Hybrid Car Electrical Problems

Hybrid Car Electrical Problems

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel I just had this Toyota Prius towed to my
garage, because it died on the highway and now I’m going to use it as an example
why you might not think about purchasing an older used hybrid car, now it had no
power, so I put a big old Mercedes Benz battery in and jump-started, then when I
put in the key it started right up, but the warning light the check engine light
and the battery light all came on, so I checked the charging system and found
out that it wasn’t putting out any charging voltage at all, so I checked all
the fuses and relays and they were all perfectly fine, then I thought hey it
just needs a new alternator, but guess what, the Toyota Prius doesn’t have an
alternator, it uses a generator that’s built into the transfer case, now if
would have been an older Toyota like this old Celica,
the alternators right here, you just take off a couple of bolts and a fan belt and
replace the alternator, you could get a rebuilt one for 100 bucks or so and put
it on in about 10 minutes, but sadly in this hybrid system, that’s not the case,
it doesn’t use an alternator to charge the battery it uses a generator, besides
the transfer case here, it’s not separately serviceable, I did a lot of
research on the internet and you have to buy the entire transfer assembly for
3450 nine dollars and 68 cents and as if that wasn’t bad enough, it takes over ten
hours of labor to take it all apart and put it all back together again, so most
places are going to charge over five thousand dollars to do the job and it’s
versus a hundred bucks on this old car if you do it yourself for just a few
hundred if you pay a mechanic and unfortunately in these 2002
Priuses it’s very common for the generators to short out they overheat
and melt and unless you want to keep buying giant batteries and recharging
them to drive the car, you have to fix it to make it a drivable machine, so if
you’re thinking about going green and buying an older used hybrid car, you
might think twice before all your green goes away fixing it and remember if
you’ve got any car questions just visit Scotty Kilmer.com
and I’ll answer them as soon as I get back from this ride!

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  2. I have a Toyota 4th gen hybrid. It has no timing belt, no starter, no alternator, no serpentine belt, no clutch etc. Really low in maintenance. Just change fluids, filters and brake pads basically.

  3. Going green is a scam ….. remember the ozone layer scam….i think a green car is one that is simple to fix and could last 30 years … my father had a morris oxford that last him 25 years ….

  4. Get a solar battery charger (<$20) and stick it to the back window… it's not rocket science

  5. That's a first generation Prius, they are known to have problems, I own 2013 Prius V, it has already over 200k miles, only things I replaced were: emissions box, spark plugs and tires, heck I even still have original breakes on. Why I have soo many miles you would ask, because my job is to escort oversized loads. My brother in law put 300+k miles on his 2011 Prius before it started having serious problems. So, I used to believe same myth that a hybrid is bad idea, but honestly it's puts out same power as Corolla and it get 40+ mp average. So don't make a judgement based on first generation trials.

  6. Fuck hybrids, fuck electrics. I'll keep my old vw beetle forever. Way more fun and less ugly than these things that look like they've taken out of a power rangers episode.

  7. Omg, Scotty was looking for an alternator on a Prius…wholly fudge!!

    Why do u people not taking your cars to the specialists?

  8. Scotty, how has the Hybrid vehicles improve since you made this video? Advise please so I can take in consideration when I do look for a new vehicle.

  9. There's a Prius with 600,000 miles. It kind of cheated though. The ICE ran only a fraction of the miles. 😂

  10. As you do with all the vehicles that customers bring into you shop, stay true to form, do a burn out on the prius….we wont tell…..

  11. now i can convince me stupid friend not to get that pruis he so wants along with his dairy free soy milk bs

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  13. This is one reason I am staying away from any HYBRID CARS as I usually keep my car for 10 to 13 years after purchasing it brand new. I don't want to experience a huge dent in my pocket in terms of repairs costing US$4000++ for Hybrids…..

  14. I know that the First Generation Prius is a piece of junk,
    2nd generation is the most reliable car outhere( 2004-2009) i know people who have 300k miles on them and still running

  15. Here in the UK, transmissions, engines, HV batteries and inverters are available used – from late model cars – at suprisingly low cost. (Have a look on eBay) The reason being that hybrids are super-reliable and their is no real market for used transmissions, engines. HV batteries or inverters because they so rarely go wrong!!!

  16. Not buying anything above 2000 it sucks cars have gone hay wire with their sh** and electronics not worth my time in figuring and tinkering with electronics

  17. Scotty, you act like a squirrel on meth, but most of your advices are good. In case of hybrids: you have no clue what you talking about.

  18. my co-worker has a 2006 accord hybrid with the same issue, really nice car and hes letting it go for cheap, too bad those generators are so expensive.

  19. knew someone that ran up miles on their Prius. Spent 6000 fixing it. and had other problems pop soon after. Now they are getting another one. I mean if they want to flush money down the toilet that's none of my business. I wouldn't buy a hybrid.

  20. What Scotty is trying to tell us in Technical Terms is…Junk it… Which translates to… Kiss the Baby Goodbye.

  21. Thanks Scotty, I was really considering buying a new hybrid car, but after seeing your video, I'll buy a GAS powered car!

