I Should Have Been Using This On My Car Years Ago

I Should Have Been Using This On My Car Years Ago

rev up your engines
today I’m gonna talk about some products that I’ve tried out that actually work
now the first thing I’m gonna talk about is this encore product it revitalizes
plastic and vinyl it’s a spray-on and man I am impressed by what this thing
does just look at the faded plastic under here under my license plate in the
front of this camera that is faded away now the first thing you want to do is
make sure it’s clean use some of this denatured alcohol on a
clean towel squirt some on and clean it all up
you want to make sure you get all the dirt off then you want it to dry so I
use my giant fan because not only does the alcohol clean it evaporates fast so
then you can spray this on then you just spray it on like you’re spray painting
now I’m too lazy to mask it off you can always mask it off before but with a
little alcohol you can wipe off any overspray it got on your paint that’s
easy enough to do rather than tape it all up this is hidden on the bottom
anyways little denatured alcohol and a rag worked over the top of the paint on
the edge they don’t take any of it off your paint but if you’re real fanatic
tape it all up with masking tape just like you were painting in a car and do
it that way then you want to wait 15-20 minutes to put another coat on now
really look at the difference the call this thing shines not before it was so
dull this stuff is amazing for vinyl and plastic it really works well now you get
twelve ounces in here it will do a lot of stuff over and over again and you
only need to do it maybe once a year or once every six months depending on the
environment you live in if you live in Texas hot sunny parked it out the Sun
all the time of course the ultraviolet rays are going to beat it up that’s why
it got faded in the first place this rejuvenates them fast lasts quite some
time and you can see it’s so easy to apply clean it and spray it on that’s no
big deal you can do any part you want in just a few minutes and to me I kind of
find it interesting I’m spraying like way this stuff smells pretty good well
they even say they got a new fragrance kind of smells like a little like cherry
it’s not some horrible stanch that you breathing in so if
you’re doing it inside the car on plastic you don’t get a horrible after
odor that lingers in your car now the next product I’m talking about is hg
power glue system it’s a regular super glue type thing but it has a powder that
it comes with that makes it strong as can be you can use it of course I’m play
a stick but you can also use on now you can use it on all kinds of surfaces and
for once thank heavens a company comes with excellent directions English and
Spanish but there’s pictures and it shows you exactly how to apply it in
different situations not just give you a tube and say hey good luck you’re on
your own you can use it to fix broken parts or reproducing pieces that are
missing by using the granular and the glue so it’s kind of like welding it
shows you how to use it if you just want to fill holes you got little holes in
something you just want to fill a hole it shows how you can do that and of
course it can be used like regular superglue just by itself to glue things
together they tell you just put it on one side of a clean surface and hold it
together while it bonds here’s an example of a broken eyelet a headlight assembly
this part is snapped off here so I want to fill this hall well first I’m gonna
get some gorilla today hey yo hey a little piece I just want to have a
backing part here and a little lip on the top don’t we get a little all the
powder and well put a little powder here as you can see the powder will fill the
hole there we’ll get some of that out of the way then you get the glue and you’re
dripping on know within a couple of minutes the stuff gets hard and if
you’re worried about 15-20 minutes it’s so hard you can file it down sand it if
you need to you can build it up more with the sand material put some more
glue on it till you get a lover you want just like welding and then you got a
nice hard bond as you can see when I take the tape off here we go
this is hard as a rock and since this is a bolt on thing we really don’t care you
don’t even see it it’s hiding under the car but if you wanted a neat job you
could keep sanding it down sanding it down building it up and you could even
spray paint it if you want it’s spray painted just don’t be stupid
mean get it on your finger cuz then you got to get some of that super glue
remover to get it off your skin wear our gloves I was just too lazy it’s so hot out
today I’m just doing my bare hands but you can
wear some rubber gloves and just throw them away when you’re done the stuff is
great for sealing plastics metals holes plastic pieces that broke off you can
rebuild them only your imagination is gonna limit the use of this stuff in an
emergency the stuff can come in really handy because it dries so fast three to
four minutes stuff is rock-hard I had a customer the other day was in a big
hurry and they had cracked some of the plastic on one of these stupid hoses
that goes all over under the hood and the engine and they just wanted me to
get it so they could drive at home and replace it later so I cleaned it off and
I put some of this on the plastic part built up over where the hole was because
you want to cover a large area of the hole and he drove it home so he had no
problems at all didn’t leak I really there’s nothing more annoying than
working on a modern car let’s say it’s 8-10 years old the plastics all brittle
you touch something and a little plastic knob breaks off you can put it back on
now especially if it’s one of those vacuum gels where everything works fine
but the little male end it sticks out snaps off when you’re working well you
can now bond that back on so you don’t have to buy a sensor that one that I was
working on a couple weeks ago was $175 I bonded it back on and since
this stuff dries so fast hey three four minutes later it was rock hard and I
didn’t have to say to the customer well I got to keep your car overnight because
I got to wait for this stuff to dry thoroughly this stuff dries fast so you
know a couple of products I tried out that really work quite well and since
this is mechanic Monday I’m gonna be giving away some of this Encore new
effects rejuvenating plastic and vinyl they have a chance to win just place a
clean non offensive comment on the YouTube comments below and a winner will
be chosen randomly by computer to make their plastic and vinyl look like new
again I mean really look at this it shines like mad
and we’ll put a little powder here, what the so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Scotty, I am a senior woman in her 70's and I am addicted to your videos. I have learned soooo very much. I intend to keep my CRV until I croak. And I will be able to do that because of your informative videos. I too live in Texas. Thank you indeed! 😊😊😊

