I Can’t Believe This Car is $300

I Can’t Believe This Car is $300

rev up your engines
Tyler Wallace says Scotty is an 08 Saab 9-3 worth buying for 300 bucks runs
and drives well what the hack 300 bucks is nothing and if it runs and drives go
ahead just realize the Saab 9-3 was one of the cars that really drove Saab
completely into bankruptcy I’ve had customers in Houston that had them they
were kind of a weirdo car weirdly enough a bunch of my customers here they
had and we’re all architects I guess it’s kind of an architect thing they
liked oddball things but even they ended up getting rid of them because the
company went bankrupt the parts cost a fortune they’re very expensive to repair
but heck if it runs and it’s 300 bucks what the heck I got went to Boston a
month ago and it cost me 500 bucks to rent a car for five days you got one for
$300 if it still run what the heck but it’s so something with an engine and
transmission goes with just junk the thing don’t put any money in a fix-it that
that’d be stupid it’s not worth putting money into those things when they’re
that age and being a sob a company that’s bankrupt for many good reasons
Gaming rooster says what do you think about a BMW 4 Series Coupe brand-new
well if you have an endless supply of money and you don’t care about money go
ahead and buy when they’re fun to drive their values dropped like a stone I was
just pricing those things the other day and it turns out in the first three
years they lose like forty four point four percent of their value so that
shows you that another one they’re overpriced and all of their value
because they cost a lot of money to fix as they break down they are fun to drive
but if you value your money you know if you really want to get one of those lease
it then you lose less money you’re really
nuts about it lease it and have some fun with it
for two three years leasing the thing cuz you’re gonna lose more money buying it
sell it when it’s three years old then you’re gonna just lease it so go ahead just
lease one if you really like them you see how
much money you lose you know what the monthly payment is you know exactly what
you’re gonna lose then there’s gonna be no surprises for repairs because it’s a new
car you lease it and it’s under warranty you’re not responsible for the repairs
Gambel says Scotty I bought a 2011 Infiniti G 25x for nine grand has
hundred thousand miles with no issues good buy, no I would say goodbye people
you don’t want to buy infinities that thing’s nine years old it’s got
a thousand miles you don’t want to buy them when they’re ten years old and have
over 100,000 miles they generally turn into endless money pits
now you paid 9 grand if you looked at what the list price was it was a whole
bunch more from that so at least the only thing you have to lose is $9,000
now if you baby it maybe you won’t have any problems for maybe you’ll be the
lucky one but I see catalytic converters automatic transmissions going out, engines
blowing head gaskets on those things as they age so if you do like the car my
advice use it for a weekend run around fun car maybe you’ll like it maybe you
won’t have too many problems but if you have the possibility by like on a
civic or corolla for your work car to put all the miles on that and to keep
the infinity as a toy that might be okay then, collin says scotty I got an 03
Highlander after not driving in a while at idle it lost power several lights came
on and the steering and when I turned it off it was suddenly okay okay what you
want to check on that is the simplest thing on a planet have your battery load
test it places like autozone do it any good mechanic can do it in two minutes
if your battery’s getting weak everything won’t work right just a bad
battery and while you’re at it also have the alternator tested because if your
alternator isn’t charging the battery you’ll have the same thing and you said
you turn it off then turn it back on again I started working it’s got to be
something electronic because the only thing that changes by shutting the car
off turn it back out again is the electronic is in the computer system so
if you ever car that’s running like crap you shut it off turn it on and it runs
perfect in you got some kind of electrical problem and start looking at
that first, AC says do I need to change the water pump at a hundred
thousand miles I’ve ever car with a timing chain
thanks you don’t just go out and change one because here is the problem you have
to understand your engine exact design now let’s say you got one of those older
Nissan’s that has a metal timing chain but that metal chain operates the water
pump I definitely change it now because if it breaks it’s an interference engine
the timing chain will fly off the pistons will
hit the valves would be goodbye engine but on the other hand if you’ve got an
engine that’s got a timing chain and the water pump just runs on the outside of
the engine off the fan belt if it’s not leaking it works fine I wouldn’t even
bother more important is to change your coolant let’s say you got coolant that’s
good for four years or 100 thousand miles change it every four
years or hundred thousand miles that keeps the water pump from getting
corroded and wearing out inside and if you do that you got a well built cars
I’ve seen some Japanese guys with two hundred thousand miles still there the
original water pump but it works fine it’s up to you and your engine design
learn as much as you can about your particular engine design first, Connor
says Scotty what do you think of a Polaris slingshot well you know they’re fun
toys those are those three wheel job two wheels in the front and one wheel in the
back and they’re fun toys it’s a woman that lives down the street for me that
soup one all up puts out three hundred something horsepower she loves driving
around now I realize you’re gonna get wet in the rain just like a motorcycle
but you don’t have to worry about them tipping over terrain and sliding over
the kind of fun toys and they’re cheap enough especially used that they can be
fun I did a thing years ago on the Canadian guy who had the expense of
three wheel drive ones and they started at $80,000 with the BMW engine in it but
these Polaris is their twenty-something ran I’ve seen people get decent used
ones for five or six and they got Chevy engines in them so the parts aren’t
exotic you can get parts for them it’s not that hard to get parts for that kind
of fun toys for people to mess around with do you want a vehicle like that
yeah they’re not bad at all, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Scotty, thanks for talking about interference engines and what that actually means. 95% of the people I talk to about cars don’t even know what that means or don’t even care until the belt or chain goes and then they are a sob story over a $7,000 engine. I wish more people knew about that simple design aspect that can really bite you in the rear if it happens.

