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rev up your engines alrighty here we have
a Toyota that just came over it’s smoking under the hood and the check
engine lights on so let’s figure out so let’s open it up and plug in the old scan tool all right it’s got code p0171 system too lean so it’s running too lean which is
often a vacuum leak in the freeze frame data we can see that this
lean code tripped when the vehicle speed was zero so what happened when the car
wasn’t even moving which is almost always vacuum looks on now we’ll try to
figure out why it’s smoking under the hood
well we’re smoking on the backside here so let’s take this plastic crap off and
look inside come off comes the plastic cover do two things anyway they don’t do
it yeah we’re going ahead and get them off as we look around we can see there’s a ton of oil right here dirty old oil how’d you can see here the valve cover
gaskets leaking then it gets on the exhaust so we’re gonna change that yeah
when you look closer on the front you can see the oil is leaking all over here
from the valve cover gasket to so we’ll take all the pieces off to get the valve
cover off while we’re at it we’ll look for vacuum hoses in a cracked really cuz
that’ll often trip a lean code where it’s sucking air start with all the
holes is that are in the way then go to the back side yeah well disconnect all the ignition
coil assemblies and remove the wiring harness out of the way when we’ll take each one of the
coil off the bolt just comes off here comes the coils put them up here and we’ll do all
four gotta get them out of that room the little bolts that hold the valve cover on it’s all bunch of them okay bolt off and don’t forget the ones
hiding down here I got hitting all over the place they get a little pry bar
and pry it up eventually the stupid thing comes off then you can see the old brittle gasket comes off
then wipe all the corrosion off the edge of it so it’s nice and clean because you
want a nice shiny surface to put the new gasket anything in the way pull it off and clean if off all shinny and get the new gasket set and the
spark tube seal then you slide it all in and push it hard and this is really
all car so I’m gonna put a little 3m gasket sealer around a two because these old ones have a tendency of leaking unless you do that this stuff
works great I like the black stuff you just squeeze it all around the whole
thing what an artistic job don’t with the seals on the top in place you flip
it over carefully placing on wiggle everything around there’s not
much working space on it goes the tighten the ten millimeter bolts in start in the middle and work your way out don’t forget the back ones they’re hidden away
but their in there make them finger tight then start in the middle with
the ratchet and make them all nice and tight then put all the hoses back on
then put the ignition clothes back first get them finger tight then finish them
off with the ratchet then plug the ignition close in and for now if you
remember had it running to lean code so I checked them there’s no hoses that it
come off so I’m gonna change the PCV valve if they leak they’ll often suck
air so we’re gonna change that too because if the PCV valve sticks open
it’s up there then it runs link this is job on this car, they sure stuck it on this car, you’d never get along without the socket that’s for sure now I
can finally at least using my hands they got carried away with themselves in
this one how it comes then we’ll put the new one in these disease you’re putting
in there is getting it up try to twist it could’ve been a lot shorter they kind
of got carried away themselves now it’s getting snug so we’ll finish it up and put
the hose back on come on put the stupid beauty cover back on it lines up with
these holes it’s always a fun job then close the hood and start it up so if your car’s check engine light is
coming on and the car smoking under the hood you know how to fix it yourself, so
if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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