I Hate This Subaru

rev up your engines today I’m gonna show you how to fix a
car that’s making a clunk when you’re driving a Subaru you can tell the clunks
coming from the right rear so we’re gonna jack it up and check stuff and my
cool kangaroo mat to throw on the ground up it goes but we’ll move over to the
tire I take it off looking for problem areas and uh it’s really easy here this
is the strut it’s leaking like a sieve it’s all worn out well compare it to the
other side and as you can see this sides dry as a bone it’s not leaking just the
other side no I’d already get to the top of shock strata something you gotta take
all the stuff out of the trunk then got on the rear seat open that up and when
we look inside there’s the two bolts that hold it on on the top that’s the
tops out here that you can’t access without taking the inside so you can
drop this down yeah break them loose yeah there we go get the other one then
we run bolts the bolts on the bottom and down comes the whole thing you slide it
up there it is now you gotta check this apart you need spring compressors as you
can see you put one on one side you tighten it up then flip it over put one
on the other side don’t narrow then you get them super tight so they compress
the spring so it doesn’t fall off you one side flip it over do the other side
then you take the top nut off yeah I take the nut off and the whole thing
comes off there we go yeah sometimes they stick but they will come out eventually out it comes and as you can see when I pull on its supposed to be real
tough it just slides up and down it’s worn out just doesn’t work anymore so I
get the new one and we put the little dust cover on it and it’s like all pink
over it and it goes a lot easier getting them in that is getting them out then
you put the bolts on the top and bolt it back on then you’re unbolt the spring
depressors takes a lot of doing around there
and then off comes one danyoung bolt the other sometimes they get a little stuck
got to wiggle them a little eventually you’ll be able to get them
off there we go then you slide it back in the hole so the bolts
fit in the holes and bolt them in on the opposite side there you go back inside
your trunk yeah and you tighten them up then finally can line the bolt up to
hold the bottom on it’s a real pain in the butt and then tighten it up there it
is all put back together in now I won’t clunk and I won’t leak let me put the
world’s mag on then put all the stuff back on the trunk
don’t forget the giant mat and you’re done a lot of sweat and when it’s 99
outside don’t you save yourself a lot of money so the next time your car starts
clogging in the back fix it yourself so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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