Huge 8 wheels ATV Shaman! Like a spaceship!

Huge 8 wheels ATV Shaman! Like a spaceship!

Hi guys, as usually it’s me just an offscreen
voice and you are watching review machines! Today we have got for our review the unique
machine – it is 8 wheels extreme ATV which is called Shaman (шеймен). First of all lets try to find out, why it
is called shaman? Probably because shamans are some kind of
sorcerers the people who own a super power. They are able to see an another reality and
they can impress anyone by their powers. And our ATV Shaman can impress anyone, and
it is able to show us an another reality. The reality that starts just after you leave
a road and go to the wilderness! The roughest terrain, swamps, lakes and rivers
– Shaman can easily overcome all these obstacles, it’s like a real sorcerer can cut his way
everywhere as if by magic! So that is why it is called Shaman. But frankly speaking, when I see these incredible
machine it reminds me of some space technologies. I ‘d rather say it is like a real spaceship! But lets don’t talk big anymore. Lets see what else this ATV can show us except
an impressive exterior. First of all lets slightly go into details. The first thing you notice when you see this
ATV it is a really big vehicle! The length is more that 6 meters and the width
is 2,5 meters. Yes it is a big ATV, but nevertheless it can
legally move on public roads and even in towns. I should say it is a very significant advantage
for an ATV, cause most all terrain vehicles can only be carried in trailers. The base of the machine – is a space frame
which is also a boat. All of the main parts and gears are mounted
inside this boat. In this way all the parts are protected from
water and due to this construction ATV can easily float! The engine is diesel Iveco 3 l capacity 176
horse power, and torque is 350. The engine proved to be rather reliable and
heavy duty unit. The suspension system is a really unique gear,
I think its worth saying few words about it. By the way there are many interesting engineering
solutions and I will try to speak in a word about all of them. Now lets have a look what’s inside. Well, I should say I’ve seen many ATV, but
Shaman stands apart. Shaman inside looks like an interior of a
luxurious bus. By the way the interior is available in two
variants. Firstly it may have a comfortable personnel
armchairs, or there may be big benches as you see on your screens. In this variant twelve people may sit inside,
or the benches may be transformed into four full size berths. The steering wheel is mounted right in the
middle of the body. It may seem very strange and unusual, but
in fact such a solution provides a very comfortable driving, cause you perfectly feel all the
dimensions of the vehicle. There is a dashboard under the steering wheel,
all the gauges are made specially for Shaman. At the left of the wheel we have a special
panel to control the transmission modes and tire inflation. At the right there is a rear view display,
music centre, lights controls and so on. Due to the control panels of the transmission
and tire inflation, it was possible to get rid of numerous levers and it is so easy and
comfortable to drive this ATV. Lets look how this system works. – You can pump up any of eight wheels separately
at any moment just by pressing a button! – Or you may choose for example to pump up
two or three wheels, or all together simultaneously! – So if any wheel gets a puncture it will
be permanently pumped up to keep a proper pressure. – At the right we have a panel to control
the transmission. Here you can switch on any mode: part wheel
drive or full wheel drive, choose low or high range, choose any lock and so on. Well lets take a ride! Guys what do off-road rides usually look like? I think you agree with me if I say that usually
it’s extreme action, with all might of the both man and a machine. You constantly should be focused on the situation
inside and outside the ATV, and be ready at any moment that something may go wrong. But Shaman makes any off-road ride be completely
different! It can overcome toughest obstacles without
any problems! Moreover it provides high level of comfort
for all the passengers! The ATV goes very smoothly even on a rough
terrain due to the eight huge low pressure wheels. It weighs about 5 ton, but again due to the
eight wheels it’s perfect for riding on loose kinds of ground like sand and snow. The vehicle is able to accelerate up to 40
miles per hour, and that is a great result for any ATV. The engine has a good torque besides it doesn’t
consume much fuel. The consumption is about 25 liters for 100
km depending on a type of road. Fuel capacity is 260 l that provides a very
decent range. In this way Shaman allows to make a really
distant trips, and it can be considered as a real autonomous ATV. One of the most interesting features of the
machine is the fact that each wheel here can turn. Such a solution provides many advantages and
one of them – is a little turning radios. It is just about 7 meters, and I should say
its very impressive for such a huge vehicle. Moreover due to this feature the ATV is able
to move sidelong! In this way each wheel has its own rut and
it does a lot of good when you are moving in swamps. The transmission has a low range, and in a
low mode the vehicle moves very slow, the speed can be just 2 km/h. The driver even may leave the vehicle and
have a little walk while it is steadily moving in a proper direction. By the way due to the fact that all wheels
can turn the atv can easily move through a city traffic. A turning radius allows to move even in narrow
streets despite huge dimensions of the vehicle. Moreover it can move on public roads and in
cities quite legally, the machine has all the required documentation. Also it is worth mentioning that each wheel
has an independent suspension system! Such a solution allows the vehicle easily
overcome the roughest terrain with a maximum comfort for a driver and passengers. Well it is high time to test our machine on
a serious offroad route. It is an abandoned sand-pit with a very rough
terrain full of ditches and hummocks… Eight huge wheels with system of tire inflation,
independent suspension, all possible locks… all these features provide the best performance
on offroad! Shaman can climb on a slope at an angle of
45 degrees and maximum lateral angle is 47 degrees. Such decent capabilities of the vehicle result
form the low gravity center. All main and the heaviest units of the construction
are mounted inside the frame, so the atv is very stable on slopes. The central system of tire inflation also
cut much ice in offroad performance. The lower a pressure of the wheel is the better
a traction is consequently the better machine can move on offroad. And when you leave cross country for a good
road, you are just to press a button and pump all the wheels up for the high speed and minimal
fuel consumption. The independent suspension system perfectly
works when you are moving on a rough terrain. Due to the system each wheel constantly has
a good traction with a ground so it is very hard to get the vehicle stuck. Now you can see on your screens how the suspension
works. By the way, it is a unique system, it is made
specially for Shaman, as many other parts in the construction. Unfortunately we made this video in winter
so all the lakes and rivers were covered with ice, and we didn’t have an opportunity to
test the machine on water. But I think it does very well there. Shaman is based on a waterproof space frame
like boat. Besides eight huge wheels allow the machine
to float very stable. The ATV may be equipped with a screw propeller,
it can accelerate the vehicle up to 5 miles per hour on water. But it also can do without a propeller, moving
on water by wheels rotation though the speed will be less. There are powerful pumps inside the body,
they quickly remove water if there is any leaks. In this way the vehicle should move on water
quite well, I think we will make another summer test later. And now I should say few words about the built
quality. It is rather impressive. All the parts are well assembled, there are
no any irritating noises, materials are durable. Every new machine goes through numerous tests
and 400 km test ride before it can be sold. So I think reliability is also decent, but
before we can make a final conclusion it should stand the test of time. Well lets speak in a word about the prices. The matter is you can adjust the vehicle according
to your personnel requirements. You may order a luxurious ATV, or just a severe
tough version for the hardest off-road. So the price depends on the final version
of your Shaman. But it is worth saying that it starts from
150 000 dollars. Well in conclusion I want to say that I was
really impressed by this atv. It is powerful awesome looking and effective
machine…it is like a real spaceship among all terrain vehicles. Thanks for watching guys, please consider
subscribing if you liked this video, it will be many more interesting materials, good bye!

