I ALMOST QUIT RESELLING! (My First Car Boot-sale Experience 2020 UK)

I ALMOST QUIT RESELLING! (My First Car Boot-sale Experience 2020 UK)

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel
if you’re new here my name is Vanessa Mwiza I am an ebay reseller and I only
started two months ago so I’m new to the reselling business however I have learnt
a lot and I just wanted to share my journey here on YouTube so we can all
learn and connect with each other so if your new reseller or you you know you
want to start the reselling business please subscribe to my channel so we can
all connect and learn from each other and yeah let’s just get this going
yeah anyway so today’s video I just wanted to share with you what my
experience has been at the first car boot sales it’s been quite an experience and
i’ve got a quick back story that I wanted to share with you and also I’ve cause I’ve
got products that I got from the boot sale and of course I want to show you
that and what I expect to profit from that hopefully things happen for me and yeah
so let’s get straight into the video so my first experience at the car boot sale
Wow what an experience that actually almost was about to end the whole
reselling business situation I have various reasons why I wanted to you know
what I was about to quit and one of the reasons of course is its very time
consuming it takes a lot of time to you know do this kind of business because
you have to go out there and source for the products which takes a lot of time
especially as a new reseller and not only do you have to do that you have to
come back take the pictures list them and you know kind of like obviously
promote so you have to do the marketing promote the products and then ship the
products once someone buys and if you have any returns you have to process
that and then deal with the customers which is fine like I love that I love
all that the only bit that I have struggled with and kind of like had me
question whether this is the kind of what kind of
business I want to delve into was the whole sourcing bit so thing be some
people find it as a hobby which is really good because it’s quite exciting
when you find a product and you’re able to sell it at a very high price so I
thought about this and l was like ooohh its quite time-consuming anyway so you need to
combine that with my first boot sale experience I have always been going to
charity shops for the last couple of months
why because I found it was quite easy for me because at the time of the year
right now while if there’s no a little bit sales happening
so I found myself not really going and because of the weather because of
because of the weather it’s really hard for me to travel far you know far from
here and then having to anyway I always found myself in charity shops but then I
found them to be quite expensive especially where I live
fine like I get some good stuff sometimes I don’t you know that’s fine
as part of the learning experience but then I really wanted to try out boot
sales because I’ve had a lot of them of course that is something you definitely
have to try so my first experience of course I did some research I knew l had to travel to North London for my for my first first first one I was
excited went out and then the whole weather the storm whatever that happened I was
like I’m not letting this happen this I’m not letting this you know
affect me but mind you that the boot sale is still you know outdoors so you obviously
things are wet and things like that anyways I went there I don’t know I had
no I don’t think I had prepared myself mentally really well like or even done some
good research yes I had done some background research of course kind of
but once I got to the boot salel it was really big very very huge I think was
one of the bigger boot sales in London so it was really good but I think that’s
when I got overwhelmed and got overwhelmed because of exactly what was
happening I think because I had not mentally prepared myself and did a lot
of research I didn’t have anything in mind I didn’t have like a specific idea
of what I wanted to I guess look for or get from the boot sale once I saw
everything like with the weather the wind and then I see everyone is just
like there’s so many people there and so many items to look at I got so overwhelmed
and I I went into panic mode and ended up not buying unfortunately anything I’m
just it was a Saturday so I just like I was like oh my gosh I don’t think this
is for me like I said over thinking about you know all this time that I have
to put into the business and things like that and how much I get out of it oh and
you know I just thought you should I should share this with you cause
probably there’s a few other people who start the business I’m then things like
this happen and end up quitting so for me that was a very learning a very good
learning curve because I felt so overwhelmed and I got home and I said
over thinking about things and I was like oh my gosh maybe this is not the
right business for me and then but I was like you know what let me just sleep on
it and reflected in the morning I gave myself a chance and just decided to go
for it and I managed to get another boot sale on Sunday this one was way smaller
