I got CAUGHT having sex on a Ferris Wheel… and more HORRIBLY EMBARRASSING stories

I got CAUGHT having sex on a Ferris Wheel… and more HORRIBLY EMBARRASSING stories

See like for me I’m fucking Amish. I’m dead-ass Amish. I had a boyfriend in like fifth grade -But I like that, you’re like the more innocent me. -I am Amish. -You’re me without all the mistakes and scandals. So that’s great. LMFAO So, right now I am in Orlando, Florida, for playlist live, and I’ve been here for like 48 hours or so and it has been incredible I’ve been meeting so many of you guys as you know I’m very adamant about being at events and being a creator and meeting my fans so I’ve been super happy and that’s what I’ve been doing I’ve been doing panels and all that kind of stuff and i’m having a great time. And so for the first time in two days I’ve had like an hour of downtime and all of my friends just went to eat and I was sitting in my suite all by myself I decided not to go with them and I would stay here come out on the balcony and a film of video for you guys. I feel like all weekend just meeting you guys and doing panels and talking about how my channel got started and why I’m in love with YouTube and all that and all that kind of stuff has put me in a very nostalgic mood today And I really just wanted to sit down in front of the camera and do something very OG which would be to tell you guys some stories So yeah I sat down I was going to film my sugar daddy story but the Sun is setting right now and I feel like this video is going to get dark very fast and that Story is like three hours long. I’ve filmed that so many times and still have yet to make it perfect So that is coming and I know you guys really want that It will definitely be the most crazy story on my channel once it goes live, but I need some more time for that So I decided with my short amount of time I would do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while Now and just have never gotten around to doing it because it’s kind of random and that is tell you guys some embarrassing stories So that’s what today’s video is going to be. It’s just gonna be a compilation of stories of times I’ve embarrassed the fuck out of myself. Hi, I’m Tana, everywhere I go, I am a living breathing disgusting Discombobulated falling apart horrible mess and all I can do is embarrass myself. I’ve been wanting to make this a series on my channel I have thousands of embarrassing stories if you guys enjoy this video today and you want me to keep doing it Let me know so yeah, I’m just gonna hop right into the stories. Before I do please make sure to subscribe, click that little bell to turn your notifications on, once you click that little bell if it asks you Occasionally or all the time make sure you have my notifications on all the time as you guys know I’m a struggling demonetised influencer who doesn’t get pushed out to the masses on trending pages like other very fortunate youtubers So I rely on those notifications Obviously, so thank you to you guys who have those on and Tana-con Merch is out I know I keep talking about it, but you guys are crushing it. We are literally selling thousands and thousands and thousands. It’s awesome It’s out now. I will link that below if you haven’t gotten it already, and my phone case has finally dropped It’s been in my past few videos and I haven’t gotten to talk about it. I don’t want to talk too much about it and Right I don’t want to talk your guys’s ear off but it is all my favorite colors. I’m super into dice right now I literally have them around my neck and in my ears as we speak and I wanted to do something that kind of represented Vegas Where I’m from and as you guys know, I have a shamrock tattoo I love stuff centered around like luck and that kind of stuff but not only that each dye adds up to 11 So that makes 11 11 and as you guys know if you follow me on Instagram, I see 11 11 like every day I’m super obsessed like synchronicity so it actually has a bunch of random little meanings to me which my last case did not, so. And then not only that there’s Like flames and checkers and it’s super trendy super cute So if you haven’t gotten that and you want to they’re super protective sturdy awesome cases, love wildflower, They’re gonna be out for a very limited time, so if you like it, it’s in the description below, awesome So the first story I’ve actually told a few times on tour and I’ve been meaning to tell this story to my youtube channel Literally since the moment it happened. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me, I’m an idiot. It’s an amazing story It’s horrible I cringe every single time I think about it But obviously I’m thankful that these horrible things happen to me so I can at least make a story out of it I guess so this story happened about a year ago. I didn’t live in LA yet I was staying in Los Angeles filming escape the night. We had just wrapped filming one night My manager Jordan called me and he was like, hey, I need you to go to this red-carpet event with me It’s for this girl’s album release party. She’s super big in Spain. She’s releasing her album. She’s gonna be singing It’s this huge Spanish pop star. She really wants you to go. She invited a bunch of big influencers You should go, come to this release party, and walk the red carpet, and so reluctantly I’m like, yes I don’t really love red carpets. They’re not my thing. I’m not a fucking.. I’m not a pretty girl I’m not a candid ass bitch, sister loves facetune, sister is not good at red carpets where everyone is like Screaming, where everyone’s like screaming at you and like telling you how to pose and all that kind of shit look
