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  1. what if they used that tour bus as a distraction an Bianchi is actually in the camper van with the chekoslovakia plates

  2. You dodged a bullet by in not being that talentless hoe bag. And honestly you lost some man point by being exited that it might be her.

  3. that roundabout you were on at around 6 mins in to the video is chesterfield I do shopping in the shops and that football club is where my mum works Matlock Town Football Club: COME ON MATLOCK, COME ON MATLOCK………. she works behind the bar. What a coincidence

  4. I love ub40 so I would of been miles more impressed that it was them, the earth dies screaming is a tuuuuuune

  5. Killem: "I don't want any sweets"
    Moon: "Are your serious?"
    Killem: "I gotta have that 17P Cola"
    New:2019 we remember SWEETS 17P cola is the new TREND

  6. 2:10 Those walker chips look like the Lays chips logo… Is that the UK version? It can't be, can it? I feel like Lays is just about everywhere. Is it just a similar label? Someone help me out! lol I'm Canadian so Im totally ignorant to some UK stuff lol We got each others back in wars so you have my ignorant back now right? lol That just sounds weird 😛

  7. Killem: i dont want sweets i dont want them.
    Moon: you dont want sweets are you ok?
    Killem: no i dont want sweets.

    2 minutes later

    Killem: i want sweets.

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