I Finally Found an Acura NSX to Buy

I Finally Found an Acura NSX to Buy

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk
about a classic sports car the acura asx this one’s in 1996 one of 460
sold in the United States a relatively rare vehicles they were the first mich
produced car to have an all aluminum frame and check out this engine whoa it
doesn’t have an engine there’s nothing in there well there’s a radiator hey
there’s no engine Honda Acura same company their first mid-engine car these
babies were custom made in Japan for handling for speed but there’s still a
serious drivers car that you can drive every day it’s got a five-speed standard
transmission for a serious driver and it’s got a big cult following mainly due
to Pulp Fiction so I really don’t understand how he did his job with such
a small trunk now this thing puts out 290 horsepower today you might say oh
I’d get a 600 horsepower but back in the day with this lightweight design
aluminum frame these things really go well at the same time you can lose him
as everyday drivers driving around it’s a Honda they’re dependable don’t run
forever if you take care of it was basically an exotic car that was
dependable and affordable these original ones run for about $60,000 now they
stopped Megan for a while they started making them again and in the last five
years they’re so expensive today the base model is like a hundred and fifty
thousand dollars in at five year period they’ve only sold about 1,100 in the
United States so the modern ones they’re the same idea but they’re all custom
made in Ohio with space-age design they put out about 600 horsepower so more
than twice what this has but they do it by using three electric motors as boosts
and the engines are souped up they’re not normally aspirated like this one is
there’s a big harness to having a nail really aspirated v6 engine with almost
300 horsepower these things you want a modifying you can modify yourself and
let’s face it $60,000 versus 150 up there’s a lot more money or spent around
a new one this one made in Japan I know the new ones are made in Ohio me I’m a purist I want it made by Japanese people in Japan now sure the number one one that was built
was auctioned off recently for a million two hundred thousand dollars that’s a
rare car they do hold their value but compared to what you can pay for a new
one gonna save it I’m getting used one now this particular one Hey it’s
actually for sale $65,000 lot cheaper than a hundred and fifty up and a lot
simpler car to maintain and it does have amenities it’s got a nice top
just pops right off it fits neatly inside here in case it starts raining
you can pop it back on and no it’s not like one of those claustrophobic
Ferraris you got a lot of room here it’s not like you’re riding around on a tiny
little coffin you can have some fun with this thing these things really corner
well so now you know all about Acura nsx and and why have you got some spare change you might put one in your stable,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Lol, I love how Scotty hates all these newer inbred cars.


    A true Japanese car needs to come from the mother land, enough said!

  3. What happened to the Renault Sport-Spider? I saw one on the back of a truck being delivered in the late 90s, the exposed spaceframe was pretty damn innovative for that time, but I've never seen one on the street! If theres a cool platform for some upgrades this would be that!

  4. oh i can get a 600 hp…. shows a Sh*tty dodge charger….. Charger won't last 1/2 the life of that 99 NSX with out breaking down……

  5. So what are you gonna do next Scott? That’s a legend of a car. Would love to ser what you can do when you take it to the track.

  6. I've been in love with an NSX since I was 15 or 16…. these things are beauties. One day I will definitely buy one.

  7. 1996 Acura NSX had 270 hp. 1998+ had 290. The space-saver spare tyre is missing. Other than that the car looks to be in excellent condition.

  8. $60 000 way too much money for a car of that age… It is old tech everywhere and especially the interior just looks dated… The new one might be twice as much but the driving experience will be 10 times better…

  9. I literally work at the honda sub plant that makes the ones,…… its called the honda high performance center…. we make 4- 10cars a day…. the main plant next door make about 900-1100 accords and acura tlx

  10. They handle good. But the power doesn't come on till the higher rpms. I was kinda disappointed after driving one. Don't expect to do any burnouts with it either.

  11. My boss has a white 2018 NSX with Carbon Fiber accenting. That thing crackles, pops, and screams!

    …but it is no classic. Scotty, treat yourself to this car! You only live one life!

  12. This was the first Scotty video I watched that wasn't in 2X playback speed. Microsoft exCelica and Lexus S2000 forever! 😎

  13. I rode in one once. A brand new one. My 88 Legend was in for service at Buckeye Acura in Columbus, Ohio, when it finished dealer prep. I was drooling all over the car and the dealership owner said “want to take a ride, hop [email protected] so I did. He was warming the car up making sure everything worked for the buyer who was gonna show up in a couple of hours.

    Best car ride of my life! You should have seen the looks we were getting and all of the cars that honked at us. It was the only NSX in all of Central Ohio.

    Ah, Buckeye Acura, thanks for the memory.

  14. Best sports car ever. The first Japanese sports car that can accelerate as fast as a Ferrari F355 all the way to about 120mph, at least according to an old issue of Road & Track I had back in the day.

  15. My sentiments exactly, Scotty. You can't beat a lightweight classic sports car that handles well and has a big six-cylinder engine and a manual gearbox. Let me welcome you to my Nissan 370Z sport coupe with its 6-speed transmission, naturally aspirated 3.7 liter 332 Hp V-6 engine mated to a lightweight rigid frame and body. By the way, it's less than $35K and made completely in Japan with solid build quality.

  16. The NSX was the Japanese answer to Ferrari in the late 1980's. The same chief engineer who designed this car actually designed the S2000 later on.


  18. SCOTTY, this Honda V6 inspired me to ask you something. I have a question. regarding natural aspirated engines. I have an Audi 2002 A4, V6, 3.0, front wheel drive, manual shifter 5 gears. I have this car since new, 17 years now. Havent done many miles on it, approx 100 000. I would like to pull out a bit more power. Currently it has 220HP factory.
    What can I do to boost it up to 300HP but I dont want any turbo complications and such expense. Any other way?

  19. My cousin has the 1991 model with the 3.0-liter V6. I think the newer ones had the 3.2-liter V6 with the 6-speed transmission.

  20. Id love to have an NSX. Especially the older ones made and assembled in Japan. If you want to see a great engine build video, check out the GT-R engine assembly video.

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