I am just a mess and a little boy and I’m so bad at that stuff. my manager obviously looking out for what’s best for me wanted me to go, so I was like fine, I’ll go. I show up to this red carpet event That’s a lie, before showing up to this red carpet event, I was a little bit nervous. So I drank Maybe like 1/8 of my hotel’s minibar When Tana gets nervous Tana gets drunk. It’s such a bad habit, but I’m doing my best to fully break But obviously there are moments where I be slipping. I show up to the event I’m a little bit tipsy My manager decides that we should walk the red carpet First and then go into the event. The way the red carpets work is before the actual red carpet There’s a giant line of all of the talent. I say talent very loosely. I have zero Talent I don’t know if you’ve heard my music, but we’re all of the talent stands before they walk on the red carpets everyone has a little paper that says like your name and what you do and like all of your numbers which in reality is so Fucked up that people are like defined by that but that’s the toxicity that is this industry So whatever and you wait for the red carpet and then you walk it and then leave. Me and my manager are waiting in line for me to walk this red carpet in a Very condensed way. I don’t know how else to say it, but I am fucking disgusting I am a gross ass bitch if you looked at me, you know, and I was just like hey you might think I’m a girl, you might think I shower frequently, you might think I’m Hygienic and ladylike, but in reality none of that is fucking true I am absolutely the most disgusting human on this planet But not only that the closer I get with someone the more disgusting I get. I will literally shit on you if I am close To you, like, I will show you my asshole I don’t even know why is everything related to asshole and shit, like I am the worst. And so obviously I spent all of my time with my manager, so him and I are about as close as it can get, he is Literally like family to me. We’re waiting in line for this red carpet. I’m a little drunk. I hop on my phone I’m like on Twitter probably like being problematic or something And I kind of zone out on my phone and I’m under the impression while I’m zoned out on my phone that Jordan is still Standing there next to me But what I didn’t know, because I was zoned out on my phone, that in that time Jordan had actually walked away to go say hi to someone or do whatever the fuck Jordan does and this guy came up and stood Right next to me and was waiting in line for the red carpet too – so I’m on my phone under the impression that this man Next to me is Jordan. And so as you guys know, I have a very fucked up nose My nose is literally made out of my ear. I know that sounds really weird, but it’s the truth. I’ll link that video below I guarantee you my nose makes the snot for like seven people every day all day I used to get really about nosebleeds growing up I’m always sorting my snot I’m always like going like this like you know, that, and so I realized I’m about to walk the red carpet. I don’t want to be like snotty and gross so I go to like snort my snot back really hard, and before I do it the sudden overwhelming urge to Instead of just regularly snort my snot, to snort it in Jordan’s ear Overcomes my being. I decided that it would be really funny to get this close to my managers ear and Snort my snot in it. So I’m sure you can see where this story is going. So I think Jordan is next to me I turn my head I get this close to his ear and I go (snorts loudly) Ew, oh my god Sorry if that landed on anyone at playlist Orlando. And the second that I make that noise, what I think to be Jordan But is actually a random man, pulls away and goes “Oh my god”. I instantly pull away. I’m in shock I’m like, oh my god Oh my god. And I have this problem where when I when I do something wrong or I fuck up or embarrass myself I instantly start like over talking as if I don’t already talk way too fucking much and I’m like, oh my god I thought you were my manager. I’m so close with my manager me and my manager is just like we’re like best friends and when I get really close to someone I get really disgusting I’m already really disgusting in the long run. But like I’m really really disgusting when I’m really close to someone I have a fucked up nose. I got a nose job and because I got a nose job I snort my snot all the time and I can’t walk red carpets until I snort my snot and I snort my snot in your ear and I thought you were my manager I’m really really sorry, oh my god. And I just start going on and on and on to this guy trying to apologize I’m like, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I