I Told You About This Car But Nobody Listened

I Told You About This Car But Nobody Listened

rev up your engines here we go well don’t say Scotty didn’t
warn you about Subaru and problems now they recalled over 250,000 vehicles
because they could lose power on the highway the engines could be damaged I
mean it’s really unbelievable they’ve had engine problems their whole life you
think they’d be able to figure out how to make the things correctly now in this
case they’re talking about the PCV valve the positive crankcase ventilation valve
now these things have been around since I was a young mechanic in the 1960s you
think they could figure out how to build a PCV valve it’s a simple thing it keeps
oil from getting sucked into the engine and only lets the oil vapors come in and
burn it so they don’t pull the atmosphere well turns out Subarus not
making these things so great they can break and one that can suck oil
and stall an engine but the valves themselves could break in pieces can get
sucked inside the engine then break the engine now subaru says that well they’re
gonna replace the valves and there no check engine and if your engine has
a problem because the valve broke and went inside it they’ll repair the engine
well I’ve seen that in a past from many companies hey they say if there’s damage
that will repair it but they never say oh that’s not damaged from that believe
me they don’t want to rebuild your engine for free so if you do have a
Subaru thank you know what I’d do if I were you if it’s running okay I would
get my own piece easy valve I wouldn’t even buy one from Subaru I
get one from auto zone or something and put it on that somebody else made and
not the crap that Subaru one ignorant expert says Scotty got a 2014
Audi a6 Quattro 70,000 miles almost perfect shape but lately the 8-speed
transmission started shifting rough here and their service bulletin says replace
the fluid so I plan on doing it but the dealer wants $30 a quart for the oil
is the ZF fluid really better than say amsoil could I use something else I’m
at you want to use the ZF fluid the audi dealers out the only place on earth that
you can buy that food get on the Internet try local auto parts stores
there’s always places that you can find something cheaper than at the dealer for
those particular things I use the old bap auto parts stores they can get me the transmission fluid cheaper than what the
howdy dealer sells weren’t but it’s the same stuff you want to stick to that ZF
fluid because Howdy’s are bad enough as it is you don’t want a chance what additives
are in amsoil versus in the ZF fluid you want to stick to exactly
what’s in all German cars these days are like that you don’t want to mix and
match you want to stick with what it came with but like I said there’s plenty
of places out there like mercedes-benz yeah their anti freeze
cost a fortune too you know what the buy it the mercedes-benz dealer you can get
the same stuff somewhere else cheaper go on Amazon go on eBay look around buy
something cheaper then at the dealer when it comes to fluid cuz they’re
just fluids and anybody can sell them foxes says Scotty I’m looking to full brake
job my 2011 rav4 all-wheel drive do you recommend oem parts are aftermarket kits from amazon I’m afraid fitment quality I want to
know who makes the brake parts when I do a brake job perhaps the best brake pads in
the world that you can buy for those are Akebono the Japanese company I’d by Akebono bad their excellent pads they’re actually somewhat
better than the original equipment pads that came out of their excellent pets if
you need rotors ah if use Akebono pads you can use any rotors I often will use
that kimono the expensive pads but I’ll go to Autozone to buy the rotors on a
small vehicle like that they work perfectly fine I don’t like using
cheaper rotors I’m giant vehicles like if it’s a F350 truck or a gigantic van
yeah I’ll pretty go oem or high-quality companies have been making brake parts
for years but in your case the important thing is the pants and if you want to do
it right get Akebono pads if you need rotors you can use whatever orders you
want and if you can’t find that akebono pads or get dealer pads you know there’s
nothing wrong with them they’re excellently made pad but I think akebonos are better and you can get in lots of places, jakey says
what do you think of the Toyota previa egg van never heard it called the
egg van alright those things are almost indestructible they could run and run
and run and run they didn’t much power boy they could go and go my brother not
had one he took it to England with him when they were teaching in England for
three years drove there and then he sold to some English guy and came back they
did have a weird feature that the motor was in the middle and those motors were
really hellacious to work on but being a Toyota they didn’t generally need much work I’ve seen them with two hundred thousand
miles and the engines never been touched on you don’t really care the weird thing
was the motor was in the end in the middle but in the front was the power
steering and air conditioning so the back of the engine had a drive shaft to
run power to the wheels to drive it but the front of the engine also had a drive
shaft it was till this weird assembly that ran the power steering and air
conditioning so they were very expensive to make with all that extra powertrain
stuff that’s one of the main reasons they stopped making them when they went
to the Sienna van then they just put a Toyota Camry v6 engine in them it was all
unitized and it was simpler to build it costs
them too much money to make those previous they made him so well that it
costs too much money to make it so they went to the sea on us that were actually
cheaper to manufacture chuck buck says I got a 2006 kia diesel with a start issue three days it’ll crank no turnover then all sudden it will turn fine run
