I Can’t Believe What This Did to My Car

rev up your engines welcome to mechanic
Monday where I try out products and make videos on ones that actually work now today I
finally got a big problem concrete a splashing on my car because of the
swine’s down the street as you can see they’re building a giant nine story
apartment complex this is Story number three coming up
here and of course they’re using massive amounts of tons and tons of concrete
which they splash all over the place and on beknownst to me it got splashed on
the worst car when she was driving around that’s where this goo gone
comes in handy now this says the automotive going sticker remover spray gel you want
to spray gel that’s the thickest now it actually works on concrete I’ve done it before
now when it gets on the glass that’s simple you just spray a little bit on
get a clean razor blade spread it on a concrete no just scrape off cuz it’s
glass glass is very easy to clean then just wipe off any residue with the towel
it’s that easy kind of create is gone it’s smooth but don’t attempt to use a
razor blade but the concrete has stuck on to your paint you will destroy the
paint for this goo be gone also works it just takes a lot more time where the
concrete is stuck on to the paint you want to first spray a whole bunch of it
on in the shade just spray the heck out of it doesn’t let it soak about half an
hour so as it creeps on dirt then before you start rubbing spray it again then
you’ll find easy bits you rub like that you got a road really hard the easy bets
will come off but the really hard ones that you can feel with your fingernails
they’re still there you can even hear it when you scratch it with your ear down
spray it again and use the towel and your fingernails as you’ll see it
scraping some of my fingernails out too but it’s soft enough that if you’re
careful enough you won’t really hurt the paint and your fingernail be able to get
the big chunks off like this now on the bottle it says bumper window
stickers tree sap bird droppings brake dust it doesn’t say concrete but it actually
thoughts work on concrete I was totally amazed the first time I tried I thought
well now I’m gonna take the wife’s car to the body shop and they’re gonna have
to sand it down and repaint the whole section and then that part won’t match
the rest of the car but it’s really amazing the stuff that this can take off
and yeah this is an extreme example of concrete to spend on there god knows how
many days if you leave this stuff in the trunk of your car and you look around
every once in a while as soon as you see stop spray it on and take it off then it
won’t it sealed honest hard and in the case of bird droppings
that’s answers you won’t be acid eating the paint off your car but it costs when
it’s all smooth and the concrete’s gone get some wax in this case I like the new
finish polish wash it all up and seal it the only problem I found with this is if
you just do one part it gets all shiny and especially in the rain it beads up
and the rest doesn’t so you end up being obsessive-compulsive have to wax the
whole car then, of course do t in the shading when it’s dry just wipe it all
off no more concrete no more rough spots and we didn’t have to paint anything now the
next product I’m talking about has to do with both appearance and longevity hide
rehab by lithium I know anything about chemistry lithium is an element this
is the name of the company but I find it interesting that lithium is also a drug
that you give to people who are sort of mentally unstable so people used to call
that crazy well this stuff works crazy keeping your luggage seats both clean
supple and not cranking over years and years any advantages it’s not only easy
to apply because it’s one step it also doesn’t stink matter of fact it smells
creamy it’s got a nice creamy smell to it so it’s not something that’s gonna
really bother people who have allergies to smells realize any smell you put in a
car you close the door it’s sealed it’s gonna be just amplified inside it’s got
vitamin E aloe shea butter coconut oil in it maybe I’m just a stuff of my skin
too after all think leather what is it it’s cow skin dead cow skin so it’s the
skin you want to keep it supple you don’t want under put those cracked up
leather seats that you see all the time just pop the top put someone on a nice clean
microfiber towel and rub it in bottom on top especially do the head brass because
oily hair is on there all the time and that will make them dirty and especially
since this is a 18 year old car put it in all the ones where there’s little
cracks and crevices so they don’t get any worse just look at the shine that’s
put out here the ones I didn’t do yet, here’s ones I just did you can see the
reflection here how are you gonna shine this like you the reasonable amount of
work there’s no arguing that you get good results anybody stick your nose
next to it it doesn’t stink and it isn’t one of those with the fake perfume
that’s enough to make you throw up it’s a very neutral creamy tiny amount of
odor as it’s making your seat supple so they don’t crack I really don’t forget
to do all the leather parts people often forget these armrests are leather too
you rest your arm on grease and oil gets in them if you want to get that supple
so it doesn’t crack and this side this is leather too you want to get it all
look at this it cleans and it protects one step because if there’s one thing
Scotty can’t stand it’s something that’s got like a five step process what a pain
in the rear end this is one clean sealed protects i’m impressed by the stuff that
this lithium company makes but it’s all protected and smooth that won’t crack
and look ugly even though this is a 18 year old cars and since this is mechanic
monday i’m give it a like some of this hide rehab to have a chance to win place
a clean non offensive comment on a YouTube comments below and a winner will
be chosen randomly by computer to win probably the best leather cleaner
conditioner that’s out there or at least the best for now people keep sending me
stuff over and over again who knows somebody else might come out with a
better one I’ll be sure to tell you about it
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

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