I Bought A 125cc 2-Stroke Go Kart

I Bought A 125cc 2-Stroke Go Kart

What’s up everyone!? It’s the Two Flags back
out here, after a year hiatus, out at Willow Springs International Raceway.
“Luke…where have you been, man?” Well, there’s a lot that happened in the past year that I
didn’t foresee happening. So, I’ll fill you in on that as things go on, but
anyway… A little bit of a short story – I moved, so I’m a little bit closer to
Willow Springs now than I was before. I’m only…I’m less than 10 minutes away from
here, so that’s really cool. And…and…last week I made an investment. Check this out!
So, I picked this up from a guy that is not too far from me. (It was only about a
10 minute drive.) It’s an Avanti chassis with a PRD motor.
This guy was selling it for his son; his son 6’6″ and he
didn’t fit in it, if you can believe it. So this is it. I picked this thing up for
only $1,500. I didn’t foresee that happening, but it did and so I
snapped it up while I had the opportunity to. And so, needless to say,
Two Flags is back! I haven’t been out here since a year ago when I was out
here…I believe the last time I was out here was the LO206 race that I did with
Justin Blumenfeld and Kyle Schouler. Those guys have been doing all sorts of stuff since then.
I’ve kind of lost a little bit of touch with some of the guys, but we’ll fix that.
You know…see what’s going on, but…look at this! Check this out! It looks like they
repaved this – so, this is really cool. I didn’t know that they were going to do
anything like that out at the kart track. I’m pretty stoked about it. Let’s go check it out. Look at this… Willow Springs kart track is all repaved – new
blacktop. That’s really cool. it was looking a
little tired before, I’ve got to say. So, this is really cool to see; seeing
some new surface out here – some fresh ones. Anyway, between the new surface
and the new kart (which is a PRD, so it’s a two-stroke and it’s a little bit
faster than the LO206 stuff we were racing), got to get used to it. Plus, being out of
the kart for a while, I’m probably a little
rusty. Today I’m just out here testing the kart. This is my first real drive in
it today. I only tested it back when I bought it; I
just kind of drove around the dude’s neighborhood, but it drove fine there.
(Granted, I didn’t do anything real fast.) We’re gonna come out here and knock
some laps down and see how it goes… and have some fun while we’re doing it too. Oh my gosh! That is so much fun!
Whoo! I’m tired! Dang… I’m missing all my apexes, because…well, not
all of them, some of them… just because they’re coming up faster. But, man! That thing is fun! I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m a little bit congested, because I’m getting
over a cold that I got from my coworker during the week. So, I can’t quite breathe
100%, but…man! When I’m in that thing… Holy cow dude! It’s just, like…augmented.
Don’t go karting with a stuffy nose because you might not be able to breathe.
I need to get a smaller seat for it, because I think that’s a large or an
extra-large that’s on it right now and it’s too big for me. So I’m, kind of,
sliding around a little bit, so I’m using a little extra energy just to hold
myself in the car. But, that’s okay. We’re kind of getting through it. It’s all good
practice and it’s all good fun. Other than that, the car runs great. Tires are good…
yeah…I just need to get used to the higher speeds. I felt a little better that time. I felt
like I was getting my lines a little bit… finding my apexes a little better, but…
wow! It’s just another few notches up on the driving experience as
far as the demands on you. But…man, it’s fun! Alright guys, that’s gonna do it for me today. Pretty good day at the track. I got
probably 35-40 laps at speed. I got to watch some cars run around Big Willow, so
that was cool too. It’s getting warm anyway so…not too bad. I’m nice and worn out and
I had a blast running around in this thing. If you enjoyed this video, be sure you
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thing, comment and let me know, and I will try to make more efforts to get out
here to Willow Springs (which I’m probably going to do anyway), but let me know what you think.
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guys are interested in. Thanks for watching. As always…Two Flags out!

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  1. Hey it's Two Flags! If you want to see more racing, subscribe to my channel above and click the bell icon so you're notified whenever I post a new video.

  2. YES! I learned so much chasing you guys at mb2! So glad you are back in The driver seat!

    Side note on willows “new” surface. It’s just a sealant slurry that they pretty much mop on top of the old bumpy cracked surface. It’s horrible SMH

  3. Nice video! It would be cool if you made an informational video for noobs like myself. (Overall noob kart info, like this is a TaG kart I believe) Karting is always something I thought was cool but life and all. 🙂 Also, if you could get your hands on a shifter and walk us through that as well. Keep up the great work!

  4. I am just starting to get into karting, and I've been driving my local tracks karts, their karts are intrepid karts with modified Honda four strokes, getting past 60 on my local one mile track. I've been looking into getting my own kart with similar specs, and I'm not looking to spend alot. So far, lo206 karts seem to be the best option, but I'm not finding any good deals on chassis locally, and the pre built karts I have seen on the internet have been a bit pricey. I'm kind of stuck now, and I stumbled across your channel doing research on lo206 karting. I was hoping that you might be able to help me with my case.

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