for a week took it into the dealer and they say injectors are wearing out it’s
gonna cost a bunch of money could be something else could be lots of things
but here’s the problem the warned people against buying
Diesel’s when I was a young mechanic diesels were a lot simpler they were
mechanical they had a mechanical diesel injection pump cost a fortune to make
because it was all mechanical like a swiss watch get the diesel fuel it would put
it under high pressure then it would go through the injectors at high pressure
and spray into the engine today everything is run by computers so
working on these things unless you have a very fancy computer years of
experience not an easy thing to do you’re gonna have to trust the dealer
from my experience hardly anybody works on kia diesels
here in the United States very loaded amount of people can you work out in the
first place then the dealer not particularly known for honesty but yeah
yeah in your area you can find somebody other than a dealer who really knows how
to work on key a diesel engines take it to him you have them check it out cuz I
told people before why not not a fan of Kia and I’m also not a fan of diesels you put those two together you got to knows
I personally in the United States would not buy a Kia diesel are gonna buy deal
make sure it’s one that people know how to work on that there are aftermarket
guys that work on not just the dealerships I got friends that work at
dealerships and specialized on diesels they make a lot of money the bills that
they give to the customers are huge mark 2018 says Scotty I’m wondering if
Moog suspension parts are good I got Moog lower control arm for my 95 Nissan
oh yeah they make excellent parts moogs been around for a really really really
long time one thing though I do warn everybody
about any parts cuz things change all the time
who knows maybe they changed last night I don’t know I don’t till I buy it you
find you look at the moog parts and it says in the box made in China I go buy
another brand cuz there’s a lot of companies that are just switching stuff
to China there were parts that used to be in the United States and now there
ain’t in China give you an example I had a customer they wanted struts put on the
car so they knew the name Munroe from the American companies so they bought
Monroe a look at it thing was made in China I put it on he bought it they in
the last six months before I started bouncing and clanging it they were just
terrible piece of junk I always look at the box before you buy it
see if it says Made in China if it does my advice look somewhere else for those
particular parts Chinese to make good steel products but a lot of their rubber
products rubber parts to them they’re kind of weak and I just end to stay away
from them myself Mikey likes says Scotty you told
me to watch out for blue devil head gasket sealer is there any sealers that you
recommend the best sealer that I have found is this crazy old one steel seal
but you can only use the steel seal with pure water to keep changing formulations
and the antifreeze in the cars if you’re willing to take the thermostat out flush the system entirely so there’s nothing in it then
put in pure water and the steel seal it is one of the best sealers I’ve ever
seen most people are willing to go that far if you’re not willing to go that far
the bars had gasket sealer they salt down the street here at autozone the
best one for normal people you’re not gonna flush it all out you get the one
that says you know safe for all antifreeze this and give it a try maybe
it’ll work it’s worth trying but the steel seal one action that works the
best only you do have to flush it all out and of course you can’t do that up
north when it’s freezing outside cuz the engine will freezing you know you that a
summer up north because you would freeze and crack the engine down here you
wouldn’t have to worry any houston you can do it anytime you want but you do
have to flush the whole system out realize that because if you don’t it’ll
often clog stuff up and I’ve seen people just pour it in and yes it will clog things up
especially with the modern antifreeze that’s the five year organic acid
technology or the hybrid organic the Toyota uses if you’re willing to do
all that work that’s worth the try but if not use the bars one and auto zone
sell it lots of places so it’s not quite a strong but it can work if you don’t want
to flush the whole thing out Joey cuca says Scotty what problems kind of
dirty or bad lifters caused in the car when you’re driving okay you got
hydraulic lifters that adjust the valves as they age I shouldn’t have American
cars they often start ticking now some of them when you start the car up they
tick like mad but once you get go into ticking stops if it runs perfectly fine
your check engine light doesn’t come on the engine doesn’t misfire
I’ve seen people drive in ten years that way but if they’re really warned you
start to get misfires a check engine light will come on you’ll get worse gas
mileage it isn’t actually hurting anything it’s just not opening and
closing the valves absolutely correctly eventually of course if one broke then
it would just run like crap because if a valve wasn’t even open anymore and it
totally collapsed it would run so bad that no nobody but a lunatic would be
driving down a road because would be choking choking jerking but they can’t
make noise for quite some time and if you’ve got a car like say a v8 car
that’s got da 32 of those hydraulic lifters and they start making a noise
but it runs okay especially if it gets lower once you get running you might live
with it when you find out how much it’s gonna cost to replace 32 of them taking
the engine apart, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Yeah I did 😂 I kept my five thousand dollar 05 Silverado 1500 base model with a long bed ! Has190k and still running strong .

