I SOLD my TURO JAGUAR F-TYPE S ONLINE – CarMax, Carvana, Vroom Apprasials

I SOLD my TURO JAGUAR F-TYPE S ONLINE – CarMax, Carvana, Vroom Apprasials

good morning YouTube today we’re gonna
sell my Jaguar f-type s v8 but we’re not gonna sell it privately we’re gonna sell
it to a dealership so I am gonna go traded my Jaguar to some online
dealership or whatever whoever gives me the best price so we’re gonna try all
the different websites that offer to buy your car with an instant quote or
whatever and whoever gives me the best number is what we’re gonna take and just
trade it in and just get rid of it and I’m gonna lose a bunch of money but
that’s okay because I just want to get rid of the damn thing so as of this moment I bucked that car
about a year ago for a little over $42,000 which meant with taxes and
everything my total loan was about $45,000 I didn’t put anything down
because the intention of that car was to make money with her Oh which yeah that
then didn’t go very well we’re gonna take a big hit so right now I owe 37
thousand four hundred and something dollars I’m gonna guess that if I’m
lucky I might be able to get 33 for it so I’m gonna have to write a check to
sell this car which sucks but then I don’t have to deal with it anymore
and that’s why I really care about right now is I’m just done with it I just
don’t want to deal with this car anymore so let’s start plugging in numbers and
information online and see what sort of offers we get and see if we can sell
that thing today okay YouTube so we’re going to start off with Kelley Blue Book
because I like Kelley Blue Book’s website so I have this instant cash
offer which is going to be I’m sure terrible so paste the vin convertible
three yeah a kid silver I have the client pack I have the blind spot
performance and premium it’s it’s loaded it’s totally loaded backup camera heated
pretty wheels yep okay all those options do they have any aftermarket equipment
nope are you the original owner no there’s too many components yes isn’t he
accent no assurance guide paid for any repairs no does he think I’ll have any
noticeable orders no did complete maintenance records no do you have two
more keys no I’ll have one this vehicle been to an auto auction last 45 days no
because of carbon used as a rail car well there’s an interesting question
yeah there’s a tiny bit of damage on the front fender dings it’s a major scratch
through your wear dear warning lights no are you playing your place card no I’m a
robot we’re all set and I’m gonna get my offer and probably people are gonna
start calling me very soon with the terrible offer so it’s probably be like
$27,000 is my guess ready got my online offer Sirah for now
and what did they give me 28 terrible you can get it traded in at Round Rock
Honda or Austin e autos there’s my first offer so let’s see what else we can get
we’re gonna try room comm see if we can get an instant cash offer for my car all
right we’re gonna try tread I’ve never heard of this but uh give a shot sigh
2014 Jaguar f-type continue activate your account oh do it count
alright not doing that one let’s try true car true car enter VIN what photos
to increase your half by fifty dollars okay fine ooh 27 so even less than my
instant cash offer well I guess I’ll really give a shit about fifty dollars
at this point alright we’re trying cars calm and we’re
gonna try and salt to a dealership locations seven seven five zero oh oh I
got my first call hold on I could bring it in today assuming you guys have a
pretty reasonable offer so I basically just want to get rid of it today don’t
want to deal with it anymore I have no use for the car anymore
basically submitting my information online to every single whatever buying
service online and if ever gives me the best price is gonna get it today I’m
trying to be realistic I know it’s not gonna get anywhere near what I owe or
what you know I think it could actually sell for I know it’s a trade-in so it’s
gonna be low but I think 33,000 is a pretty reasonable number they can still
sell it for pretty close to 40 if not north of 40 given its convertible with
the v8 and 2’s I don’t have the window sticker but I could absolutely get you
some pictures perfect that sounds great great sounds good thank you all right
bye okay that was a Dodge dealership all right let’s take some pictures of this
sucker so that we can get a better value on it I’m gonna be honest I’m gonna show
the nicks and scratches and stuff it’s got a few little tiny scratches and
whatever all right Justin over a text with all
the pictures to Dodge dealership and so we’ll see what they say maybe will give
me a better offer I doubt it all right let’s continue upload photos damn it
alright let’s upload some pictures in the color yeah yeah get offers well
that’s good please try again wow thanks cars calm ah
man what I already see stuff like this as a developer I’m thinking they hired
some shitty developers alright we’re gonna do the good old tried-and-true
youtuber favorite Carmack’s see what kind of terrible price they’ll give me
Jaguar f-type Kurt Milo’s Reese’s 327 find out if they’ll buy it
checking data we’d love to make you an offer okay when can you come in today
we’re gonna car max at 130 all right Rick guys no no no is this
best email to reach you yes this works you still haven’t gotten
two cars calm to work so I’m not sure where to be able to all right we got my
offer from room for 28,000 so seems like most of our right around the 28 thousand
mark so far Kelly Blue Book has the highest of 28 314 woohoo give me a
whopping extra three hundred fourteen dollars true car was the worst so far 27
our servers are on the fritz that’s great all right so cars that come blew
up room gave me 28 TrueCar gave me 27 obviously
we don’t give a shit about that offer so by by cars.com blew up so bye-bye so
we’re down to room Kelly Blue Book and we’ll see what Carmack says and then I
got covert Chrysler Dodge giving me an offer as well all right we’re at the
boring part where we wait so I guess it’s time for lunch
oh you’re good boy do you need out hmm well no it’s a happy
wag so while I was waiting for my lunch I got a call from room and missed it