  3. I drive a semi for a living and listen to your videos to pass the time and pick up how to do things. Really like how your videos are short and to the point.

  4. Hi Scotty! In the military we did many repairs with super glue. But you don't have to buy a fancy kit. Just use super glue and baking soda. Works great!

  5. I'm so glad I ran into your channel! These products will help me in so many ways, including around the house!

  6. That encore stuff looks pretty interesting. At least in the video, it seemed to work quite nicely, and quickly too!

  7. Would love to win the Encore spray, worked beautifully! Thanks so much for the opportunity Scotty.🤗 Have a great day!!

  8. Hey, Scotty! I learn so much from your vids! I'm driving a 2000 jeep Grand Cherokee, trying to keep it on the road for a bit longer!

  9. Crazy Glue and Baking Soda. It's all over YouTube. I wonder how much they charge for selling you the "magic Powder" which is just baking soda.

  10. You can use regular supper glue and baking soda for the same result.
    Also I use tire shine on rubber hoses and plastic parts under the hood.

  11. I have a plastic cover of a hose that I have been meaning to replace but seems like this super glue and secret powder may do the trick!

  12. I use 303 uv protestant on my rubber and bumpers. Conditions, turns color like new, dries matt. I started watching your vid's and have learned a lot. Now have a trunk loaded with products!

  13. I would just put a nice few coats of wax on the paint before spring the plastic coupon there. If you have a good wax there, the paint cleans up easily nothing really sticks to it.

  14. I have found scotty to be very informative and i am more impressed by how he comes up with so many videos consistently good job. I see other comment on other options/products and find that cool but he has removed so much guess work.

  15. I use lego glue. Works so good I fixed cracked gas cap on my gas can over a year ago. Stronger than new. M.e.k /Legos, mix to desired consistency.

  16. This glue looks awesome, wish I had it years ago, instead of mixing little batches of epoxy. Gonna put some of the Encore on the bumpers of my 1988 BMW 325i Convertible. BTW – thanks for the video about old BMWs like mine. I drove one in Germany in 1984 – Four adults and luggage – handled like a dream. I bought a slightly newer one a couple of years ago and drove it for the summer – while my old one sat in a garage, I sold the newer one for peanuts – it was a pretty car, but I could not wait for it to be driven away.

  17. Nice fan Scotty . rev up your engine,s. Supper glue and baking soda works good . . out in AZ. I use 303 spa restore $$$ pricey .

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