  3. "Lee I" once pointed out that "Japanese auto companies building a $20k value car in Japan and selling it for $14k in the USA was not much of a challenge for them." Those days are long gone.

  4. Monroe is junk. Front rides worse than worn OEM parts. Back, one of the dust shields broke loose and was "clanging away". Switched to KYB in the rear, no problems.

  5. Scotty, sometimes you go off on tangents that make no sense. First of all, 250,000 cars are so is not a large run. Secondly Subaru doesn't make PCV valve they have them made to their spec and not everybody that makes parts for auto companies manufacture them to proper specification.

    Just like you went running your mouth about Chrysler recalling a bunch of their trucks for power steering issues no, it was a vendor issue not Chrysler issue.

  6. I own 3 Subarus, a 2000 subaru 2.5Rs 256,000 miles a 2002 subaru WRX 185,000(my girls car) and a 2019 Subaru WRX STI Limited 23,000 and I've had very little problems with all 3. Also I have been a Mechanic for over 25 years. Everyone has an opinion.

  7. Hey Scotty, I plan on buying a new car soon and I am looking into the hyundai Kona 2018 which is a relatively new car. I wanted to know your thoughts on this vehicle?

  8. Hey scotty i have lincoln town car 2011. I want to know how accurate are the oil life meter message on the instrument cluster of the car. Should i rely on that or not !
    Thank you.

  9. Still remember Subaru not coving my WRX blown transmission at 14,000 kms. Paid the damage than it went 3,000 km later, they claimed they didn't want to scan the gears for micro fractures from the first time to keep cost down. Still made me pay the 2nd time. Told em keep the car… 2 years later got a c5 z06. Car was absolutely bulletproof… screw Subaru could never go back to them.

  10. Hi Scotty
    I have a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Tract that lost the windshield during Erma a couple of years ago. Do you think it is reasonable to bring it back from the dead ? If so where do I start ?
    Best truck I have for ride and durability . What do you think?
    Charles St.John, US. Virgin Islands

  11. I have a 2013 Wrx it's my daily, I beat on it every now and then and had 2 track days. Had it 5+ years and im the second owner. It has not missed a beat engine wise but it does need a new clutch now😊
    It has a Standard tune which is what I recommend.

  12. I’ve had Mazda, Ford, Dodge, GM, Honda, and Volkswagen cars all with their own problems. Then I got a Yaris: sold with 230k miles with zero problems. Then a 2006 Camry, currently at 180k miles with zero problems. Then bought my wife a 2004 RAV4 that now has 130k miles… zero problems. I’m saving a fortune on maintenance too. Scotty speaks the truth. Toyota or die, man. I will miss my TDI Golf though.