of course the weather was still bad but I was like no I’m gonna do it and I
ended up going to a smaller boot sale still traveled up north so you can see
of course I spent more money but it’s fine this is all just part of learning so
I managed to get a few clothes and maybe like two a couple of shoes not really a
lot of things to be quite honest with you like as I thought I would get but it
was way cheaper than what you would find that the charity shop and yes I’m gonna
show you you exactly what I bought and hopefully
I can get some good money out of it so the first item I want to share with
you is this top I got this I remember yeah I got this for I think either a
pound or 50 P it was really cheap I’m not gonna lie to you this this I’ll say
this you would normally get it in charity shops for like three pounds now
I got this for ya probably 50 P to be honest and yeah the top is really nice
very good condition it’s got this very nice detailing and yeah I think that
probably if I can sell it at maybe £14.99 I am I’m not gonna lie to you I
haven’t really looked up the prices at the moment I normally would look okay I
do look up at the prices but for the for the boot sale I didn’t really look up the
price and stuff that much like I would normally do in a charity shop which I
probably should be doing to be quite honest with you unless I see that its
quite expensive then I look up and see but yeah if that is
definitely something I need to learn but yeah guys do that
look how before you buy don’t don’t follow me too
don’t follow me too much but anyway guys so yeah that’s the first one so the next
item I heart is this nice cute I think it’s the best time to actually sell a
dress like this I think the colour the detailing here at the front the brand is
Alexon and its made in Britain which i think is a good thing hopefully and it’s a
size 14 which i think is also a very good size they actually look smaller
than than a size 14 l would i think but yeah it’s a size 14 it’s very nice
good material I’m not sure about this brand but I thought because it was cheap
I think this one was probably like 1 pound 15
and I thought you know what because of the weather right now who wouldn’t want
to buy this it’s very nice very good quality yeah so hopefully I get some
good money out of it so the next item I have is this nice sweater and it’s it’s
from next it’s brand new with the tags I think I got this part of the pound and I
actually yeah I love it it’s nice and with the kind of weather that we are
having now maybe not but maybe in the next few weeks hopefully I think this is
a good one to add to someone’s collection I looked up online of all
I’ve already listed this one and they looked up online and they’re selling for
15 pounds so hopefully I make some profit out of this very nice dress max
and Spencer a again I’m going for the kind of like summery dresses because of
what yeah because of the weather you know that’s where we’re heading towards
so I was I had that in mind it’s very nice very long yeah Marks and Spencer
it’s a size it’s a size 14 Oh actually it’s a size 16 mm-hmm I
think this is nice very beautiful with nice sandals so as you can see guys I’m
going for clothes that’s what I’m most comfortable right now until I learn a
little more about other departments at the moment I’m gonna stick to clothes
and shoes and bags because that’s what I actually enjoy shopping for as well so
for me cute very nice dress I am not sure how much it’s gonna go for but it’s
a Max and Spencer so hopefully l can make some good money
this definitely probably at 50p yeah probably 50 P or one pound and good
quality as well so hopefully that’s that was nice
so that’s another thing with eBay you have to look for items that you know
stand out stand out because of course you’re competing with so much you’re
competing with you know shops other platforms you know so you have to buy
things that stand out and yes I see from you know the clothes I’ve shown you
probably doesn’t really really stand out that much yes I need to be honest with
myself and with you guys I don’t think it stands out very very much like l said
say it still a learning process for me I am learning that’s why I’m going to
quickly introduce this dress I mean it’s a playsuit with actually it’s a playsuit it’s
brand warehouse and it’s in a size 14 but it’s plain so and I think I got this for
I think one pound yeah I think I got this for a pound and it’s very nice good
quality it’s quite plain so I’m not sure I’m not sure how much it’s gonna go for
but probably maybe £12.99 I don’t know something like that like I
said I am still learning I really really need to learn from when every time I do
some shopping I actually like realize that I have a lot to learn but that’s
good that’s the good thing is that you know once you realize you need to learn
because the thing is I don’t want to be buying things and selling them very
cheaply I want to get good profit margin so that is where I’m trying to learn I
want to get an average of at least 10 pounds I’ll be good for me as a new new
reseller so yeah hopefully but am not gonna lie to you with this I already learned
that you know there’s a few pieces probably that I shouldn’t have picked up
