I Just Bought The Cheapest Lamborghini In The Country!

I Just Bought The Cheapest Lamborghini In The Country!

(deep sigh) (clapping) (Ohhh yeah..) (screams) (claps) I just bought a Lambo So I’ll level with you guys..
I am NOT a rich kid of YouTube I don’t have a billionaire dad(!), and I have never operated a lemonade stand in my life(!), but despite all of that.. somehow I’m standing here in front of my new-to-me 2008 Lamborghini – Gallardo Spyder , now all the supercar cost the original owner more than $200,000. I bought it for a little bit less than that..
MUCH less than that! In fact, this was the cheapest running Lamborghini for sale in the country. Now some of you may be wondering:
‘Where I find my cars so cheaply??’ After all I do own the country’s cheapest Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG. The country’s cheapest Toyota Supra, and a Toyota MR2 that I basically bought for pocket change! Well, my not, so well-kept secret is that I use a site called ‘AutoTempest.com’. Let’s say you’re like me and your greatest pastime is window shopping for cool cars. Just go on AutoTempest select the car you’re looking for and with one click, you can browse through eBay, Cars.com, CarGurus and other major classified sites. You can also compare with Craigslist nationwide which is a really big deal because Craigslist only gives you 200 miles to play with. If you love great deals on cool cars: This site will absolutely change the way you look for your next Automotive purchase, so check it out in the link below. I understand having the cheapest of any car in the country, Does come with some caveats (?) I know some people in the comments are already typing away, saying that their; ‘Cousins Best Friend’s Hairdresser’, bought one of these cars for a handful of pocket change and a hug, and then I only made this video to copy other arguably better YouTubers. Actually let me check something real quick……. (Transition: 27 SECONDS LATER… ) [Dialogue/Skit starts: Hoovie & Tavarish.]
[In car phone system ringing] (Hoovie: Hello? )
(Hello?) Tavarish: Hey Tyler, it’s me.
Hoovie: Freddy?
Tavarish: Hey, yeah man, umm.. How you been?
Hoovie: You know that this is the ‘Hooptie Fleet Hotline’, right? This is only for emergencies Tavarish: Yeah, it’s actually about that, so your cheapest in the USA titles I know that’s been your thing for a little while with the BMW and the S-Class… the Bentley…
and that new car that you haven’t told anybody about. Hoovie: All right, all right you have my attention!
What’s your point? Tavarish: Would you mind if I use the title of; ‘The Cheapest Lambo in the Country!’. Hoovie: Is it actually; ‘The Cheapest Lambo in the Country!’
Tavarish: Yeah, yeah, I mean…. ..technically! Yeah, I guess, ehh.. Well, I mean kinda
(If you look at it at a certain way… ehhh… it is true but yet again from other ways.. eh well…) Yeah, yes I’d say so Only from.. if it’s if it’s coming from me..
[Abruptly interrupted by Hoovie in an angrily frantic manner.]
Hoovie: JUST DO IT!! Tavarish: DONE!
Hoovie: Wasting my time, these people!
Hooptie awayyyy!! [Dialogue ends.] So let’s begin with a little history lesson. Well most people know the names of big Lambo models like the Countach, Diablo Murcielago, and Aventador, by name, if you hard-pressed to find anyone who knows all the names of the baby Lambos. Well some of you will know about the Silhouette, the Jalpa, and the Urraco.
If you rolled up to any cars and coffee in the world today. You’d probably have more people asking; ‘What kind of kit car you have?’, versus, ‘What kind of a Lamborghini it is?’. [Scene from Top Gear UK]
James May: No, it’s not a kit car. It’s a Lamborghini Philistine!
[Scene ends] That is why it’s so important.
This the first generation Lamborghini, Gallardo jointly designed by the people that brought you the (Volkswagen) Jetta, the (Audi) A4 and the (Volkswagen) Touareg… was the baby Lambo that single-handedly, that saved Lamborghini. So listen to these numbers… since Lamborghini is inception in 1963 as an automaker up until 2014 when this car is discontinued,
Lamborghini made somewhere around 30,000 cars. Now between: 2004 and 2013 when this car was made they made more than 14,000 Gallardo’s. That means that nearly half of every Lamborghini ever made is a Gallardo. So what that means is, even though this car doesn’t have the iconic scissor doors that the big Lambos have. This statistically is the most Lambo Lambo ever made? [Transition: Tavarish entering the Gallardo with some difficulty/grunting.] All right, that’s kinda comfortable. So even though this was a technically cheap Lamborghini It still was ludicrously expensive For men of modest means such as myself. This car when it was brand-new in 2008 was US$210,000, not including any additional extras,
some of which I’ll read… Right now.
There’s just a fraction of the options you can get by the way you can really option these out, if you’re if you’re crazy enough and rich enough, so you have the e-gear which is a automated manual with paddle shifters and only two pedals. That will cost you eleven US$11,000 at sale time.
You have a navigation system & Bluetooth a bargain at only US$4,000(!!)
The previous owner has Bestowed a aftermarket Pioneer unit apparently that navigation unit wasn’t that great(!)
You have a perforated steering wheel leather Meaning that this steering wheel leather except with holes in it will cost you US$700 You have carbon fiber interior, so all the interior bits That would be covered in leather, well some of the interior trim, that is US$10,400 (!) And if you wanted this color, but just with a matte finish on it, that would cost you an extra US$27k!! [Laughs/Scoffs] And the list goes on and on and on…