just do that like my nose is fucked up. I thought you were my manager I would never do that to you. I’m so sorry I’m going on and on and in this guy’s face like about to cry and he just looks at me and he goes “I don’t want to hear it, you’re disgusting and that’s disgusting.” and walks away, walks to the front of the line, starts walking the red carpet and Instantly, as he’s walking this red carpet, all of the photographers rushed forward. They’re all screaming his name The red carpet is instantly so chaotic. It’s clear that he’s very very famous And so I’m just looking at him, mortified, freaking out, wanting to cry. He walks off the red carpet, turns around, literally if looks could kill, like, gives me the death stare, like I hope you die stare and I just look at him and I’m like I know I deserve it. Walks into the party and now I’m about to be next on this red carpet so my manager walks back next to me. and he’s like okay like are you ready to go, are you excited for the red carpet? And I’m like no, I’m not ready for the red carpet You don’t understand what just happened, you don’t get it, you don’t get it, and he cuts me off freaking out and he’s like no but did you just see that guy? and I’m like what guy? and he’s like, the guy that just walked the red carpet in front of you, like the guy that all those people were freaking out over. Did I just see that guy? Fuck yeah I just saw that guy, and then I go to tell Jordan what happens and he cuts me off again, because he’s an asshole and He goes “no, that guy, he’s like the Justin Bieber of Spain He’s one of the most famous people in the world.” And then he turns my body to look around outside of the building, and There’s just like 30 paparazzi outside like waiting like screaming his name, fans with signs in his name. He’s like all those people outside They’re here for that guy. He’s so famous He shouldn’t be here. Like you should try to get a photo with him like it’s crazy He can’t go anywhere in Spain like he is the Justin Bieber of Spain You mean the guy that just The guy that just walked the red carpet, the guy that was just like posing and then he like left, like he’s in that room right now, like that guy like right over There and he’s like yeah. I’m like I don’t think I could take a photo with him or that I should bother him at all anymore because all of the contents of my nose were just audibly in his ear. And then I walked the red carpet, here are the photos And that is the story of the time that I snorted my snots in the Justin Bieber of Spain’s ear. So not only is that why I am single why I’m disgusting, why people don’t like me, why my manager doesn’t like me, why I could probably be ten times more successful than I am if I was like a play cute little girl, like I could have like hit on him, like who knows you know? But like, no. And now, onto the next embarrassing story, Which is actually a sex story. I kind of want to eventually do an entire video where I tell it embarrassing sex stories I don’t have that many. I like to think of myself as like a casual porn star It’s fine But on times that I like slip off from being like a perfect – I was gonna say freaky tight pussy legend, but I Realized it that might have been a little too much. “Tana why are you demonetized?” This next story is about a time that I was definitely trying to be a freaky bad bitch, and I really fucked up I’ve never talked about this on the internet. I’ve never told this story. There’s no proof of it anywhere You will not be able to find the person you will not know any of that and that’s simply because I’m way too ashamed You will not be able to find it. You will not be able to find the person, you will not know any of that and that’s simply because I’m Way too ashamed Of this story. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such public Humiliation, public mortification, than this story which I know public humiliation and sex don’t normally go together. That’s a very interesting story I’m not even gonna tell you guys the time frame of life, but it was definitely a while ago I was in a relationship and my boyfriend at the time decided he wanted to take me out on a date and so this was when I lived in Vegas full time, to the LINQ Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas, Which is actually like one of the biggest ferris wheels in the world Maybe one of the – I think it is the biggest ferris wheel in the United States. It’s absolutely huge It’s technically considered an observation wheel because it’s not like little seats, you sit in, it’s like big studio apartment sized pods on this ferris wheel to go all around Vegas and has the best view of Vegas it’s absolutely beautiful I’ve been on a few dates there. I actually vlogged one a while ago It’s absolutely amazing, highly recommended love the LINQ. can’t say I’ve gone back since this story, can’t say I’m not a little afraid to go back but and It was a week night And so anything really touristy on random weeknights in Vegas is super empty Which is really cool for the locals because then you can experience it, but you don’t have to deal with a bunch of tourists It’s often a lot