I Crushed My Neighbors Car with a Tank… REVENGE!

I Crushed My Neighbors Car with a Tank… REVENGE!

What up what up! It’s Chad Wild Clay and in my
last video you guys saw that my neighbor was yelling at me for making these fruit
ninja videos well I gotta give you guys a shout out for leaving me some awesome
comments thank you guys so much for having my back I really appreciate that
I’ve got a little surprise for my neighbor because his car gonna have a
run-in with me I’m gonna be driving an army tank okay let’s do it so you guys are probably wondering Chad
where are you gonna get an army tank well you guys know this game World of
Tanks it’s that super popular online game that’s free-to-play you have all
these crazy tank battles in epic battlefields well based on my fruit
ninja videos and wanted to sponsor me to go drive a tank in real life so I’m
gonna use a bunch of Tanks vehicles weapons from the video game test it out
in real life and in particular test them out on my neighbor’s car in the first
World of Tanks vehicle I am driving is the chieftain this is a British tank
that weighs more than an astonishing 60 tons how heavy is that well it’s as
heavy as 30 cars all stacked up on top of one another so before I attempt to
crush my neighbor’s car with the tank we should probably attempt to crush
something a little different a little a little easier maybe one of our regular
enemies that we normally battle in these fruit ninja videos so let’s go jump in a
tank crush some stuff as well he’s advanced we can pick on a yellow that’s
a one right after the white belt right exactly it’s a whole level up there’s no
way we’ll be able to crush this guy oh he’s gonna go up to the tank like this drive away yeah sure I have the take
away so we’re gonna be crushing this soda
assuming you can defeat a yellow bell of course that is yet to be seen it’s to be
seen we will find out right now made us really make it closing I wanted this little ninja not a pancake
casualties these guys didn’t watch the area enough times
there’s one flat soda ninja and the next World of Tanks vehicle I am
testing out is the self-propelled gun it looks very similar to a tank so it’s
easily mistaken for one this game actually has over 450 authentic tanks
and what’s really fun about it is it’s not only like an action game tank
simulator but it’s an RPG because you can modify your tanks and become more
powerful plus it involves a lot of strategies so you can team up with
comrades and then move out defeat your enemy in the field what the neighbors
found out that you’re planning to crash his car so you drove it to Minnesota
you don’t Minnesota drove it what are we gonna do for this video okay let me call
roll the tanks okay and I’ll figure something out all right hey it’s Chad
wild clay do you guys happen to know anybody in Minnesota who has a tank Oh
drive a tank calm when we pull it up here oh yeah okay okay cool they’re in
Minnesota okay perfect all right no thank you
all right talk to you later okay guys I think we found a solution here uh check
this out you guys drive a tank calm they let you ride a tank through a house okay
guys I really want to drive a tank through a house but I need your help I
need I need to know if you guys want me to drive a tank through a house maybe I
should never through my neighbor’s house I don’t know but pay the highest any of
these fruit ninja videos have ever got 190,000 thumbs up so I think you guys
can beat 190,000 thumbs up so let’s go for 191,000 thumbs up so we’re just a little
bit more if we hit 191,000 thumbs up I’m gonna drop a tank through a fricken
house would that be crazy guys let’s do I think we can do I think you guys are
gonna do it so make sure a subscribe button is click down below and make sure
that bell symbol is on and ringing so you guys can be alerted when I release
that video of driving through a house you guys can be the first ones here and
you can hang out with me in the comments and when you I can chat about crushing
houses with tanks right let’s get going guess what guys
pack your bags we’re going to know we’re getting into the plane itself okay party this extra my god not only for magazines
but like for my cell phone what it really says comfort so your cell
phone rides in comfort as well hey guys welcome to Minnesota
reports out a little bit of a budget so car rentals are gonna be right up this
way are you party to drive a tank let’s get a rocket huh let’s shoot some
Rockets today what you think me ready to shoot a rocket actually there’s a rocket
for you I don’t know what that is hoo look at this one
oh jeez there’s all kinds of rocket launchers here that’s a pretty nice garage here was not
expecting this many takes check this baby out looks like this thing I already got
blowing up a little bit here okay so I’m gonna take right say let’s do
they’re hard huh okay guys so we just got done driving
around we could not find the neighbor’s car oh well I’ve got some friends out
looking for it so they’re gonna let us know if they find the car in the
meantime why don’t we go shoot some crazy guns and crush some more stuff huh Oh Rock we’ve got our good buddy
watermelon ninja here looking kind of afraid I have being afraid of no tank is
it yeah he’s camouflaged pretty good though oh yeah I might not even be able
to see them Warpaint he didn’t I’m confident I can be the tank does he like
your emerge from the god Church there oh yeah this that are you dissing my merch
