Hyundai Veloster N vs Honda Civic Type R

Hyundai Veloster N vs Honda Civic Type R

Hey, hey you do you like needlessly quick economy cars? Oh cool.
Then settle in. The world of hot hatchbacks has gotten super interesting
of late. The Honda Civic Type R absolutely dazzled us when it arrived
back in 2017. Now something similar has happened with
the Hyundai Veloster N. Who’s down for a quick comparison? Starting with the established player we
have the Honda Civic Type R. Built from the sensible Civic hatchback the Type R
has four seats and enough cargo space to convince your
significant other it’s a practical purchase, assuming they never set eyes on
it. Actually look at the thing and it’s abundantly clear this is no lowly
hatchback. Beneath the fender flairs, vortex generators, wing and hood scoop
are all the ingredients for a tasty high-performance stew. There’s a thoroughly
reworked suspension, remote adaptive dampers, Continental summer performance
tires, and clamp-tastic four-piston Brembo brake calipers with 13.8-inch
front rotors. Yes I’m trying to make clamp-tastic a thing. At its core lies
a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine whose ample output is directed to
the earth through a brilliant short- geared 6-speed manual transmission, a
limited slip differential, and, ultimately, the front tires. Then we have the new
comer. Like the Type R the Hyundai Veloster N is a front-drive performance
car sporting a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder, a 6-speed manual gearbox, and
an electronically adjustable suspension. Unlike the Type R the N is stylistically
restrained, though that’s not to say it lacks pizzazz. Man, I love using words
like pizzazz in KBB videos. Inside there are blue accents, sport seats an N-
design steering wheel, and a sequential shift indicator. Outside the fastest of
Veloster’s wears unique front and rear fascias, sporty rocker panels, a prominent spoiler, dual exhaust pipes, and standard 18-inch
wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires or optional 19-inch Pirelli PZeros. Behind those front wheels hides standard 13-inch or optional 13.6-inch
brake rotors. For the record the only color you should buy the Veloster N in
is blue I will find and shame you do if you buy another color. With that threat on
the table let’s compare. In heaviest form the Hyundai Veloster N
perfectly matches the Honda Civic Type R’s curb weight. What are the odds?
Given the R’s superior power figures it’s a wiser choice for quarter-mile
grudge matches. At the same time the Veloster N is plenty quick. With a lucky
launch it might get the jump. Nonetheless advantage R. Come on now obviously the Veloster N wins. Listen to that pop. Where track focused handling is concerned I, a disembodied
voice of Kelley Blue Book’s Micah Muzio, prefer the snappy precision of the Type
R. Lest we forget this wonderful moment however some on our team found the
Veloster N to be a more manageable tool for track lapping. Ultimately the zip-test of Civics is a stickier, faster race tool, but the Veloster N is fast
enough that a good driver could easily catch a somewhat less good driver in the
Type R. We’re gonna hand this category to the Type R, but just barely. While the Civic Type R’s in your face
attitude is a brash absurd kind of appeal the Veloster N’s red and blue
accented aggressive-but-not -too- aggressive aesthetic, seized our
editorial teams collective heart. Merging the Veloster’s asymmetrical charm with
racing N elements yields exciting and handsome results. Again buy it in blue or
I will find you. Slip into the Veloster N and the first thing you’ll appreciate
are its supportive sports seats. The second thing you’ll notice is how the
world has suddenly turned to hard plastic. Sneak into one of the back seats and
you’ll soon realize you prefer the front seat, and even though the cargo hold is
decently spacious the aperture to access it is tight. Contrast all of that with
the Civic Type R and it’s no contest. The R’s materials are nicer, passenger space
is superior, and cargo space is both larger and more easily reached. Who cares? With a base MSRP lower than
$36,000 including destination charges the Honda Civic Type R is a smoking deal
or at least until you see the Veloster N’s base price. Hmm, I’m not sure how
that’s possible. To make things fairer we need to add the N’s optional
Performance Package which ups horsepower to 275, swaps in a smaller front sway bar
for more neutral handling, and adds an electronically controlled limited-slip
differential. So equipped the Veloster N is still less powerful than the Type R,
but wow, that is insanely cheap for a car this fun. Plus the Veloster N comes well-
equipped and features a 10-year powertrain warranty. In the Battle of
Price Veloster N wins all day long. All right prepare yourself here comes
the wishy-washy conclusion. The winner of this little comparison is you, the
enthusiastic driving public. What a weak way to wrap up a video, but honestly. It
is true if you want fast lap times and elevated interior and scalpel precise
steering wrapped in a perfectly outrageous shell go Type R, and if you
want a wickedly fun, bizarrely affordable performance car that’s comparatively
comfortable on the streets but also properly swift at the racetrack, go N. No
joke, our editorial team was split. We now transfer the discussion to the sensible
respectful hands of the Internet have at it.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Considering how the Type-R is outrageously marked up by dealerships, Veloster N!! Test drove a Type-R and the dealership wanted 48k >_<

