light goes from green to blue when it detects the wireless charger, I’m not convinced It keeps sort of bouncing between two and three so I’m not convinced. It’s actually charging very much Okay. I I think this is indeed working. I hooked up a amp meter here that shows how much power Things are drawing and as you can see, it’s subtly drawing about half an amp see what the 7 Plus draws One amp, okay, so I did a little bit more testing and little judicious pushing on the connector Yields, a full amp. I’m gonna put a little more foam Still charging now. It’s starting at 1 amp Just come up from 6 to 8. So I believe it is actually charging now I’m just gonna keep it closed Still charges one amp I’m gonna call it quits there gonna get some food Well, I went to dinner and I just came back and it’s still charges and it still charges at 1 amps. I’m hopeful Okay, I think I’m in the final stretch Yeke got the red phone working I have two things left to do, so there is a scratch on the back of here so I’m going to swap that out and then I Am going to swap the white screen for a black screen and to do that I need to swap the logic board the logic board because The logic board is tied to the touch ID button and this touch ID button for this logic board is white So yeah Yeke gave me this Black phone to use for testing so I bought this phone from him and so I’m going to install this logic board in the red phone along with the touch ID button, and then the Black screen hopefully this will go well and the wireless charging will still work when I’m done with this This metal shim thing that tool brothers gave me that Chuan gave me is very cool turns out or exactly this chance very easy to cut a little bit of the Plastic on the edge of the case or your finger get blood all over this Looks pretty good. Time to put the rest together Right it charges drawn one amp good Let’s just test this again, make sure everything is good Charging yes, I like it Well here it is finally a strange parts logo Wireless charging iPhone 7. I think I can finally finally say This project is complete at least for now as I’ve alluded to already. I I wanted to make sure that those of you that saw this and said I really want to do that, too I wanted to make sure that there was a way for you guys to get this kit from Yeke So I have a hundred for iPhone 7 only right now On his kit works for 6, 6s and 7 for both Plus and non Plus But it was too crazy juggling six different different things if it’s super popular, maybe we’ll make some more right now I’ve got a hundred if you want one you should hurry What I should say is this is this is like a alpha or a beta version as you’ve seen It’s a little bit of a struggle to get it installed and working. There is a chance you’ll break your phone in the process This is definitely an adventure. So don’t do this on the only phone that you have on your daily driver but if this sounds like a fun adventure You can go check out the link here to the strange parts store and go buy one, that being said I wanted to thank everybody Who’s helped make this video. Um first and foremost Yeke, you have made something awesome Thank you for being so open and sharing it with me allowing me to make this video and to sell your kits To you guys strange parts fans, but also to your partners for all of their help and Their openness as well as Ken for translating, tool brothers for hooking me up with all sorts of awesome tools and advice And everybody else that’s helped make this video possible. Thank you Shenzhen for being so open and welcoming me into this community um It’s been really fun to Explore it to see the crazy things that you come up with and to get to share it with all of you Thank you guys for watching I hope you’ve enjoyed this video as much as I’ve enjoyed making it if you want to see more like it hit that subscribe button Down below to find out about videos in the future, but for now stay tuned for more adventures. I’ll see you guys again soon

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