  3. I've never understood why people talk about cars not holding their value… Poor resale value is often a indicator of a lousy car, but I buy cars to drive until the wheels fall off. My current one I bought new 14 years ago and the resale value is irrelevant.

  4. A 2010 infinity G37 x with 220,000 miles on it and the only things that have needed changing were the brakes and tires all else still work as the day it was bought What matters is how one services the car if you take care of it it will then take care of you.

  5. Hey Scotty, what do you think about a 2015 Kia Forte EX with 114000 miles for 5999.00? Looking for a car for my son to drive back and forth to school daily about 50 miles. It has the 1.8l engine.

  6. back in the 1980s, I bought a series of cheap $500 cars. 1953 Cadillac, 1974 Cadillac, 1973 VW Thing, 1975 VW Beetle (moving from old luxury to better gas mileage and ease of maintenance), etc. But I lived in a horrible neighborhood in San Jose, CA. that was so bad that people kept on stealing my crummy cars. After so many cars stolen and replaced with cheap broken-down cars, I just went to riding my Dad's old 1969 Schwinn bicycle around (even though that big steel bike weighed 80 pounds). I moved to riding old motorcycles like the Honda CB750 and little 250 bikes, but I finally knuckled down and bought a new car, a 1999 Saturn SL1. It was a terrific, reliable car with no frills but good gas mileage. I recommend getting good reliable cars (Toyota, Honda, etc.) that are four years old or so; slightly used, but far less expensive than buying new and better than the maintenance nightmares of $500 to $1000 cars.

  7. Hay Scotty are the 93 Toyota pickups any good especially the ones that have the automatic transmission and the 22re engine in them and what would you say about having one Converted into a 4×4 I’m thinking about doing it to mine

  8. I would like a $300 dollar car that drives. But not a used one, but the one like the picture on your video. Isn’t it crazy how much money we spend on cars. Thank you, Japan! At least they drive for quite some time, and you can get parts for them. 😸

  9. Scotty what are your thoughts on electric motorcycles? Are they worth buying? If so, which ones? I love the thought of them being silent.

  10. I have a 2003 Ford Focus 2.3 litter aromatic and it won’t shift I already changed the solenoids out but it still won’t shift in to second. Also when I stop the car jerks toward and I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it

  11. So Scotty , according to your own public admission you do not follow factory recommended maintenance on your own vehicles .Water pump along with timing belt should have been changed at 105 000 miles mark.

  12. I traded a Burger King whopper meal for a Saab 900 turbo when I was stationed in Germany. New tire, wheel bearings, and power steering pump later it was a blast to drive.

  13. Hey scotty should I buy a new 2019 challenger v6 or a used 2017 RT with 25k miles, both are $24k or a 2015 scat pack with 35k miles that cost $30k.