It’s so expensive and so extensive that, if you wanted to kit out a Gallardo with all the options, all the really expensive options. You can get over US$100k over the base price, without leaving the dealership that is… [Jokingly laughed] That’s insane, that’s insane guys, now, I already have a mortgage, so I don’t need a second one in my driveway I didn’t pay 200 grand for this not even close. I paid US$64,000 for this which is 75% less than the original purchase price and about half of what a good Gallardo with this age And this mileage would trade for on the open market. Now…. Is the fun stuff!! This car comes equipped with a 5L V10 making around: 520hp, it revs to more than 8 grand, and it has a six-speed manual transmission; Making it capable of almost 200 MPH. Also.. It has a drop-top that looks as good up, as it does down. In addition it also comes with a front lift system that raises the front of the car to clear speed bumps and steep driveways And it actually has a decent amount of space in the front trunk. Well… Decent if you’re traveling alone & that you only have like a carry-on or something… And all of that would be really nice except none of It applies to this car… because mine… is… Rough… I would love to show you how the top and the front lift system work. But I can’t because they sort of don’t work at the moment, and although the engine does start. It doesn’t run all that well. [Engine starts.. demonstrating said thing.] If you give it any more than 3000 RPM, it just dies instantly and that is not the best part You see if you try to put it in gear while the engine is running. You just get a whole lot of…. [Attempting to put car into gear] Come on It’s your home. You do good for your home! [End of scene] So the car technically does run. But it doesn’t rev or drive.
The key features that make it so cool… don’t even work and… Cosmetically, it’s pretty rough when you’re less than 20 feet away! So why did I buy this car? Well let me pop the hood and I’ll show you [Tavarish opening the engine bonnet/hood/cover] [softly says]: ( ehh… easy does it!) (ehh.. ok..)
(eh, come on..) [Grunts & pops engine cover latch]
(Ok!) (Alright… There we go!) (That’s… sketchy!) [Grunts, whilst opening the soft convertible roof top.] (eh, eh.. come on.. eh..)
[Inaudible] [End of transition scene] This is not your garden-variety Gallardo. This is not the 520 horsepower V10 that it comes with. This is the 520 horsepower V10 that was upgraded with rods, pistons, sleeves, and everything to make it a built engine to take a lot of boost, and a lot of boost is what it gets, because back there are twin BorgWarner efr turbochargers and those go into this: this a custom air to water intercooler and That pumps up the power To about a 1,000 horsepower because that’s what the previous owner told me that this car made to all four wheels on the dyno (?!) [Clip of the Gallardo on a Dyno run.] And that’s not even the best part because this engine is ‘allegedly’ capable of 1600 horsepower… ‘SIXTEEN HUNDRED horsepower!!!!’ That’s that’s absolutely [Laughing in disbelief.] That is just laughable. [Laughs] I do take the owner’s words with a grain of salt. You can never know if people are really being truthful with the sort of stuff I’m super excited to check these claims out, and I hope this car makes that sort of power… eh well.. when it runs. In addition this car comes with these awesome JRZ RS Pro coilovers with the Optional front lift, and also a Syvecs S12 standalone engine management unit, and also these really cool Strasse Forged wheels, I’m not digging the color too much… But the wheels I love the design. And that brings me to my next point. Now a Lamborghini like this with all these high-dollar parts with this low of mileage, it only has 19,000 miles Wouldn’t be this cheap if it didn’t come with the story. And this one certainly does… I’ll go into details in a later video, but let’s just say it’s hell in cars are often known for their passion. Their Red-hot fiery passion, that sometimes gets so scorching that it takes the paint off of ones out of the car. (If you catch my drift!) Well, there’s no history of accidents or flood or electrical issues…. yet… I bought this car with a salvage title, which I’m calling… ‘SAVAGE TITLE’ (!) because I am NOT taking a ‘L’ on a car this cool… I apologize for that joke… (!) So I do plan on making this road legal I plan on making it the greatest YouTube project car in the history of the world! Well, maybe not that last part (!) But it’ll be pretty cool, so hit that subscribe button, turn on notifications and watch my misery and/or Happiness, as I find out how hard it is to modify. What is already a heavily modified Lamborghini by myself in my garage (Ughhh.. why did I do this?!?!) Thanks so much to AutoTempest for sponsoring this video, check them out in a link below. You can contact me at:
“@TheRealTavarish” That’s Instagram & Twitter. “Facebook.com/askTavarish”, and
[email protected]” is my email and ask me anything you want about this car or any of My other money pits/projects/what am I doing with my life? if you’re interested in buying a shirt and eh… Letting people know that you are the warranty!
Links for that will be in the description below, but until next time This is telling you that on cars like this that definitely don’t run and I have to push this back into the garage You guys need to ‘Wrench Everyday!

