I Just Invented This for My Car (Going to Make Millions)

I Just Invented This for My Car (Going to Make Millions)

rev up your engines today since this
mechanic Monday I’m gonna show you some products I found that work great and
don’t cost much and as usual it’s not sponsored by anyone except the truth the
first thing I’m talking about is a work light the old-style stuff simple the
light bulbs in here you can either plug it into a law or get a 12-volt one the
clamps on the batteries they got a big disadvantage this is metal gets hot you
can easily burn yourself so these aren’t the greatest and for other reasons he’s
either directional this way but they don’t really point and crevices you put
it somewhere isn’t gonna necessarily sit right so check it out very simple it’s
got a socket just like a regular bulb this was invented more for sticking
inside a garage point the direction anywhere you want the lights works
really well but I actually like it as a work light and here’s why hey I ready
had one of these drop like so just take the top off pull it off there we go one
two three that’s it we have to solder wires just screw it in and as you
can see when I turn it on it’s super bright click it on whoa it’s not dark
anymore so when you’re working under the hood of a car there’s no problem looking
inside too nooks and crannies just turning on not only can you see
everything but look it’s adjustable so you can turn on to any angle put them
where you want them shine them right in the spot you want super bright yeah but
not super hot you put your hands on them you can feel a tiny little bit of warmth
not much you’re not gonna burn your hands like you’re in an incandescent
ball and since they’re fully adjustable you can put one side down put it
wherever you want moving around it’s gonna stay right where you put it no
more fumbling with a flashlight you put it somewhere it rolls and falls off or
you can’t get at the point in the right direction
and for working underneath the car hey this thing is a miracle no more worrying
about you can’t see what you’re doing on earth as a car cuz it’s dark under there
and you go from this tell this haha you can see what you’re working on now
it’s got the street pad system it’s adjustable it’ll stay nice and stable on
the ground and then you can point that wherever you want and it will stay there
so why not do what I do repurpose a whole garage lighting system until your
work light with adjustable wings you can’t beat that things are like 30 bucks
now how do they cost anything like I say you’re not gonna burn yourself and
you’ll be able to see like mad the last thing I’m talking about disconnects hey
maybe there are only ten dollars but you wish you had them if you’re working on a
modern car with those funky electrical clips that you can’t get apart without
damaging them now if you counted all these removers there’s 36 of them in
this kit you might say Scotty why do you have 36 of them well because
things have changed when I was a younger mechanic there were only three or four
different kinds of connectors the worst thing came you get a pair of pliers
you’d squeeze them and they come apart that was it but now they have 36
different types of connectors with different ways of taking them apart and
the worst thing is where they’re located there’s no room to get two hands on it
and you normally need to have two hands to hold these fancy connectors back and
then you don’t have another pan to disconnect them so you got it work with
one hand to disconnect it one hand to pull well that’s how these things work
we want an you shove it in and it pushes all the connectors in and then you can
pull it out with the other hand and a lot of more even better that these you
don’t leave it on the chain you can see they got a disconnect er you’re on clamp
one of the things and you can pull them out one at a time if you want then you
shove them in sometimes they’ll stay in place then you can use both hands to
pull them apart especially on minor cars a lot of computer circuits so you don’t
use much power if you break these get them bent and
you’re forcing them off with a pair of pliers or your hands when you put them
back together again they will insidiously over time not
conduct the right amount electricity your car can do insane crazy things when
the computer system doesn’t have the perfect voltage there is such a tiny
amount of power often only five volts and maybe 30 40
milli amps of power hardly any power at all these things have to be together
really well so when you have to take things apart to disassemble things you
may not even be able to figure out what the problem is and since this mechanic
Monday I’m giving away one of these garage light systems have a chance to
win just place a clean non offensive comment I mean you two comments below to have lighting to work on their car anytime anyplace
and you’re not gonna burn yourself because they’re LEDs they don’t get hot,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. good day Scotty,I have enjoyed all of your video contents for many many yrs and it has got me out of a quite a few pickle moments.
    The light creation that you have made is and will be a life saver for all of those late night repairs and just to light up or great adventures.
    I possible how would i go about getting your light creation. Thanks for everything and keep up the great videos.

  3. That light would be awesome. I’ve been using the free harbor freight light. It doesn’t light up a whole lot and dims if left on for more than a few minutes.

  4. I recall the flashlight 🔦 rolling away as among the reasons there wasn’t much light 💡. Cool LEDs seem safe, clean, and inoffensive.

  5. Scotty, ive been burning my arm and breaking and rebuying crummy light bulbs for use under the car, and been looking for a solution. If you're keen to send it to Australia, id love that light! (Long time watcher, first time commentor 😅)

  6. And the good Lord said…. "LET THERE BE LIGHT"

    Then Scotty replies… "yeah but my light uses way less energy, is super bright, can be adjusted to get into nooks and crannies, and doesn't get hot like your light does"

  7. I think that light is pretty cool and with is as bright as they are now You can find smaller and brighter easier for a lower prices. There is one light that I use that is magnetized runs on batteries And has a flexible head that is on a 1-ft flexible neck.

  8. What a wonderful idea. I just ordered three for my garage and plan to give them for Christmas gifts. Thanks Scotty. Keep them coming.

  9. its funny, iv'e heard about these lights on 2 separate occasions in the past week from different friends…looks awesome! I could definitely use one.

  10. i love that light ideal and u make things better scotty also i love learning from your channel u make a lot of sents for the knowagle u have hope u have a good day .

  11. Scotty, could you do a review segment over diy inventions on utube that you feel are some of the best . i have seen a few that I found good items that don't cost too much to build.

  12. Ooh! This is awesome! And man, I'd love to get my hands on those lights. Gonna check the link you left and put it on my Christmas list if I don't win them first. Thanks again!

  13. I was out here not too long ago when you made the video about diagnosing a bad sensors I was able to get inside my map sensor and fix it and work light is pretty good idea Thanks for your advice it comes in handy when you want to save money and fix it yourself

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