but then again like l already told you my backstory I had a rough day
l had rough day but you know it’s a learning curve so I’m really really
learning a lot and that’s all that fits me to my next piece which i think is the
one of the best pieces that I got from the boot sale is this nice dress on my
days I love this dress this dress is amazing it’s good good good good quality
it’s got very beautiful colors and it’s for them by a brand called Clement 300
my days I can’t even pronounce it guys I’m sorry but I looked it up already
this one I looked it up when I was doing when I
was shopping and I know that it actually does really well and I think I got this
for probably 5 pounds or more yeah probably 5 pounds actually I don’t
think more because I didn’t spend any I didn’t spend more than 5 pounds for a
single item so I know that this one was 5 pounds I think it was not the most
expensive one and yeah so and I think he goes for like like 40 pounds I think on
eBay that’s what people are selling them for
so I’m hoping that I make some good profit margin from this one I think this
is more likely to be the one that brings me the more yeah more profit so I also
got this lovely red court it’s not too heavy I think it’s really good very nice
the brand itself I didn’t really think about about it that much the brand is a
Ailiti or Ailiti a little something like that and it’s in a size medium but
I thought it was very very nice court and this is something I would wear
myself definitely very beautiful beautiful beautiful detailing make some
money and I think I got this one probably
maybe three pounds yeah three pounds or something. Another good buy that I
actually had from that boot sale are these nice cute shoes this shoes I got
them at five pounds as well oh yeah this five pounds and they’re Russell Bromley
and they’re yeah Russell Bromley shoes heels and you can see that they’ve only
been worn maybe a couple times and they look really brand new very good
condition I looked them up as well and they are really selling very well like
30 pounds you can even go up to 40 pounds depending on how depending on the
condition so yeah I actually love these ones they’re in a size six-and-a-half
which I don’t think is a bad size at all so I’m hoping these go well and yeah so
for five pounds and if I can’t put them at a good price
that would be amazing by the way I also next week I want to be sharing with you
what I sold since I started and how much profit margin I’ve made I’m gonna show
you all the details no hiding anything so yeah have a look out for that and the
next ones I got at this dune yeah Brand Dune and they’re a size six as well and
they’re actually going really well as well very good however I realized this
damage after I reached home which definitely happens guys so again that’s
another learning you know you need to at least take your time and you know do
some bit of you know checking before you buy anything because otherwise you end
up making a few losses then then but then but then again that happens so yeah
I realized that there was something missing here but yeah I’ve actually
already listed this I’m hoping to make some good money some good profit but
again like I said I’m gonna be sharing how much I made another one that I go I
think I got this for 50p and yeah this this is definitely for 50p and it was actually
Laura Ashley which is a good brand to sell on eBay and I looked it up already
50 P for this brand and it’s in a size 10 yes it’s good this dress is really
nice it’s got pockets the material is really lovely cotton and I’m hoping it
sells really well for Laura Ashley dresses and because of the weather this
dress I hoped that it sells for atleast like £15.99 hopefully we can push
it to 20 pounds but yeah I have to kind of like go back and look at how much
they are selling for and then you know I guess share the prices and yeah I’ll
just make a whole different video as I go along just to show you how much
they’ve sold for so yeah that’s what I have for now and thanks for watching guys
and next time I’ll be sharing with you what I actually got from the charity
shop as well as what are sold so far on my during my eBay experience and yeah
hopefully you take away something, hopefully you learn something please share
something that I don’t know please share with us so we can all learn from each
other and yeah so thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed this video give it
a big thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe thank you bye

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  1. Hey vanessa 🙂 good to see a new video from you. Let me just tell you the first time i went to carboot to get items i walked away with nothing aswell . I lacked the knowledge to know what to look for and i struggled allot to begin with. however you learn fast through watching videos. Maybe only try to pick up items you are familiar with to begin with which for you seems like clothes and then once you get used to that then try to try new items . You will get there we were all new once upon a time. Take it slow and learn the items you like to sell and you will look back in a year and be in awe over what you have achieved.

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