cheaper for the locals. It’s like a Tuesday night. We’re gonna go to the LINQ. It’s gonna be empty It’s gonna be super romantic, super awesome Whatever. we both kept making jokes to ourselves on the way there, Like, what if we were to fuck on the ferris wheel, because it’s not it’s just like a seat or whatever, it’s like a pod, and if you’re in the pod alone it’s like you’re in like a studio apartment like all by yourselves, you know, and so we’re like Okay, like, if it’s empty it’s meant to be, like let’s get freaky like I definitely was in the stage of the Relationship where I wanted to be like that freaky, like bad bitch girlfriend, who’s like way better than all of your exes, and is like sooo much freakier and like crazier like, you’re always gonna remember that time you had sex on a ferris wheel, like I wanted to be that bitch So I was like ready, game on, I’m definitely very fearless when it comes to things like that I think life is short. You know, why not? and so we show up to the LINQ, we get to the ferris wheel It’s about to be our turn to go on and we’re waiting in line and we realized there’s no one else in line There’s no one else around us No one, just the workers and us. we were hoping to simply get a pod by ourselves Let alone the entire ferris wheel, We didn’t even think that would be a thing, and so we keep waiting and waiting assuming other people are gonna show up No one shows up. It’s time to get on the ferris wheel We have this entire giant Ferris wheel all to ourselves, we get to choose which pod we want We walk onto the pod, the ferris wheel starts going, we start to make our way around and get up into the air. it moves Very very slowly. So this was probably like 20 minutes elapsed. We’re looking at the view, we’re taking photos It’s super pretty, we’re really happy, and then we both realize like oh shit. We’re alone. We’re all by ourselves Like we made jokes like we didn’t really think it was gonna be like a real thing But like we are here by ourselves, this is kind of a once in a – once in a blue moon Opportunity to say the least, why don’t we just do it? And so after debating going back and forth and back and forth I’m like fuck it, like there’s like seats inside of the thing. So we sit down on the seat and I’m like, it’s go time whip your dick out. I’m sorry mom and dad I’m lowkey pussying out. We’re both debating back and forth. He’s like do I actually do it? Like what do we do? Like should I like cover my dick with like my hoodie? Um, I honestly no we’re all by ourselves We check the entire space for cameras. We double check again. time is now passing We’re about to be at the very top which is by far like the most romantic part of it as well So like if we’re gonna fuck like now is the time, you know We obviously don’t wanna be fucking like as it’s coming back down because that’s where all the workers are whatever so we check the thing For cameras, so so so hardcore we both come to the conclusion that there are no cameras. We’re like 100% sure We like fuck it. Let’s just do it. and so my boyfriend whips his dick out He’s sitting in this chair I get down on my knees like suck his dick But I never talk about things like this on camera like actually like sexual things And I’m feeling so virginal, and so I start like sucking his dick, like I don’t even know how to say it, like his dick is in my mouth I’m sucking his dick. and so the entire time while we were in the ferris wheel They were playing like a – it’s like a tour guide video that tells you all about the hotels in Vegas and all about how the LINQ was built and there’s like music and all this kind of stuff and so all of a sudden the entire pod goes dark, all of the videos stop playing, and simultaneously, while his dick is in my mouth the loudest possible alarm starts playing like *sound* I’m a man with a penis and my voice cracks as loud as possible, red lights start blinking, and the TVs immediately switched from videos telling you all about the LINQ and all about Vegas and stuff – to like these big screens that are basically saying Like you are violating the like laws or terms or whatever of this ferris wheel and whatever you’re doing You need to stop now. and so immediately we’re both freaked out like his dick go soft I take his dick out of my mouth. Oh my god. Sorry We both now realize that somewhere in this pod. There is cameras that we just missed and somewhere at the LINQ There’s a security team or security people that just watched me suck my boyfriend’s dick. so much so did they sounded an alarm, stopped the videos, and told us to stop and so now we’re both just standing there, in this LINQ pod, trying to be like “okay, so let’s look at the view, I guess” like we’re also stuck up on this ferris wheel and we both come to the realization that this is like public indecency, it’s super illegal, so then we both just start freaking out, like when we get off, are we gonna get like arrested type shit I don’t even think I’m 18 at the time so I’m like oh my god, my mom’s gonna have to come pick me up for sucking a dick on a fucking ferris wheel I’m like gonna start crying, My boyfriend’s like, don’t cry, this was