  13. I agree with most of your comments but do not agree with your assessment of the Subaru. I personally have owned 7 different Subarus of different models and have had better luck with them than any other brand.
    If you need 4 wheel drive for winter ( I am in Illinois) Subaru is the best.

    Still enjoy your channel.

  14. Scotty! Here is my car problem. I have a 2008 Mazda 3 with a 4 banger and an automatic transmission. It has just over 104,000 miles on it. I replaced my battery with an OEM one back in August. Less than a week ago, I went to start my car and it was dead – the lights on the dashboard wouldn't even come on, nothing. I got a jumpstart and ever since then the car has started without a problem.

    Since then however, my RPM gauge is "unstable" while braking, or at an idle. It goes up and down, up and down. What the hell is causing this?! None of the 'check' this or that lights are on. 😐 Thank you! 👍

  15. You sound a bit tired, Scotty. 😶

    You should go see your local mechanic… doctor… thing. 😅 Or take the day off. We'll wait. After all, even Celicas need maintenance. 😉

  16. On the pads, check the pads you have for any stamps on the producer. They are not produced by the car manufacturer for once. On my Seat (VW) I have TRW PAds, branded by TRV and VW, on my Toyota I had Toyota and Bosch. On the other Toyota Paggit. So if you have a marking on the producer, go and get the same part from that producer without the car manufacturer logo. On my case they cost 50% less than in the dealer and I know they are exactly the same, except for a VW or Toyota stamp :).

  17. With this Subaru thing, its funny how they have a faulty part, then go to their parts bin grab the exact same faulty part n the customer is okay with this? (maybe u can get 30k miles or so but it will fail again the same way it failed the first time only diff is there wont be a warranty to cover u next time)

  18. I live in Washington state where all the hippies here worship Subaru. I've been saying they are crap for the last few years. I now feel vindicated.

  19. Even Chinese in China complain about poor quality, especially spotty quality (poor quality control) of things made in China. And we have heard of the dim view the Chinese Communist Party takes of complaints about wonderful, perfect Socialist products. Still they complain.
    The Chinese Communists apparently have decided that shooting factory managers for bad quality, when their major incentive is to meet quotas, making quantity, is not productive. They are actually trying to adjust the quota system for increased emphasis on quality and consistent quality. Perhaps they can catch up to the Vietnamese?

  20. I used the steel sealer. I flushed the entire system – don't forget the heater core – with water until it came out clear, then flushed with a cleaner-flusher, then flushed with water two more times.
    Finally I followed the directions, putting the sealer with distilled water in the cooling system and then after draining the system let it sit for three days.
    It seems to have fixed the leaky gasket. The GM V6 had a chronic problem with leaking lifter valley-intake plenum ("manifold") gaskets. A car "expert" friend advised that the 5 year pink coolant is the problem, corroding the metal part of the gasket, which results in a coolant leak into the oil (BAD!). While GM revised the gasket design (after they had sold all of the defective gaskets, I suspect), a large number of the bad gaskets were still out in use, contributing to the same problem for years to come.
    After I drove the car for a few days, just to make sure I used another sealer like Scotty recommends for use with coolant. So far no more problems.
    If you have an engine known for coolant leak problems, use only steam distilled water, no minerals "for taste," with a compatible coolant. Ordinary tap water has chemicals that are corrosive, which uses up some of the corrosion inhibitor in the coolant.
    Distilled water is available for less than $1 per gallon in most grocery and bigbox department stores.
    And replace that plastic and aluminum foil radiator before it's ten years old. If a copper/brass radiator is made for replacement, put that in place of another plastic/aluminum radiator.

  21. You forgot to mention the CVT transmissions in Subaru’s are junk as well. Dealers know they have a problem, but (can’t) fix it. CVT’s in general are junk. But Subies are worse.

  22. We have a 2017 Subaru Outback 4 cylinder is this one of the PVC valves that needs to be replaced and if so who do you feel makes the best PVC valve?

