I Can’t Believe They’re Not Going to Make These Cars Anymore

rev up your engines, if you like any of
these cars you better hurry up and buy them because after 2019 they’re not gonna be
making these models anymore the first one is the Audi a3 Cabriolet they’re
getting rid of their convertible you know I said that good riddance there
were horrible cars anyways endless money pets and that’s when they’re not gonna
be making in 2020 is the BMW 3 Gran Turismo it didn’t off was half wagon
half car what it was but now it’s fully gone they’re not gonna be making any
more and you can also say goodbye to the Buick cascade on although Buick doesn’t
have a relationship with Opel anymore they were still making the cars for
mobile for a while but now they’re not anymore so goodbye Cascadia and I
suppose most people never even heard of been along with that you can say goodbye
to the Buick LaCrosse it’s just another Buick to go down and under the waves
realize that GM till Buick over ages ago there’s really no difference between a
few works and GM’s for decades I mean they were the same cars at GM made it’s
just the end of a name that really didn’t even mean anything anymore so say goodbye to the Chevy Cruze and you know what I say good riddance I the customers
one of those he had a picture of Mickey Mouse the back window I said why do you have that he said cuz it’s a Mickey Mouse car and GM will never fix anything
that I need fixed on it so I’m showing everybody that this is a Mickey Mouse
car well goodbye Mickey Mouse you can also say goodbye to
the Chevy Volt everybody saying hey you know they’re going for its
electrification well I guess GM’s going on the other direction adults who never
had a big of a seller to begin with and GM is just saying goodbye to the bolt it
up make it them anymore and Ford’s getting rid of the Ford
Taurus they brought it they took it away and it brought it now they’re gonna wear
again but that’s really no surprise cuz Ford’s pretty much getting out of the
car business and getting into SUV and truck business only so that’s no
surprise either oh this is a good body the Jaguar XJ they’ve got a model since
68 but it really isn’t that big of a surprise I mean totally they produce
like $120,000 over the production rocks but now they’re
barely selling a thousand of them a month so nice on stopping productions
off for the 370z Roadster too Nissan was the first one to make a really
affordable sports car that held up decades ago black I guess the sports car
business isn’t what it used to be for them Nissan is also getting rid of their
Titan diesel you know they were bragging about hey even gets us Cummings turbo
diesel now and a Nissan pickup truck well for a limited time only because
they’re not gonna be backing up anymore with those diesel engines you can also
say goodbye to the smart car not such a smart idea after all at least the United
States and Canada they’re pulling out their sales were
abysmal anyways and those tiny little cars they certainly if they made any
profit made a tiny little profit in the United States and Canada so they’re
pulling up now if you ask me that’s the first smart move they made so that’s it
for the bigger names that they’re not making after 2019 who knows what the
future will bring I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot more the go to the guillotine
as time goes on Isaac Campbell says thoughts on a 2015 and up Subaru WRX they’re fun to drive they’re zippy cars there’s no arguing
that that old style boxer engine notorious for blowing head gaskets and
if you buy one with an automatic transmission and you drive it hard
you’ll burn the transmission out cuz they’re weak yeah if you’re talking
about buying a used one don’t ever buy you use WRX without having a guy like me
check it out with a fancy scan computer because we can see if there’s problems
and we can listen with our ears to see how the engine to the transmission
sounds don’t ever buy one of those without having a mechanic check it out
if you buying them use I’ve had customers buy mused and they were fine
but I think customers buy used and then they put the cart before the horse and
had me checking out after they already bought it I said did you buy this they
said yeah I said you know you’re putting the cart before the horse it’s backwards
you shouldn’t have bought it cuz this is enough and then they kicked themselves
they’re not having me check it out first pretha says are BMW still
money pits if I Drive only on highways well of course the manure ones their
money pits yes but realize the actual formula if you are driving down a
highway say 65 miles an hour that wear is equivalent to one tenth of stopping
though city driving so if you drove hundred thousand miles
going 65 miles an hour there’d be like putting ten thousand
city miles on a car and even a BMWs don’t fall apart that fast
if you do a lot highway driving it is gonna last longer I mean eventually it’s
a BMW turn into a money pit and a lot of that isn’t the mileage it’s the age cuz
they have all this plastic junk under the hood and it just cracks overtime and
ages and then you gotta buy new stuff cuz everything’s cracking on it so a lot
of em isn’t even a mileage it’s just the old days the plastic gets old and it
cracks cuz they used cheap plastic and everybody who knows about cars knows BMW
uses some of the cheapest plastics on the planet Garrett resource on Scotty
what’s a decent truck for three grands well you’re gonna have to look long and
far to find a decent one for three grand people like trucks and they keep the
good ones or to get rid of the old ones when they have a lot a lot a lot of
miles on their worn-out and you don’t really want if you can find any Toyota
Tacomas where the frames aren’t rotten for three grand go ahead and buy it
regardless of the mileage unless it’s like five hundred thousand miles or
something you got better luck looking it like Ford Ranger pickup trucks or the
Mazdas that we’re just Ford Ranger pickup trucks they have a law resale
value but they can still be a decent truck for $3,000 you never know you got
to look around you can have a hard time finding a Toyota Tacoma in that range
because people always want money for him because they’re so popular everybody
knows they last and they cost more when they’re new to so and they’ve since they
hold their value the Rangers gone home as well and they can still be a decent
truck and you can find him for three grand or less,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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