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McKenzie says how do I not get scammed buying cars on Craigslist watch
my video how to buy used cars so you can check them out yourself but the first
thing is say is it a clean title they got to tell you yes or no then you say
it’s the title in your name and if they say no walk away because that’s the
biggest scam is that these used-car Lots pay private guys to sell cars they’re
someone and if the person’s title is not in their name don’t buy it cuz they’re
selling it for somebody else that’s one of the easiest ways whose
selling it and it’s not theirs then you know walk right away and of course before you
ever get it have a mechanic check it out don’t ever buy a car unseen from a
mechanic cuz there’s so many ways people can cheat you look at the title first
and if they say yeah well they have the title or it’s not in their name just
walk don’t listen to any crap on that, Anthony says Scotty what do you think
of the WRX okay with the Subarus are fun to drive they always have been zippy
cars now realize that it’s old technology those four-cylinder boxer engines that’s
what the Volkswagen Beetles used in a ww2 time when it made the first one
it’s old technology and they’re trying to get horsepower out of old technology
and it can be done and they’re okay for driving around but today with modern car
designs for the horsepower they put out for the price they charge for how they
run I don’t think they’re really worth the money
on the other hand if you can get a used one cheap enough that’s in decent shape
they can be fun cars to drive around but there’s no way in Hades that I buy one
of those things brand new it I sticker price you’re just throwing your money
away then try to find one that has been taken care of that you can get used to
and definitely definitely if you get one get a standard transmission don’t even
think about getting with an automatic they’re garbage
Ethan banker says Scotty are Tesla battery’s good in the winter and is the
Tesla Model 3 are they reliable cars they’re relatively reliable electric
motors are so much simpler there’s not that much to them, I got a friend who lives
in Quebec in Canada he went out and he got an electric car and he found that in
the winter it gets really cold there sometimes 40 50 below that you lose up
to 45 percent of your battery mileage that you can go right off the
bat when it gets to that cold that’s the problem with batteries
they’re not made for really cold weather and they’re not made for really hot
weather you know that’s something that kicks out electric cars is
really cold they’re not really made for extremes electric motors are good at
lower speeds and lower power but at either cold temperatures or hot
temperatures and it gets really cold they can’t do anything about that
because if they use their own energy to heat themselves up then they would go
even less, so think about that you live in a
cold climate you might rethink electric cars, edith says what do you
think of the gt350 Mustang well very interesting technology in a gt350 fast
fun cars to drive around they cost a whole bunch of money that I’ve given
away cuz anytime they make something like that the GT series they always up
the ante the price and stuff on them and they’re super high technology there’s no
arguing that they’re not like a simple old v8 which is plain old fuel injection
and no turbos or superchargers they’ve got all the bells and whistles on fun to
drive but you know as time goes on in the age they’re probably gonna have
engineering problems with some of the high-tech turbo and GDI stuff breaking
down as it ages it’s just modern technology the stuff
that really goes as it ages it’s gonna break down faster and cost a lot more
money to fix too, pro-4x official says what do you think of the Toyota Paseo
there were decent cars they were a marketing failure you know they
never were really popular when you start making a cheaper car it’s always a
problem because how cheap are you gonna make it so that it’s still decent but it
doesn’t cost that much and that was always the problem with the cheaper
Toyotas they’re they’re decent cars it’s just that they weren’t that great and
when you get low and sometimes they’re too low and they don’t ride that well
and they’re buckety and so they were kind of a failure sales but they weren’t bad
cars alright Google’s getting in a car action
now they are working on a personal safety app that will notify and
automatically call 911 if you get in a car wreck of course like everything else
these days it’s all based on the old cellphone and it’s going to have various
software inputs like motion sensors on these the noise that hears
in a car here’s people screaming or crash noises gonna be able to call you
to see if you’re okay and if you don’t respond it’s gonna call 911 give your
location now it’s not out yeah it’s somebody leaked some of the information
on it but people are working on these things and not a bad idea really if it
if it works out right I can certainly see if it screws up and starts calling
that there’s problems when there aren’t that the 911 guys are gonna be mad as
Hornets somebody rattling the horn they’re gonna come out screamin if they
keep getting called the stuff that isn’t actually there and knowing how apps
work especially when they’re in a beta formation they often have glitches in
them but if they get it down pat this personal safety I pay could save a lot
of people in a long run, BW Reggie says when you clean up that mess in your
garage there’s just organized chaos like the physicists say the end state of all
matter is entropy I’m just preparing for the end times in my garage guy wrote
this book I read ages ago hero the story was this monster and he had all
this stuff in a cave and he said my whole purpose in life is to one day get all my
stuff and put it in piles and maybe one day give them all a name maybe I’ll try
that, drives my wife nuts but it keeps her out of the garage she never goes in
there anymore, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

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