oh oh oh he’s dead no he did yeah that’s it that’s it for him fatality these guns here there is a STEM, a Stem, a stem, of the m4 and 1919 laughs yeah that was powerful I like blocked
out this pin between their side to side, raise come like this
alright sure your aunt here long handle loops up with yeah all right there oh yeah yeah yeah
that eat it up ignore all of these this is the one you want to look at it yeah you wrote your name good job you like that I do I feel like Steven
Seagal which day you feel this next one oh boy it’s gonna give me the ultimate
kick pump yes all that you want it does still a chance
against know who are you but who are you to the to the time I
will crush you everything’s gonna win the candle or the
army take I don’t know it’s gonna be a tough one
obviously the cantaloupe ninjas got kicked the tanks but I think so cuz I’m
gonna be rolling them towards him and he’s gonna need your rock crusher okay guys so I just heard word that our
friends have not been able to find the neighbor’s car I think I know of a tank
that has a periscope in it so maybe we can spot their car through that is that
what you’re saying that’s the idea okay let’s go drive a tank with a periscope buh-bye
I got the other one better just cuz this one can hardly see a little windshield
wiper on there oh great I’m super interesting because I
could see anything out of that little window there was a little tiny
windshield wipers yeah and I can see anything in the back either we only have
that little right here give me a turn around oaks like how dirty you are sir
but dirty thing this is the dirtiest ever wind Justin is protecting our baby alright guys so Vy is on her phone right
now she’s getting word that about the neighbor’s car I think they found it yes
they actually found not one but two cars – neighbor has two cars double the fun
double the pleasure double the crush let’s go cross we’ve got the ultimate
weapon right here Larry the tank driver tank calm and as you know our neighbors
have been giving us move into trouble where we live we’re gonna have some fun
with two of our neighbors vehicles we got lined up right over there
we’re gonna see who’s gonna win guys the neighbors vehicles or the tank you guys
comment down below will the take win are all the neighbors cars with what do you
think Justin I think the cars you know there’s two of them and there’s only one
tank so the tanks a little not really fair is it Phoenix what do you think the
house house is gonna blab Larry’s got a black belt in cars oh they’re watermelon color you guys
planned that didn’t you thank you thank you you should get for taking where
looking after your lesson if we can’t come by the pool we left the film
Minnesota got a flat tire ain’t gonna get a jack remember by tanks and machine guns with
me we’re just gonna have to move back to Minnesota that’s the thing you guys have
rooms here we can stand ya can say the tanks up to 14 days a nuclear chemical
attack so you guys should be in great shape Oh perfect welcome to your new
home do you get into ever do get ornery so the a lot of the viewers he always
comments how oh if there’s a zombie apocalypse I’m going to Chad’s house
well I’m coming here yeah if you watch your apocalypse movies you realize the
first problem is you can’t take care of that many people so you have to bring
something to the table yes I can bring ninja weapons ladies what do you need
any video editing huge shout out to the game world of tanks for sponsoring this
video they gave me a coat just for you ninjas it is tanksrule2017 use that
code because they’re gonna give you seven days of premium time 350 gold and
a premium tank all for free so go download the game in the link beneath
this video in the description and let’s go crush some stuff with tanks also huge
shout out to drive a tank dot-com the only place I’ve seen that allows you to
drive lots of Tanks shoot crazy guns and crush cars and stuff how cool is that so
check those guys out down below as well drive a tank calm and of course thanks
to all you ninjas who are supporting this channel leaving awesome comments
I’m showing you notification ninjas comments right down here from the last
video thanks for making me smile guys that’s awesome
don’t forget let’s get this video to 191,000 thumbs up so I will crush a
house with a tank oh I kind of hope you guys don’t hit 191,000 I don’t know it
seems crazy anyway if you haven’t seen this video yet check it out we crushed
some fruit and soda and other cool stuff with a bunch of ninja weapons if you’re
not subscribed to me click right there if you’re not subscribed to be right
there and check this video out too it’s an amazing video
and see ya real soon

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  2. Actually, you can getc arrested because you practically STOLE and also damaged ones property. This really isn't the type of revenge that should be happening just because your neighbours yell at you.

  3. Hey Chad did u know that I live in London
    I'm a big fan of u and u said that the first car is a Britain car

  4. When you said breaking his car with a tank I was like this guy I a clickbaiter when I saw you did I was losing my mind oh and 2019 yeah

  5. I feel like this was messed up you did this just because he yelled at you guys for doing your vids he spent money on those cars im just hoping this was a skit

  6. 5:39 Who remembers this background music from the DanTDM roast video?
    6:35 And this one from the Matthias roast?

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