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  1. Dan talking about the defuser and Carling it a littel thing, me screaming at my phone: its called a f*****g defuser

  2. Whatever happened to the Roadster that tesla announced 2018? You know that 2sec car. Saw all these people making their "downpayment" but I've yet to see it, kinda reminds me of the cyber truck mmh. Maybe tesla just has a slow turnover time.

  3. Wow I can tell you like Tesla’s you have a coat 3 cars and 2 shirts and a pare or shoes that are all made by Tesla

  4. Lmao this is hilarious. Finding a second hand car like this is THE DREAM. You can tell you're almost blown away by the quality, upkeep, and details about that car.

  5. i was hoping you bought it 😉
    now you can still have original (lotus) roadster even if you give blue one to lincoln 🙂

  6. Congrats on your 2nd Roadster! It's called "fusion red". I have a version 2.5 the same color, VIN 1150. I wouldn't part with it for all the money on Wall St. A minor point about charging: When using the CAN SR charging adapter, it's better to twist-lock the adapter into the Roadster first, and then plug the Wall Charger cable into the adapter. It won't hurt to do it the way you are, but some of the older first-gen wall chargers won't work unless you plug things in the right order. Minor point. Happy trails!

  7. I like that Telsa will still sell a battery pack for the original Roadster and it is an upgrade. I wonder what that cost…

  8. the center console seemed to be a striped back version. is it the same in the new roadster

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