  2. The Veloster N is the veloster that i WANTED back when i was shopping for one back in 2012 when i actually bought one. Then they hyped me up with the Veloster Velocity sporting 400+ horsepower that never came out. I got rid of my veloster about a year and a half ago. Traded it in for a V8 challenger. I also liked civics and when i found out we FINALLY were getting a Type R i was sold. I think its funny that so many people bash the way the Type R looks. I actually LOVE the way it looks!!!! Im happy that i dont care much for what other people think to the point of influencing my decision on buying a car. I would get the Type R over the Veloster N. Hyundai…you guys waited waaaaaay too long to bring this thing out.

  3. Well … the N series are due to get power boost in the gen2 models. That being said, against an i30N Fastback for example the Civic only has more raw speed (don't find the interior in the Civic nicer). For the crazy mofos out there … put down another 1k for a chip + downpipe option … you get same performance with the Type R while still having a better daily driver.

  4. That Type R in Black is amazing – I wanted one in the championship white but that black just stole my heart…It just sucks that the CTR here, On Long Island, where I am at, are still going for WAY over sticker! you're lucky if you can pay under $40K – for civic? No thanks, I could spend another $5K on mods for my Si and have a similar car to the CTR for $5K less than sticker…

  5. The N you will likely get a discount ,,,, the R they will add money over msrp! By that a big price difference. Also one is made in England the other not,

  6. I own 2 Tiburons. And their surprising reliability, styling, and fun has birthed a new found respect for the Korean Car Maker that once had a troubled past.

    But the R's styling wins. And the legendary name of "Type R" is enough for me to vote Honda.
    Sorry Hyundai…bring back the Tib plz?

  7. All I heard was you making excuses for the veloster throughout the entire video, Also the type R will hold it’s value for a very very long time where As for the veloster well, that is just a Hyundai and there is no way around it, also as you mentioned the type R is much nicer inside much sportier and each car comes with a production number plate which makes Each one of them special and even collection car material Depending on the production number you have Obviously the lower the number the better or also if you have matching numbers etc.

  8. I’d take the Type R, but the Veloster N is a properly good car from what I’ve seen. Honda just needs to fit the CTR with a proper exhaust!

  9. the rear design of the Civic Type R is ridiculous. Nice car though but too pricey. I'd take the N. i wish we had the i30N though. it's blowing away the competition in Europe

  10. I don't care if the Type-R has the capability of teleporting. I wouldn't want to be seen in that horrible looking mess.

  11. Hypothetically speaking. At an autoX or the race track…. would you rather be seen in a type R or a veloster N?

  12. Buy the Type R now. Wait 18 months and buy the veloster N for $15k used. Because Type Rs used are still going for MSRP or even higher than MSRP in some cases.

  13. Veloster N by far, and for the $6500.00 dollar difference I found @ the dealership, I can only imagine what that Veloster would do with just half that $6500 in engine upgrades Lol

  14. Forgot to point out that the type r might be 35,000 but dealerships wracked up the prices and most are 40k or more.

  15. I actually like both and having owned several Hondas/Acuras, i am biased towards the Type R. The looks has taken a long time to grow on me and if I were 10 years younger, I would definitely do what I could to get one. I now own a brand new Accord Sport 2.0T, so a little more civilized.

  16. Honda: once the pinnacle of race car engineering, widely regarded as the best. Introduced the world to the concept of a well built, high quality, reliable supercar. Asked by McLaren to build the engine for the original McLaren F1, builds some of the best and fastest bikes in the world….the list goes on and on….

    Hyundai: they built the Pony

    'nuff said

  17. I love the N but that blue is not the best color for that car. The blue looks really weird in person. I lean towards the red N

  18. If you spend $30,000 on a Huyundai…. I WILL FIND YOU!

    HONDA a true car company… huyundai and Kia = trash and always will be.

  19. The price for the type r is 💩. Do you really believe your going to find a bran new type r for 35,595. Maybe you meant to say to say 40,000.

  20. The type R comes riced up from the factory and personally I don’t like that so I’m going with the Veloster

  21. When you factor in the depreciation of a hyundai, it's not as great of a deal. Not to mention the R is going to be a collector car down the road..