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Maybe you didn't get ripped off but you did get lied to with your low lack of engine knowledge 😂 all lambos have forged pistons and rods to handle high boost, the "upgrade" if fake, the twin turbo v10 is the same as the naturally aspirated v10 engine, just that one has the turbo package. And what about that they said about sleeves, and "everything" hahaha bet they told you it had forged motor oil and a forged dipstick 😂 smh good car, can handle more than 1600hp but it's not recommend to add Nitrous to give it more power because these v10 blocks often snap past 1200hp.

  2. What's funny is how all these youtubers slow down and spell $200k initial price of vehicle like it's a big deal and something unheard of lol. Just for comparison a family SAV BMW X5 costs $100k and I'm talking about regular x5 50i, NOT x5M version! They sell in millions and soccer moms drive them to grocery store and yet they don't make a big deal out of it lmao. Heck Porsche Cayenne costs $160k and it's still a family SUV lol! So extra $40k is not going to suddenly make this a world shattering event lol. I mean those x5 and cayennes are everywhere and people total them daily lol. Come on – get realistic man. Now if you were to film a Rolls-Royce or Bugatti – then it would be a completely different thing, but this….nah

  3. What a piece of junk! You should have took the money and put it down on a real Lambo that actually drove. As a Certified mechanic I can tell you you better find one and make good friends

  4. “The greatest project car of YouTube history” it is, you set a trend. People are now buying broken supercars and rebuilding them but congratulations on coming on top. I just saw your video about the pricing and everything and as a fan who watched your videos from day 1 I’m proud of you man.

    PS: “savage title” 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. My God, what will it take to get people to stop speaking Spanish when saying "Gallardo"? It's Italian, not Mexican! Good grief.