  14. Good day sir, i drive a '12 hyundai starex-manual trans. Replaced clutch lining, pressure plate, flexible hose(clutch), clutch repair kits upper & lower pistons, clutch fluid, but still the pedal starts to "stick" to the floor when the engine gets hot, its a problem when ur in traffic. Thanks & more power!! joe- phillipines

  15. Scotty, I’ve had a 2011 honda pilot for 8 years and i still do not know what D1 D2 D3 on my gear shift means. Enlighten me

  16. You're video image is a lie again. That wasn't the car you were talking about. You were talking about a used Saab. No such thing as luck only Divine Providence. God exists out of absolute logical necessity. He can only be found in His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church ✌️

  17. I will never get any used vehicle for $300. I will look for a used vehicle, which is priced from $2,000 to $10,000, whether if it is older or newer, or if the vehicle runs and drives like new in any model year, what ever suits my needs and it also gets myself from point A to point B. I was checking out a 2003 Ford Escape 4×4 with the 3 L V6 engine with 200 horsepower and the four-speed automatic transmission. It had about 88,000 miles, which is around 145,000 km on the odometer. It is still a great vehicle in the long run, because these older Escape's from 2001 to 2012 are more reliable, than the newer ones, which are 2013 and up. Also, I will try to look for a 2002 Subaru Outback H6 wagon with VDC (Vehicle Dymanic Control) or a 2008 Subaru Outback 2.5i Touring or Limited. Both of these Outback's have a four-speed automatic transmission – the 2008 model will have stability control and the automatic has sport mode.

  18. Scotty! I’m considering a 2019 Hyundai Elantra 6-speed base model. Brand new for $12,988. They’ve come a long way, what do you think??? Thanks much

  19. Heck, a rental for the weekend costs more than that Saab. At that rate, you can buy another if you just forgot where you parked it.

  20. Scotty Kilmer – Hey there… I have a 15 CRV that I can smell oil in gas. I saw your video about changing oil every 5K, instead of waiting longer. I was wondering if running marvel mystery oil in the fuel would be a good idea…. since it states it’s ok for fuel systems.

  21. Eventually SAAB went down hill when General Motors (GM) bought a 50% stake and management control of the firm in 1989, and gained full ownership in 2000. The Swedish company's car sales peaked at 133,000 cars in 2006, but quality control suffered severely.

  22. Scotty what do you think of an 800hp 2019 Mustang GT with an automatic transmission? Is it a good buy over dodge or Chevy muscle cars?

  23. Scotty i own a hyundai tiburon 2004 4-cylnder coupe, My check engine light is on, It skips and knocks bad, Auto zone said its a missfire on cylnder 1 and ive already replaced the spark plugs, The catty is plugged up, Is it worth fixing up or should i just buy a older lexus or toyota?

  24. SAAB made some darned good jets, too bad the company didn’t send some aero engineers to the automobile department, guess they are Just Stupid!

  25. Scotty, my 2008 honda accord has a pump power steering system. Its kind of hard to steer the car and it whines, especially at low speeds. There isn't any visible power steering fluid leaking, replaced the o-rings for power steering lines incase of air leaks still bad, help.

  26. Hey Scotty, is there a reliable way of telling if an odometer had a rollback using one of your diagnostic tools? Thanks!

  27. I paid 600 for my 83 Eldorado and that was 24 years ago. No major repairs needed and just normal maintenance. Drive it every day.

  28. One of the most reliable used cars….and some new cars was a $50 1974 German Ford Tanus, I bought when I was stationed in Karlsruhe, Germany. Kept my New Plymouth station wagon parked…. also taught my 4 kids and a few neighbor kids how to drive on the airfield when it was closed down for weekend.
    $50 and it ran great on Autobahn, started right off even when covered in snow…. but it had the typical ford problem rust, rust and more rust. I had to carry can if spray construction foam and any old sheet metal for floor and truck. But tge Silver Bullet was well worth $50!

  29. Scotty I have a 2000 Toyota 4Runner with over 250,000 mile exhaust sometimes blows white smoke but the head gasket isn’t blown can it be a valve cover gasket issue?

  30. When Scotty was little kid, he worked up north in Santa’s workshop ❄️ ⛄️ 🎅 🤶 🦌
    …and Scotty’s hands have not stopped flayling-around. Scotty wears safety shades, like the gimp in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, with the wine cork stuck to the fork (I heard Spanish cork is the soffttess).

  31. Looking to buy an 82 honda prelude or an 1998 honda civic. 80 k and 110k respectively. Worried about parts on the prelude because its old? Thoughts? Both cars 2500

  32. Scotty please do a video on cars simple to maintain, and why companies do not want people to fix their own cars and overengineer so much

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