I Bought the Most Hated Car on the Internet (and made $1000)

I Bought the Most Hated Car on the Internet (and made $1000)

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    I wanted to update you guys just in case you dont follow my instagram (you should def follow)…
    1.) I just dropped new swag for the holidays: http://bit.ly/ChrisFixSwag
    2.) I have been working on this video for the last month which includes buying the car, sourcing a high quality battery, taking a class on how to safely and properly replace high voltage hybrid batteries, etc so I hope you love it!
    3.) Two weeks ago I did a drift event for charity where I had you guys jump in the passenger seat. I gave over 100 ride alongs and I wont ruin the surprise but we raised a ton of money!
    4.) No luck with my house/driveway/garage search which is upsetting because it is becoming increasingly difficult to do what I do in my current location
    5.) I was on the West coast last week for SEMA and did 3 different meet-ups and met hundreds of fans which was awesome! You guys support me so much and I am thankful!
    6.) Feel left out, follow my Instagram because I give updates for all this stuff!!! #ChrisFixit

  2. I’m seeing a serious flaw in this car, water damage would absolutely destroy this thing, trying to cross a bridge with a foot of water at slow speed, totaled

  3. Curious… you really think the location of the temperature sensors wasn’t in the optimal location? Like the insanely smart people who built and designed this car didn’t decide to simply put them “more towards the middle” for a reason?
    Love your vids but that decision made me wonder lol

  4. Absolutely no one:
    ChrisFix: Alright guys, today I'm going to show you how to refuel and service a moon rover, at home! Your national government charges millions in taxpayers money for this simple and quick job, YOU can do it in your own garage with just a few common tools!

  5. Hello Chris,your video is absolut perfect and amazing.This is a viedeo to show it trainees.But everytime don't forget that electricity can be dangerous.👍👍👍

  6. Would you recommend applying some electric grease or something to prevent future corrosion in between the cleaned nuts and bus bar links?

  7. I don’t even own a Prius and I would of just bought a different car after seeing how much he had to do. Good job though!!!

  8. Chris can you show us how to rebuild the old battery pack that you took out so you don't have to pay a Rebuilder. And The cheapest way to balance the batteries.

  9. Jeez Chris, you have absolutely outdone yourself with this video. I am blown away as to the level of knowledge and skill that you displayed. You worked on this Prius like you have been working for Toyota for year. Good on you 'I am glad you made a grand for ur efforts. I totally loved the vid. God I'm glad to be one of ur subscribers! 😊

  10. I have a Ford Fusion hybrid. Is it as easy as this to replace the battery? Searching online, few places seem to carry Fusion replacement batteries.

  11. HELP PLEASE. My car only turns on when jumpstarted. Otherwise I’d completely off. Battery has been tested and is good. Still holding a charge. The biggest clue is that once (one time only) I move around the battery and the car turned on!! By itself, I was just removing the positive terminal cover. Checked connections and all have 12.2V so it’s good. I don’t understand why’s happening connectors seem good and the other clue is that the frog designated jumpstart location says 1.2V! Prius is dead help please!

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