  23. Scotty I ♡♡ watching your videos. Wish I had a mechanic like you. Or better yet you! Lol.
    My question is what is the most economical sporty car to buy? I use to be an avid 300z driver but they are not making them like they use to. Plus the prices are outrageous. Pls help me with a few good suggestions.

  24. My '07 Legacy 2.5i Limited (naturally aspirated 2.5 liter) is at 160,000 miles and counting and aside from the infamous head gasket issue, it's been pretty solid. But I get the impression that Subaru has been resting on its laurels, and the use of CVTs is enough by itself to keep me away from Subaru these days.

  25. I use Akebono brake pads.
    I've use DuraGo rotors.
    They are Electrophoretic dipped/coated.
    They resist rust better than PowerStop
    StopTech rotors on the SVT F-150, though.

  26. My wife had to bring in her 2018 Subi for that reason… Took them a few hours to fix/replace a pcv valve?? W.T.H.? Not only can they not build a stupid plastic valve the right way it takes them hours to replace??? Frigging Subaru!!!!! I never thought to just get my own and replace it in 5 minutes… I think I still might since they replaced it with a Subaru product!

  27. You have a wrx pictured here, the article was only about the impreza. The wrx/sti aren’t part of the recall. If your going to say get things done “correctly” possibly you should as well! Follow your own advice!

  28. Scotty, my hero, will you tell me what wrong with my 2008 Saturn Vue (4 cylinders) 175k miles. I need to know if it's a money pit or i can keep in on the road….

  29. Maybe Subaru should just stop buying parts from whoever they buying it from and look somewhere else, and maybe start looking into firing people who assembling their cars

  30. ME: Scotty what's your thoughts on the Dodge's Challenger SRT Demon?
    SCOTTY: Who would ever have thought that a Fiat product with up to 840 horsepower was ever going to last?

  31. Hey Scotty what do you think about 1.2 Million Miles Chevy Malibu with a 3.4 V6, it definitely proves the point it’s not the car and/or manufacture it’s the owner.
    Your potential a bad mechanic…

  32. Scotty l have a 2010 Toyota Corolla it makes a sound for a second or two when started up. It only makes it after it is been sitting for an hour or two. It could be the hydraulic valves or the VVT system?

  33. And you told us about Nissan and Mazda and Honda and Toyota and Fiat and Chrysler and Dodge and Ford and Chevy and Jeep and BMW and Porsche and Ferrari and Tesla but nooo one listened. So I went with Ski Doo.

  34. I’ve never owned a Subaru but I always thought they were reliable with the boxer engines. I used to like the Brat back in the day.

  35. This is an early Christmas gift for the Subie haters. They got a bad batch of PCV valves from a vendor so all all Subarus are junk. It's hard too argue with that logic. In 2014 Toyota agreed to pay 1.2 Billion (with a B) dollars in their "unintended acceleration" settlement admitting as the FBI stated: “The disregard Toyota had for the safety of the public is outrageous,” (Assistant Director) Venizelos said. “Not only did Toyota fail to recall cars with problem parts, they continued to manufacture new cars with the same parts they already knew were deadly. When media reports arose of Toyota hiding defects, they emphatically denied what they knew was true, assuring consumers that their cars were safe and reliable. More than speeding cars or a major fine, the ultimate tragedy has been the unwitting consumers who died behind the wheel of Toyota vehicles.” Using the Subaru PCV valve recall logic all Toyotas are deathtraps, Toyota lied about it, got caught, then admitted it, you've been told, so you need to avoid them like the plague – or God forbid even worse – a Subaru. At least Subaru hasn't killed anybody.

  36. Hmm, Scotty now You said about PCV Valve , well in this days no one put PCV Valves. Instead the Valve Cover it is as a PCV . So when issues are with PCV System – Replace whole Valve Cover with ALL the gasket , vacuum hoses/tube .
    So forget about $ 1.99 per PCV Valve, now such repairs are in hundreds !

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