like it went straight to voicemail so I call him back talked a little bit to the
representative talked about the condition the car and they increased it
to 30,000 so they went up to Grand get a little bit closer I basically told
myself first company to get to 33 gets it period and then if not 33 which
probably is unlikely whoever gets the closest gets it so that’s the goal 33
you want any mo you want in I mean you can just sit there it’s kind of cold out
you want in come on okay never mind stare at me oh oh there
we go decisions were made good job I know that
was difficult okay YouTube we’re off to car max to get a terrible offer I know
it feels really cliche but forgive me all right wrecked car max gonna go get
an offer I’m not gonna fill it cause I don’t want to be that guy we’ll see what
they say all right we’re starting the car process to sell the car at Carmack’s
maybe we’ll see give me an offer first all right there’s
my car max offer 28 and a half pretty much in line with all the others I’m
getting so at this point the best local offer I’ve gotten was from the Dodge
dealership they offered me 29 I called my buddy Josh and he said to check out
the fiat dealership so we’re gonna drive up there and see if they give me and if
they beat this then I’m probably just gonna take it and if they don’t well
then I don’t know I might just go back to car max or I don’t know we’ll see
we’ll see all right write a fiat dealership and supposedly this place
taking traits oh let’s find out two hours later okay bad news good news bad
news I’ve been sitting here for over an hour good news they got me a better
offer thirty thousand still crap but other bad
news they can’t do it today because they’re out of time and banks are
closing in blocks it’s almost four o’clock so we’re going to come back
tomorrow I guess we will continue this tomorrow okay
back at home and so it stands the best I’ve gotten is a tie vrooom calm and the
local fiha both offered 30,000 obviously I’d really deal with the local because
then I could just show it and be done I have to have someone come get the car
without it crap Carmack’s offered twenty eight and a half I had another local
dealership offer me 29 so that was also pretty good and then a bunch of others
offered me 28 and then the lowest I got was 27 five all of them pretty atrocious
they will all make money on this car and I’m going to lose my ass but they don’t
have a Jaguar anymore which is a great thing because that car is a raging
despicable piece of shit it is the worst car I’ve ever owned which sucks because
it’s so beautiful and it sounds so good and it drives so well but it’s just a
piece of shit don’t ever buy a TV continue tomorrow day – good morning
YouTube well it’s day two of the get rid of the Jaguar piece of shit saga and
we’re gonna take it to Fiat dump the damn thing then let’s talk about the
finance I want to tell you all about exactly how much money I lost buying
this miserable piece of shit and owning it for about one year and one month and
why you should never have a Jaguar and why Turo was a terrible idea
so yes don’t determine eventually well there it is the end of the Jaguar again
the car is beautiful and drives nice and sounds amazing but it’s been seriously
one of the biggest pieces of shit cars I’ve ever owned I’ve never had a car
have that expensive in that many problems in one year and there were all
catastrophic problems not like simple things you know like I’ve had cars that
have had stupid shit like for example the 430 had a lot of stuff that was kind
of deferred maintenance I had to take care of but none of it wasn’t cause the
car to explode or anything like that oh by the way did you know it I sell
t-shirts and hats and other merchandise yes I sell this hair and look at my new
shirt I do value cars I mean I do so a lot of you guys do value cars I’m sure
I wear this shirt I have two versions of it one that’s got my logo on the sleeve
and stuff like that or just the plain simple one it just says I devalue cars
if you don’t really want to show off my logo go visit normal guys supercar comm
slash shop and you can go buy some of my stuff which helps out my channel helps
keep me going and maybe one of these days will actually make me some money
but at this point it just helps offset losses like like this terrible Jaguar
loss so of all the trading buyout whatever services that I did two of them
gave me an offer for $30,000 so the via ultimately that’s who got it another
local dealership offered me 29 seems like that suggests that local
dealerships are gonna be the best bet so ultimately if you’re gonna do this sort
of buyout service where they just buy the car from you you’re gonna have to do
a lot of legwork go to a lot of places get as many quotes as you can and make
them compete for your best dollar that’s my advice it’s kind of pain in the ass
and it takes all day so plan to set aside an entire day just to get rid of a
damn car but once I finally got the car set up and offer and all that stuff and
only took me like 20 minutes to get the cars just paperwork signing over to some
documents and getting the payoff amount for my bank and then ultimately writing
them a check it’s pretty simple and now I have one less car in the fleet thank
God good riddance good friends Jaguar to not buy a Jaguar they are pieces of shit
so I’m gonna have a follow-up video very soon where I’m going to go over the
costs of the owning that jag how much I made intro and how much it actually
ended up losing over the duration of one year in one month stay tuned for that
but if you did like this video give me a thumbs up please do that and don’t
forget to subscribe to my channel those things really help me out and keep this
channel going so I do appreciate when you guys said as you can see ya
sometimes you gotta spend a bunch of money to do some stupid experiment and
obviously the turul experiment was a failure lessons learned right that’s
what it’s all about so you got a fail to learn
you got a fail and then you learn don’t feel bad wordy bedridden I’m just
failing again we got a lot of car stuff coming away you guys would want to stay
tuned it’s gonna be sweet

