Hydraulic Lowrider Cars Defy Gravity

COMM: With just a flick of a switch, £3000 of metal bounces up and down 8ft in the air.
25 year old Alex Tuoson creates tees custom low rider cars that defy gravity at his father’s
shop Hoppos Custom Suspension Works. 00:24
ALEX: we specialise in after market suspension particularly Hydraulic air suspension. 00:30
COMM: The low rider community emerged in the US in the 1950s. 00:35
ALEX: we are actually a small, tiny group of family, everyone knows everyone whether
your from Canada, Alaska I mean there are guys that are low riding everywhere but overall
I mean it does look like a bigger scene than it really is. The reason they got the name
low rider is because they would actually be driving so low, scrapping up their body and
then from there eventually grew into the culture that we are in now. After market hydraulic
pumps make the cars go up and down with a flick of a switch so you know it evolved big
time. 01:05
COMM: Alex removes the 12 springs from the car and replaces them with hydraulic cylinders,
the hydraulic system which operated and controlled with a remote or dial under the dash board,
building one of these cars costs customers anywhere between 2000 to a few $100,000 and
can take years to complete. 01:27
ALEX: I personally know some guys that probably have close to 200, 300,000 to a car and it
always starts off with wheels, paint, polstery, undercarriage, hydraulic set up and then from
there you start going into detail with everything you just bought, so you buy a stock set of
rims and it just looks nice but let me do something great here I’ve even seen a couple
of guys who are currently building impalas with like Ferrari motors and stuff like that
so it does get crazy. 01:55
COMM: These heavily customized cars are clearly designed to stand out and Alex welcomes the
attention. 02:01
ALEX: being west coast you’d think they’d kind of be used to it because west coast is
like car culture, its central right here you know it never gets old for people when they
see it rolling down the streets I still get a thumbs up every once in a while, its pretty
cool you know you get that reaction especially because you put all that money into the car. 02:17
COMM: Alex has been in the car business all his life, helping his father around the shops
since he was a child. 02:23
ALEX: I’ve been doing this since i was in diapers honestly i grew up around it in the
shop, around the cars, eventually your grown to grab the tools, help with this and help
with that, my dad has been a big influence in my life as far as the car scene but full
time, full time I’ve been into it about 7/8 years. 02:43
COMM: And he plans to follow in his father’s footsteps and running the shop in the future. 02:48
ALEX: My dad owns the company of course he showed me the right steps doing in order to
get to the next level and not only building a car in the business aspect to so eventually
he’s going to hand down the business to me when you build one of these you build it for
yourself its fun driving a low rider man you cant there’s nothing really else i can describe
you know you got to get in one and see the reaction for yourself.

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