Hulk’s Son Kobe Is The Pit Bull Of The Future | DOG DYNASTY

Hulk’s Son Kobe Is The Pit Bull Of The Future | DOG DYNASTY

MARLON GRENNAN: My reputation is built on how I breed and train my dogs. I’m looking
for the next Hulk, the star of the future. This dog is the star of the future. MARLON GRENNAN: So Hulk is the most famous dog that I have. But I’m always looking
for the next best thing. So I got to keep marching forward and I think we have something here. MARLON GRENNAN: Kobe is a wonderful dog. His father is the Hulk and he is about eight months
old now. Great energy, great balance. MARLON GRENNAN: I definitely see Kobe being a star of the future, man. You can’t dismiss
qualities like that. He has what it takes. MARLON GRENNAN: I’m hoping that Kobe will be the next Ace, the next super dog, the next,
you know, demo dog for the company. You know, I started training him very late. You know,
when I first started getting him into the bite work, he was very tentative, he really didn’t
wanted to tug, he didn’t wanted to do anything, he barely would chase the ball. So, we are
going to, you know, take him a little further with his training today. I mean, we are gonna
push the limits a little bit and, you know, see what he is willing to do and where he
needs work. Right now we are just going to give him a flat bite, just a regular bite,
so he is ready, and then we are going to put some obstacles in his life. So we are going
to see if he wants to go up on to the hood, go into the back of the truck, in the passenger’s
side. You know, we are just gonna start very base entry-level stuff with the car and introducing
him to car scenarios. MARLON GRENNAN: So today I am just putting more pressure on the dog. So, I have never
really added more noise, you know, so now I am gonna actually get more noise. But right
now I am gonna go on top of the truck, ‘cause I really wanna push his athleticism right now. MARLON GRENNAN: I know when I see a dog that’s gonna do it. He’s gonna do it. DERICK BRODEUR: Walk. MARLON GRENNAN: Oh, quit pushing me over. Good boy, yeah. There we go. Good dog, yeah. MARLON GRENNAN: The dog is not confident in the jump yet, right. So he doesn’t actually
know that he is capable of doing that. So, what we are going to do is, we will help him
get onto the truck a little bit, and you will see, once he actually gets up and he realises
that he can get up, he will start to come. He will start to just come at it quickly. MARLON GRENNAN: It’s always a battle, when you have a dog that is very large, you know.
So, he has to battle his size. MARLON GRENNAN: Oh, ouch, stayed on the bite. Great! Good boy. Good. MARLON GRENNAN: But you got to understand, I mean, this is a puppy. He is eight months
old. He has no recollection of his body yet. So, he really can’t jump. He has not much
coordination. You know, so it’s just, it’s early, it’s early. You know, some people
might be like, Oh, my eight-month dog”, but this is a different type of dog. This
is a XL dog, this is the dog that is the son of one the biggest pit bull in the world,
right. So, he has a odd, you know, body style that he is dealing with right now. But once
he gets through it, I am telling you, man, you mark my words, this guy right here, that
is a keeper. MARLON GRENNAN: Oh, ouch! INTERVIEWER: What happened? DERICK BRODEUR: Just you know, kind of my mistake, instead, you know, when he dropped
the sleeve, instead of bringing it away from my body, you know, throw and get rid of it,
I brought it right in front me. He’s excited, he’s working so, he went at it and missed
it, caught my leg a little bit. MARLON GRENNAN: So, I am gonna be sitting in the front and I want him to come in the
truck, bite the sleeve, and then from the side, you can exit him out the side. MARLON GRENNAN: What you gonna do? What you gonna do? He ain’t gonna do nothing. He
ain’t gonna do nothing. Oh, you, motherf*cker! There you go. You want it. All right. So,
we got to close the door. INTERVIEWER: Didn’t go as planned. MARLON GRENNAN: That did not go as planned. No, no, no. MARLON GRENNAN: Closer, hey. Let him. Come on! Hey! Oh, good boy. Oh, good! He is eating,
come over. He is like down. All right, there you go. MARLON GRENNAN: I’ll take that, I’ll take that. So, what am I going to do now is I wanna
make sure the dog doesn’t get too complacent and wanna carry the equipment everywhere all
the time. It’s a typical fail that a lot of sport trainers do. So, it’s important
that the dog starts to learn early. It’s called double-sleeveing, all right. So, I am going
to start on this bite, I am going to let him get a bite, let him go, let him go, I’m
gonna slide it off, just like I was and get rid of it, but instead of him running, I am
going to show him another sleeve and hope that he just comes right off that one onto
the next one. You know that’s how you start to focus a dog to be man-focused and not equipment-focused. MARLON GRENNAN: Oh, good boy. Oh, good boy. Oh, ouch! Pull tight, pull tight, pull tight! Oh, good boy! Perfect. Oh, perfect. MARLON GRENNAN: That was perfection. He came from that, great solid bite, great grip, everything
good. That was all good. That was great. MARLON GRENNAN: What we are going to do right now is, we are going to let him see a long
send, the longest send that he has ever seen. So, we’re probably going to give him maybe
50 yards or so and, you know, make sure that he comes in strong, he comes in hard and hits
in the right place. MARLON GRENNAN: So to me, you know, Kobe is absolutely priceless. I have no intention
of selling him. I actually want to make him the superstar that, you know, that I know
he could be. But If I wanted to turn around and sell him tomorrow, I have already been
offered 40 grand for him multiple times. So, I can easily get that based upon who he is
and where he comes from, untrained. Kobe as a fully trained dog, I’d easily get a hundred
grand for him. MARLON GRENNAN: We are done with the outside bite work for today and it was great, man,
I mean, he is great. I know when I want to see a winner, you know, and he is a winner.
Everything doesn’t have to be perfect with dog training, it’s a process, you know.
So it’s very important that you are patient, you know, you let the dog learn at his pace, you
know, that’s a typical mistake that a lot of people make. MARLON GRENNAN: So, right now we are going to test out Kobe with a little gunfire. We’ll
use a 22 first and then we’ll just bring it up in the caliber, so that he just adjusts
to the noise. But just fire it off. MARLON GRENNAN: Perfect. MARLON GRENNAN: Reaction was fine. This is perfect. This is perfect. So now he is calm
and he is acting the right way. I pet him, all right, and I tell him that this is good.
Everything is ok. BRANDEN RAMSEY: If you want to inflict some damage and really get your point across, this
is the one to have. MARLON GRENNAN: Kobe, man, this one is wild, fella. MARLON GRENNAN: You can fire off a gun and this dog could’ve started to want to drag
me and run back to the house, I mean, that’s, you can get that kind of reaction, you know,
so he is, but how he reacted is literally perfect. Exactly how you would want him to
react. I would be concerned with a dog if he was just digging a hole and the gun started
firing off, he didn’t even look up. That would be concerning, honestly. So the fact
that he is aware, the gun went off and he got up and looked at it, didn’t move, didn’t
flinch, that is exactly what we want, exactly what we want. MARLON GRENNAN: He is great. No, that’s 10 for 10, I mean, he did great in training,
great out here. See this dog in three months, man, you are not going to believe what you
are looking at. MARLON GRENNAN: It’s been about a month since we’ve last seen Kobe. I think he has
come leaps and bounds. So on his quest to becoming the ultimate protection dog, today we’re gonna see just how far he has come. Kobe has a very bright future, he could absolutely
be the new face of the franchise. The future is absolutely safe with Kobe.

About the Author: Michael Flood


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