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  1. Probably 30-31k it was overpriced in the last video
    Edit: I watched the video and I was right 😂 I did say 37k was way too much in the last Turo video

  2. Loved the video. Very informative. I tell people all the time. It’s easy to buy the car you want but it is hell to sell one. I restored many older cars for resale and barely covered my own labor costs.

  3. in my experience whenever i hit the bid because i want out fast to do something else, usually a few months later i feel like i could have waiting to get asking without consequence

  4. Good thing I only have 3…. sigh… Seriously, I have owned 5 if you count the E-Type and I have had only one major repair (center screen failed on the XKR-S GT) so I have had a pretty good run. A HELL of a lot better than the last 2 GMC Denali that I have owned

  5. most jaguars are junk but not all 🙂 I have one of the worst ones too an 89 Jaguar XJ VDP Majestic but parts are cheap now because most of them have rotted chasis and mine is rot free in AZ

  6. Thanks for posting honest content Dan. So many people would lie and fudge the figures just to avoid embarrassement. Can't wait for the figures to come out in the next video..Title it "A cautionary tale" or "Big Cats eat wallets"

  7. Vroom (formally Texas Cars? before the consolidation/buyout) is an odd outfit. Tried to buy something a few years ago and we were 1k apart on price (they have fixed pricing even though it was a 55k car) and I wouldnt budge on principal based on what I thought the car was worth. I even drove down to Dallas 3 times to see it and haggle. I walked away and they kept it another 6 months before selling. Good look into the online selling process. Btw, when the Fiat dealer said it was too late in the day, thats BS. Just a lazy salesman who wanted to leave early to catch a game.

  8. Sucks but its good to get rid of headaches. I was hoping to rent it last mother's day, but my mom wanted to go to the beach instead.

    I was having deja vue from 3 months ago when trying to trade in our van, on the way to drop it off 2nd gear destroyed itself and locked up the transmission.

  9. It was a really good vid good insight . i owned a jag xj6 years ago i loved an hated it as well . i enjoy how you tell it like it is.

  10. Great looking car. Always felt they stole the design from Aston Martin. Sounds fabulous. Interior was just ok IMHO like Aston's. Never knew about its reliability. Glad I was able to find out without owning one through your channel. Like any car though you could have a gotten a trouble car, but resale is terrible. Sucks to lose that much in a year plus maintenance costs buying used.

  11. Jaguars, early Mclarens and Astons, beautiful but built by people who have only one eye and feet for hands. Happy you don't have to deal with that anymore!

  12. Do you still have to pay off the financing if the car is sold? Like I mean if you sold it for less than the loan do you still owe the difference? 😬

  13. I sold my Z back to the dealer I bought it from. They gave me the price I wanted, and I was in and out in like 20 minutes. I got pretty lucky with the whole experience.

  14. Yeah cars.com development isn't great, their app will freeze up a lot pretty annoying, they need a refresh on their coding

  15. Did you try the jaguar dealership you bought it from. The online site are the worst, face to face is best as you can negotiate

  16. 1. Don't buy a Jag
    2. Jags have severe maintenance issues
    3. Turo sucks
    4. Don't buy a Jag
    Thank you for the wisdom of your mistakes!

  17. Interesting that your experience was so bad. I have no issues with my F-Type V8S.
    Feels like you bought a lemon – probably also the reason it was so cheap in the beginning.