  22. I'd rather have the N. But I think what you get for the extra 5k in the R is a good deal. And in 10 years the R will probably hold more value. Assuming you can keep it off the telephone poles. I'd need a lot of convinicng to walk away form a factory anti-lag system though.

  23. don’t compared the Honda’s to Hyundai’ it’s way far!!!!
    if you know about car don’t ever compared it’
    Honda is d best!

  24. Good luck getting Hyundai to stand behind their product. Cheaper isn’t a win when you have to dish out the bucks to compensate for poorly designed features.

  25. That veloster N is not 28.000 it about 36,000 ..the dealers marked up the type r price to 45,000 said 35,000

  26. You have to be colour blind to think that blue stand's out it looks like a primer coat waiting to be finished 🤢 I would rather have the Hyundai Veloster anyday without that vomit blue the civic is good all rounder but it's over priced.

  27. 日本が誇るライト級スポーツ車のマスターピース、シビックを楽しんでほしい🚗

  28. hondas are reliable and keep their value. The hyundai will be worth nothing when your try to resell it, if its still running. Its a good car, but Hyundai as a company is where its main problem lies.

  29. I don't know man. I go to a lot of car meets and every time someone pulls up in a civic type r everyone goes whoa a type r, but i feel like someone that pulls up in a powder blue hyundai is going to have to justify that it's not their mom's car. Seriously who thinks powder blue is aggressive? If i just caught a glimpse of one at a car meet stock i'd think that they were just there to see the other cars and not to show off their own. Maybe if it was black it would look alright, but the roundness of it doesn't really strike me as aggressive at all. You really can't miss a type R on the road. On to another point, the engine in the Honda type R is a k20c. This engine has been refined since the k20a days around 2000, not to mention Honda's legendary B and H series engines. It's reliability is unbelievable. I can't even find hardly anything on the hyundai's engine. Sure it might be cheaper, but at what cost 10+ years down the road? What about aftermarket parts? Honda has Spoon, Mugen, etc. I'm not just crapping on the Hyundai. I do want more competition because competition breeds innovation, but I'm just trying to bring up some more things to think about. Maybe the looks of it especially in that color looks fine for someone in their 30's plus that just uses it as their daily, but if you're planning on people recognizing your car at car meets plus much more aftermarket parts, I would go civic R all day.

  30. The first time I saw a Veloster N was yesterday (in blue). My wife and I were blown away. The reality is we haven't seen the Type R yet. One thing is for sure, we're buying one of these two cars. Great Review 👍

  31. Imagine the bargain a used Veloster N will be in 3-5 years. Gotta wait about a decade before the same will be said about the Type R…..maybe.

  32. The choice ultimately comes down to how much money you're willing to spend; that simple.

    Me, if I had the finances, Civic all day and night.

  33. Micah you are one of if not the best of the car reviewers. You throw a lot of personality into each review, which I love.

  34. type r all day.. although that's coming from a 2017 WRX owner.. i prefer my awd over either.. and im full bolt ons and protuned to 300whp so i dont see switching to another 4 cyl platform but rather to a c8 vette or something much more powerful and aggressive looking

  35. I am so disappointed to find out when i walked in the dealership that Veloster N sold in the US does not come with heated steering wheel and heated seats. Only CANADA gets it and for cheaper than here in the US.

    Micah and Lyn, why is this????

  36. What do u mean who cares about MPG? I am pretty sure that I'm not the only one that cares about how much gas cost which is different from state to State..?

  37. I am so torn right now the problems I have with the type r the veloster fixes and the problems with the veloster the type r fixes. The type r is more expensive but it holds its value better. The type r is more quiet but in person in sounds nice. The N has less room for passengers but more head room ( I am 6'3" ) the type r infotianment is lacking and the veloster is a+ . The type r seats are awesome but hard to get in and out of. The N seats are easier. After out the door stuff it's going to be like 8 k is the Honda premium worth that much

  38. As a family man, I care greatly about Fuel Economy. Shame on you KBB, why do you think people passed up on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Ford Focus RS? The Subaru WRX STi was just marginally more practical and family budget friendly at the time with better value. Now it seems the Honda Civic Type R handily takes the crown.

  39. 😂😂😂 Fuel Economy…exactly I don’t give a shizzle…you’re buying one of these for fun and to be ALIVE…not some middle age white woman asking for too much useless details and walk out with nothing.

  40. I bought my N in blue so you don’t have to come find me lol. I bought the base 250hp and I mean damn, it doesn’t disappoint. Already did the Boomba lower torque mount and BOV. I will say I daily drive my N and when I sat in the type R, there’s no way I could daily drive one of those due to the “made for Asian size people” front seats. The aftermarket is exploding for the N also, hop up parts are everywhere already.

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