I Can’t Believe I’m Saying This About Nissan

rev up your engines
eddie says Scotts if you had to choose between the 2011 Nissan Altima or 2016 Chevy
Cruze which would have to choose well you said
I have to well I’d go for the Altima hands down
I’m not a Nissan fan but the Chevy Cruze is one of the junkies vehicles ever made
if you were looking at the ultimate look you would have to road-test it and very
carefully check out the transmission shifts because they have weak
transmissions and I would advise you to pay a mechanic to do a block leak check
on the engine I’ve got a video how to check your car for a blown head gasket
you can even buy the kit yourself for 30 bucks on Amazon if you want and do it
yourself but you want to check to see if the head gaskets leaking because that’s
a notorious problem on those things and if it didn’t have a leaking head gasket
and shift it okay yeah go ahead and buy it never buy chevy cruze those things are
just rolling piles of junk I got a customer when he’s on his fourth
automatic transmission that’s how poorly made they are and it’s an old gut
that doesn’t even drive all that fast mad man says why are dealerships so
greedy they want 10 granted up for 10 year old cars capitalism and market
force if it’s popular car like say a lexus they’re gonna get as much as I
can possibly get for those things they’re gonna say hey you’re getting
a lexus for $10,000 a brand new one cost fifty to eighty thousand the dealership
has always been that way I mean years ago I got a deal on my Celica three
hundred fifty bucks for my customers one and I bought it and fixed it up then my
son what it was I looked around and for the one I paid 350 for at the dealer use
they wanted like eight nine thousand dollars I’m like they’re ridiculous that
kind of money for a car that’s you know fifteen years old and has one hundred
ninety thousand miles but they get it because they’re popular and people
like them but of course they have a tremendous overhead at the dealer
they gotta pay for their overhead so before they even make a profit they got
it make a bunch of money just to break even and that’s why they charge so much
money and that’s why I tell people don’t go there and buy used cars cuz you’re
gonna pay too much for them, a car that comes when it’s called like a dog
Tesla’s working on it that they’re gonna have a car that say it’s parked down the street
and you can summon it and it will drive itself to you boy I can see the
liabilities involve that when it’s coming out of a parking lot and it hits
somebody it just amazes insane technology that people are coming
out with that they think is gonna work in the actual world if you’re able to
summon that car you know the computer hackers in the world they’re gonna
figure when to summon a car, they’ll summon a car and then they’ll steal it
but you know their always living pie in the sky I mean this is the guy who
put his own personal Tesla sports car into outer space with a dummy set so
anything that they come up with wouldn’t shock me but so you can just
whistle and it’ll hear what’s gonna come and pick you up
ts Maggio says I got an 08 Honda Pilot my car loses acceleration when I
give it more gas going uphill it’s dangerous start with a simple thing
change the fuel filter if your fuel filter is clogged and you can’t get
enough volume of fuel to make it go fast when it has to accelerate up hills
anywhere fast enough they can’t get enough fuel I see that fix lots of cars
and it’s what 12 year old could be it’s clogged up now if it’s not clogged up
you got to change it anyways to do the test change the filter that doesn’t fix it
have the fuel pump pressure tested and now when you have a fuel pump pressure
tested for that problem you got to do a dual test you have to do a fuel pump
pressure test to see if it’s putting enough pressure but you also have
to do a fuel pump volume cuz it might have enough pressure but not enough
volume and if the volume is low it’ll do exactly what you’re doing it’s on the
story it’s a fuel problem when they do that going uphill or not being able to
go really fast you just don’t get enough fuel but of course don’t forget the most
obvious thing on the planet check the air filter I had a customer with one like
that and the first thing I do is I look at the
spark plugs and I popped the air filter it’s just black all filled with crud I’m
amazed it ran at all it’s just your clogged air filter check that first, max
2002 says I got an 02 honda civic hundred and eighty thousand miles it
shifts been driving slow in second gear the car goes into overdrive and shifts
into third gear speedometer will be at 0 and jump to 20 miles an hour 18 years
old 180,000 miles I’ll tell your
transmissions just going out you want to do a gamble pray it’s just a speed
sensor they don’t cost much by the speed sensor put it on prior it fixes it once
in a while that will fix it if it doesn’t fix it means the transmission is going
out internally you never know try the sensor
they don’t cost much they just bolt on it off and don’t buy some cheap you
aftermarket one made in China and get an OEM original equipment one specific to
that vehicle you got to get the right one that works correctly and if you bolt
it on and fix this is great if not you’re gonna need a transmission rebuild
in 2002 Civic with 180,000 miles it’s more than the cars worth really ,search
for first car says Scotty I’m wondering what is the Toyota Corolla of motorcycles a
Honda 750 when else things came out in a 60s bulletproof could run forever and
just go and go and go and there’s plenty fast enough with that four-cylinder
engine they’ve got so much power that if you’re gonna drive them under 100 miles an
hour they’re gonna run forever if you don’t
smash them up run into something they were I’ve seen those things that had
140,000 miles on when they were still running strong so I’d say a 750 Honda I
don’t think you can just basically run forever you can go buy an old one and
it’ll still be run another then it will have four carburetors you’re gonna have
to mess with them and clean them because it’ll be so old they’ll be clogged up
but those things are were dependable and still are dependable,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

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