  18. Did renting it through “Turdo” have a negative impact? Is there anyway to determine if a car has been rented by an owner as you did?

  19. Love your honesty Dan. Been always wishing to buy a Ferrari but have always been scared away. Your channel does give normal guys some confidence in purchasing an exotic and wrenching it ourselves…possibly.

  20. Imagine working on those before Ford bought them and the fenders were welded on… my dad's worst nightmare being a body man

  21. Really enjoyed that Dan, we also have lowball buying websites in the UK. Jaguar land rover products are notorious in the UK for unreliability and very poor residuals. Take a look at " Effspot " channel he bought a brand new F type SVR and had problem after problem with it and many many warranty claims for chewing up batteries and not starting properly amongst other things . You are right though they still do look great. 👍👍

  22. Talks about shitty devs but uses windows lol 🙂

    I did the same thing last month for one of my cars… Craigslist private sale was quick.

  23. How the heck do local dealers beat online dealers? I thought the entire point was the online business eliminates the brick and mortar overhead to beat their offers. How do they exist if local dealers are easier, more convenient, local, and give you a better offer? Damn shame about jaguar, it was a cool brand.

  24. Nice!! Dan says… "Please buy my car, give me as much as you can"… Then Dan says… "Don't buy this piece of shit car"… LOL 🙂

  25. I have been going back and forth for about a year about buying an F-Type or a Cayman…thanks for making these mistakes for us.

  26. In the UK,the biggest player is webuyanycar.com
    They show a decent price UNTIL they actually see the car,then they go around it with an eagles eyes and knock £££ off for ever defect.

    And Iam digging Farrah on the wall👍

  27. You should have offered it to your subscribers. I am confident you would have achieved close to retail. You could have done made a video of the handover too. Or you could have done 3 day auction on ebay. Either way you could have achieved more money

  28. Fiat Dodge dealership all wanted the Jaguar, looks like Jaguar dealership don't want their own car back. They must know how bad they are LOL!

  29. Hey your a business man. Go to work for Jag and kick their butt until they build some quality! Those return on investment this week managers are killing their company and jobs.

    When Honda, Toyota first came to the US GM laughed and said we will drive them back into the sea…….they kept improving and adapting…….and now……

    Even Ford couldn't fix Jaguar…..the "why" would make an interesting story! And why do British cars stick with that lame electrical wiring. I know American mechanics who say " I can't understand why they wire their cars so illogically….."

    All the best

    just jim

  30. Daniel,

    Would you buy a maserati granturismo or a porsche cayenne gts? Or both give me your opinion . I currently have the maserati granturismo mc sport line but I'm really falling in love with the porsche cayenne gts.

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  32. It's too bad they are great looking and sound the business. Effspot had similar problems all the time. Jaguar should acquire NGS before their sales plummet.

  33. Never ever buy anything (especially mechanical and electrical) that is made in England!!! Every single car/model that is made in England is a POS!

  34. Love Mo! My basset's do the same dang thing! Oddly, in my area, it's very populated, so used cars and trade-in's are crap. If I go 90 minutes south, it's the middle of nowhere, but there is a giant car conglomerate (1 dealer, all the different brands), and their prices (buying and selling) are way better.

  35. I cant wait to see the next video. My wife LOVES Jag's. I always say "OVER MY DEAD BODY" and she just says, some day. perhaps ill have to show her your next video, as we all know its going to end badly.

  36. Good video definitely seemed like a pain in the ass to get rid of it. I’m debating doing the same with my bmer 650 gran coupe. Nothings wrong with it but I know I don’t want to own it when it 7 to 8 yrs old. Old BMW still have new bmw repair cost 🙂 but so far it’s been perfect. I think I want back into the Corvette world with a new C8 or the C7 ZR1 without the ridiculous tacky BIG WANG ..

  37. It’s so funny because my wife said u just devalued another car wahahahaaaaa….oh man I wonder if the jag forum will be all chaos. I considered the f type before and participated in the forum and there’s a huge group of enthusiasts on that car… @@

  38. Looking forward to the review of the Jag. I have a Mercedes coupe now, but am thinking about a Corvette for my next car (once my little guy is old enough to ride in the front seat safely). The F-Type piqued my interest as well, but I haven't heard many positive things about their reliability.

  39. I enjoyed this video Dan. Make more like these if possible! C7 Corvette getting sold next?

    And yeah the f types are beautiful and great to drive but definitely money pits and not fun to own out of warranty… I'll stick to renting them on turo lol.

  40. Oh Just to let you know, I think your car was made in China, sorry but a lot are now, It is very upsetting. Chris London England.

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