  22. What about a certified preowned thats on toyota if anything battery or charging or anything at all is on them esspecially with an extra extended warrenty they will honor and fix the vehicle while customers even toyota owners privatly sold certain vehicles should be forcing toyota or any car company to follow up with there words to take care of any problems with any of there vehicles all for free we demand that being explained already by toyota when they sell any hybrid that they will fix any of these issues very enthusiastic toyota explains they will fix anything bumper to bumper absolutely free and explained by toyota there is no scam ivolved with there agreements and no fuss getting free repair from them and they sware by there buisness they will fix these cars for no cost to any buyer before the keys are handed over to the new owner of any of there certified preowned vehicle esspecially so anyone with any car trouble like this should be making sure its on Toyota's dime esspecially with how much toyota encourages it is free if anything were to happen by any chance on the road to fix any one of there certified preowned cars esspecially these cars they will fix anything absolutely free everyone needs to get the most out of what any car company promises to there customers or even like most these cars have transferable documents for a new certified preowned owner to make sure there maintanace is free of charge even not being a toyota dealership customer neccisarily so remember there should be options not like this guy is saying that we should all stick are dicks in money twirl it around and toss it out the back porch lol bro people just need to be on top of the car dealerships unite as one we all can be more powerful in numbers

  23. Depends on which hybrids you get. 100% I guarantee you the 2004 up will make it to 200k miles. Every single one will.

  24. i think this is more of scotty not knowing how to work on a prius and mis-diagnosing the problem. just because you a mechanic with 46+ years of experience doesnt mean you know how to work on a hybrid. they are a totally new kind of car and technology. scotty doesnt have the technical training or experience required to diagnose the electrical system properly. there is no shame in that either. im sure over the next 20 years if hes still alive he will become a pro at it but right now i can tell just by this video that he doesnt have a blue where the real problem is. hes looking at a transmission for an electrical problem.

  25. Darn it. I was thinking of getting a used Prius 7+ years old. The newer ones 1-4+ years old really hold up their value. I'll have to settle for a carolla/camry. btw did anyone see the new prius prime???

  26. Only use an after market car audio amplifier fuse rated at 30Amps and outputting max 300watts bridged, or you destroy your generator and HV hybrid battery.

  27. One thing that you forgot Scotty was the fact that the generator itself does not directly charge the 12 volt battery there is a step-down converter which is replaceable that charges the 12 volt battery and does not cost super huge it is about what it cost to have a professional shop replace the alternator and the 12 volt battery that's why there's mechanics like you who don't really work on hybrids and then there's mechanics who specialize in hybrids cuz of some of the things that mechanics like you tend to overlook when people bring their car into the shop

  28. Scotty, should I buy a 2019 honda insight? I've had accords for a few years and feel some decline in honda. i live in los angeles and I'm thinking about a hybrid.

  29. 🤪😢Just got the Diagnosis for my “ 2014 Sonata Hybrid Limited”.Guess WHAT ?? I NEED A NEW COMPUTER !!! $4,500 !!!! Plus Labor…OUCH !!! I’m just under the 60,000 mile Limit on the warranty so I’m “Just” covered,….Lucky I Guess, but NOT HAPPY with HYUNDAI !!! Anyone else have to Go thru this,…& If So, @ How many Miles ???😔

  30. My best friend's uncle's been a mechanic for 20 years arthritis entire career work done nothing but hybrids he says the first gen Prius for one of the worst yes I know there may be some people in this comment section that would argue that the hybrids were taking off and we're not that good at first yes that might be the case bus from my personal experience and a owner of a Prius hybrid myself and my girlfriend owns a 2004 Honda Civic hybrid we found after the 2004 models they became a lot more reliable so if you want to get a hyper to work on yourself don't get one unless you have the training and you know what you're doing

  31. what you save in gas, you pay in repair replacement….so you are better off buying a gas powered vehicle or a 10 speed bicycle, or a good pair of walking shoes.

  32. The Prius is a POS, and is all those dinky little cars. Get a Lexus GS450H. SWEET! Forgot to mention they use a lot of oil, and Toyota knows it!

  33. Read
    my accord almost killed me, braking system failed multiple times. Honda couldn't fix the problem. It has been 2 months and they are on their 4th part replacement. In my opinion dont buy honda and especially their HYBRIDS. I'm WARNING you. costumer serives is terrible, no one gets back to you, I have went back and forth with the head office and dealer ship. This is not how I imagined my new car Experience. I wish I went with the Toyota my second option at the time. Honda has no reliability***
    I want to help as many people now.

  34. Hey scotty, I love your videos, but just wondering how can you still fix cars in that kind of a garage filled with junks?
    You don't seems to have a REAL shop? I can tell you have great talent about cars, but COULD you fix your garage?

  35. I would have to disagree. I see alot of Toyota priuses with 300k+ miles on them being sold with the orginal hybrid battery.

  36. Just took my 2009 Saturn Vue to the car dealer, $3800 to replace of the hybrid battery. It's driveable, not so sure what to do?

  37. Am having an intermitant problem with the power in my prius. On last service and MOT the garage charged both the big electric battery and the 12 volt battery. The service department said oh it's your battery. The sales guy has just said hmm sounds like a short and it can be expensive to find and repair. You in, what, 2 minutes have described my fault and told me more than months of contact with my garage. Thank you.

  38. I have a toyota prius 2010 and each times it takes me more than one tome to start my car I changed the battery couple of times what shooi do

  39. On these cars when your 12 volt battery starts going bad AKA shorting out internally so voltage is not up to par you can limp the car back to get a new battery in it by stepping on the brake then the gas back and forth just to get it off the road.

  40. Never ask old school mechanic about hybrids or electric cars. They hate these new technology. Slightly used Toyota or Lexus hybrid is great deal. They are VERY reliable.

  41. This is rare. 95 percent of Toyota Hybrids are still bopping down the road. Did she do the maintenance schedule?
    The PSD (power splitting device) is all lubricated by the transmission fluid. This must be flushed on time. This Hybrid doesn’t look well kept. I’ll bet the transmission fluid wasn’t flushed.

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