supposed to be a good date, like, I’m so sorry. Like duh-duh We also both know that, since there is obviously cameras, the security team is probably watching us like dying laughing like this is so fucking embarrassing and so another like 20 minutes go by and We’re just standing on this pod like pacing, freaking out. I’m about to cry. We know people are watching us we don’t care about the view anymore, our date’s ruined, I’m ashamed, I’m literally praying to God, please don’t let me get arrested for sucking dick on this Ferris wheel right now. we’re weighing out all of our possible options, whatever, and so finally the ferris wheel comes down And this was already embarrassing enough like even if we never Saw the people that caught us or all that kind of stuff, like even if we just went home, and like nothing bad ever happened This already would have been 10 out of 10 embarrassing in my opinion but as we’re coming down off the ferris wheel, we look and we realize all of the employees are like Standing in a line, like waiting for us to get off this Ferris wheel conveniently, it was also the last ride of the night before they closed, So every employee is there to like see us off, and I’m like, okay Well, maybe all the employees are just there because they have to close it Like maybe they have no idea like maybe just the security people saw like, let’s not freak out Let’s not think worst-case scenario whatever, and so we walk off this Ferris wheel and immediately all of these employees are dying laughing and Clapping, like we are walking through like two lines of people, like down the middle of them Well, they’re all just looking at us like this Giving us a round of applause, while people are saying things under their breath like, at least you tried The guy employees are looking at my boyfriend being like, get it man like that shit’s illegal like haha like laughing, all while giving us a round of applause while I’m walking like As we’re leaving they’re like trying to sell us photos of us like on the inside, the photo employee Lets us know that the cameras are inside of the TVs, which I don’t even know how the fuck that high-tech shit works But that is so embarrassing so that also probably means that that photo employee literally saw me with a dick in my mouth And so after we leave like a week later News breaks out and goes viral like viral all over Twitter, all over social media all over Vegas news, that a couple was arrested for having sex On the LINQ Ferris wheel. and it wasn’t us, like I don’t know if we did it and then a week later someone else did It and the LINQ employees were just fed up and fucking arrested those people for like public indecency and whatever and it’s crazy to me That to this day that information has absolutely never leaked. Like, I was worried about it for months and months and months that like a LINQ employee was gonna tweet about it or someone was gonna expose me or whatever or that obviously the photos and videos Of it or the security footage was gonna get leaked and then I was gonna be like a fucking porn star and like, I’m not ready to be a porn star yet And I definitely wasn’t at the time and I was underage and like all this kind of stuff so yeah That was the story of the time that I got caught sucking a dick on a ferris wheel and received an award Winning round of applause by every single employee of the company after I left. even telling that story after it’s done I’m cringing so hard I seriously wonder if that security footage still exists or if any of those LINQ employees like remember me or realize that was me I’m very scared to see how this unfolds but I’m doing it to myself But yeah, as you guys can see the Sun is currently setting, look at that fucking breeze. Yes covergirl sister. James is shaking. I hope you guys enjoyed these two random Embarrassing stories. you guys already know this, but there’s nothing more in the world that I love than sitting down and just telling you guys Random fucking stories. So I hope you enjoyed this, if you guys want more embarrassing stories or more embarrassing sex stories Let me know, because like I said in the beginning of this video all I fucking do is embarrass myself I am a walking living breathing embarrassment at all times. So I would definitely love to keep this shit up Thank you guys so much for watching I’m gonna go enjoy Playlist live, meet some more of you guys, meet up with my friends, maybe eat some food Make sure to subscribe like I said in the beginning of the video, click that little bell to turn your notifications on Grab my phone case if you haven’t. I’m so in love with it and I’m so glad it’s finally out, that will be linked below As will Tana-con merch. now, I’m gonna shut the fuck up and I’m gonna let you guys go I love you so much bye. don’t suck dick on Ferris wheels and don’t ever Snort snot in people’s ears because you never know whose ear it’s going to be I can’t believe I’m saying that sentence, like that’s like a lesson, Tana you’re a fucking idiot, all of America knows not to snort snot in peoples ears you’re just the embarrassment. I’m gonna go ,bye

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