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Painted and orange banana yellow or Man 2 screen makes it a fun beach vehicle I would love to have those to go out to the beach with strap on top 2 inflatable alligators quote about 30 people in the back and drive right up to the beach put steaks about 15 feet away from the shaman side and stretch a tarp to protect you from the Sun and you got to beach day going have a great day and press the vehicle we need to get these embargoes lifted against Russia so I can buy one

  2. For American Sales in UK sales I think the name should be switched to Dumbledore if you want to keep the essence of a shaman which is a sorceress it might get a lot of kids to beg their parents to buy one have a great day

  3. If we can ever get these embargoes lifted on Russia I suggest for the blue-chip clients that will buy your Shaman vehicle along with the everyday people who can afford it contract to Rolls-Royce to do all your coach work inside the Charmin have a great day

  4. Do a follow-up video showing how well it behaves in the big city in stop-and-go traffic at the drive-thru whether you getting fast food or you're making a deposit or withdraw from a bank that's where it will make or break the vehicle as for being the best seller Russian ever had

  5. It is brilliant to make a center driving position because that cuts the cost of production down cuz you don't have to make a left hand and a right hand version for different countries have a great day

  6. I would love to see you try driving through the back roads of Moscow just to show us how the city manners are because Americans that'll buy it it might be used off-road 10% of its life and the other 90% will be used as a soccer AKA English football mom SUV

  7. Great video. I have never seen this before. It looks very fun to drive. A bit expensive at $200k with options. I am curious who are the main buyers and if the inventor made it for love(if so he must make more than the Russian average of $125 a week) or made it for money?

    I hope many people buy it so a larger scale will bring down the price. The African American inventor did that with Americas first new car company Tesla.

    I am surprised or ignorant to why that tread pattern was chosen? You would think a super swamper would be used or for winter use something more akin to a Blizzak with a more aggressive tread pattern. I wonder if the tires were whit if that would help or hurt the performance in any way(assuming it did not affect the rubber's property's.).

  8. Low h.p. low torque. Cheap Russian crap $ 88,000 fir one. A 6 wheel drive mercedes is 500,000. This things top speed 44mph. Its a stinker.

  9. It would nice if the magnificent vehicle had provisions where a passenger could pee. It would be rather rough to go outside in dangerous weather conditions.

  10. Fuck off,  I hate the electronic gear selection… I would rather have 5 sticks, also fuck off on the tires and double fuck off to the electronic air system.   It all needs to manual with less to go wrong so that is a triple fuck off with a side of go to hell.


  12. Ill take one please…when built on the usa… guys have a horrible finish, and quality control..evrthing is out of wack, and crooked

  13. The ultimate stupidity is to be allowed to circulate on common roads. A vehicle for fanyful idiots. However maybe only good for the army

  14. With it all wheel steering it doesn't steer as close as you would think it should. My Ford monster truck does this and steers sharp. The turning radius on this orange tank would be been better designed with tracks instead to be used friendly than cute.

  15. Driving on snow with this unit really! Don’t need all of this wheels for that. Your video should show what it does in mud and muskeg terrain. From 1 to 10 on this video I give it 2 .

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