  6. Dude, do you play guitar? I mean, do you really have some chops or is that wall art? LOL… hmmm, Mesa Boogie amps?…. hopefully you’ve not sold any vintage gear to supplement your car purchases. That would be sacrilegious. LOL.

  7. Basically you got ripped off on a broken Lambo that everyone else decided it would be more expensive to fix than to sell. Now you're stuck with a junk ornament with a sky-high insurance premium that really doesn't do anything for you. Congratulations.

  8. so you can even adjust your sets ? with a whole lot of things that need to be fix .. well is it a win still

  9. My cousin was a genius mechanic as well. He did things like this all the time. He would buy totaled luxury cars from insurance companies and fix them. It was easier for him since he was about that life and had many friends with similar automotive backgrounds to help him out. So he saved tons of money on repairing it. This guy probably lives a similar existence.

  10. You say you’re not rich… but you own a beautiful home, own multiple supercars, and just bought this “junker” for $64,000. You’re richer than 99.999% of all people on this planet. Just saying.

  11. 1to1000 rich to average viewers —- you act like you ain’t stacked so u can continue stacken- so don’t patronize us!

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  13. "Hoopdie.. awaaaayyy" lol.. nice Lambo :D. Looks fun getting into the driver's seat lol.. That's a lovely manual Spyder

  14. i was just comparing prices between autotempest.com and dubai.dubizzle.com . here in Dubai exotic car way more cheaper then USA .
    Here the SPECS of the car Are made for Gcc countries that mean more solid because if the weather , bigger radiator interior features Air conditioning stronger Filtration system and More and more expensive comparing with US SPECS …. for the people who dont know you can have look here and see what is the difference https://uae.yallamotor.com/car-news/5-reasons-you-should-buy-a-gcc-spec-car-in-the-uae-5132

    i can see you guys buying accident cars from copart sometimes prices of good car here , as well we do have here copart in dubai you can bid and they will export to you and you still can save money

  15. you bought a driven off lambo was tuned, have fun bro – the engine is used up like a 200k miles engine and this will be a waste of cash 🙂 you never buy tuned cars

  16. 2008 limbo when u get into a car accident or need a repair bro take my advice fix it ur self instead of taken it to a mechanic or just bring it to me I'll help u cause these machinice will scam u like a money pitt I'm telling u u will lose ur hair to see what happens if ur car breaks down or need a repair don't do it

  17. Why do so many people hate this guy? I've been watching some of his videos and I don't see why so many people dislike him.

  18. You can get these at government auctions for under 50k. US Marshals and IRS should be your first stop. Sometimes they have bullet holes in them but point being they are cheaper then what he paid.

  19. Do you finance these? Or do you save. And do you have insurance on all your cars? I want more cars but idk how people do it. Thanks 😊

  20. Dude, I can't afford to sink 64k in a car like that one, and I'm pretty privileged. I suggest you to reevaluate. Being humble is a poor excuse in my opinion. Beside that, I just discovered your videos and I'm loving them. Keep up the good work!

  21. It is by far not the most lambo lambo ever made. Statistically proven to not be the most lambo lambo lol. You've got it the other way around my bro :'D

  22. so…basically this video is all about something you bought which later on you regret but try to comfort yourself in every way.

  23. im sad my dad couldn’t buy me a lambo coz the ground of iceland is trash and would scuff the car

  24. Fuc I had a buddy of bought a salvage one years ago older than this ripped out the training and transmission and put a LS1 in it

  25. Hey after you made the deal for your Lambo and you were walking away did you feel something hit you in the back? Well you should have turned around cause it was your change from buying the car….it was a bag with ……60;K

  26. Damn, so many low life haters, yall wish u could at least buy yourself a scooter. But guess what? Your never getting that amount of cash. You know why cause your a piece of shit and your parents hate you.

  27. My uncle bought they cheapest Lamborghini in the world by a long shot if 64k was the cheapest! He got his for 45k

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